The Will of the Universe

Impatience is a very undesirable quality in anyone, but especially in a magic practitioner, as it can often lead to a loss of faith and belief in the ways of magic and the way in which you set up the spell. As we have covered in another of the articles on this website, a lack of belief in what you are doing diminishes the chance of your spell actually working. Therefore, a lack of patience when waiting for the effects of your spell to begin is another factor that can cause your spells to fall flat on their faces.

The main reason why spell casters (particularly those who are new to it) become impatient is that they expect their spells to begin to work immediately after casting them. This is unlikely to happen. Spells draw their power from the universe and its magical forces, so the power required to get a spell to work is sourced from the universe and not from you in general.

Spells are not working immediately

This means that you could well have done everything perfectly and set up everything in exactly the same way as you were told to when you found the spell and find that it still does not work immediately. Nothing can happen unless the will of the universe is with you. Only the universe can decide when a spell manifests. Some spells will begin to work within a day or two, whereas many can take several weeks or even months before their effects begin to show.

Due to this, it is important to maintain your belief in the spell you have cast even long after you first did it, regardless of whether the effects are beginning to appear yet or not. It is up to the will of the universe when the spell begins to work and indeed whether it begins to work at all.

Your Control over the Outcome

Often, a spell caster can set up and cast one of their spells and then end up waiting so long for it to work that they almost forget about it entirely when they noticed the effects begin to happen. This just goes to show how little control spell casters really have over when their spell begins to work. All you can do as a caster is ensure that you have set up the spell correctly and followed all of the instructions to the letter. From then, it is up to the universe to decide when it begins to happen.

Basically, it is impossible for anyone, regardless of the expertise and experience they may have in magical processes, to predict conclusively how long it will take for a spell to work as there is always a certain unpredictability as to what the will of the universe will decide as to when the spell begins to work.

Spells are Unpredictable

The universe is a powerful entity and one which provides a lot of power to those who are able to channel its power correctly, but it absolutely cannot be predicted in its ways for starting magical spell effects.

So, to conclude this article, there is very little a spell caster can do once the actual spell has been cast as it is outside of a human’s control, no matter how much magical prowess they have, what the universe decides to do. If you think of a spell as a request, then the universe has to process it and decide if it wants to acquiesce to that specific request before it can set the ball rolling.

In the same way, the universe has to decide whether the spell you have cast can be started and, when it allows it, the effects of your spell can begin to work.


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