Experience of the Spell Caster

Experience is a very important quality when doing any activity. The old adage is that “practice makes perfect”, meaning that more experience in a field means that you will be able to perform the task more effectively. The more someone new to the field works within it, the better they will become at their task. It’s simple logic, but it’s true.

This is true of almost any field and that is why people who have worked in a particular field for a longer period of time are almost invariably better at whatever that field entails than someone who has only just begun to work in it.

Misconceptions about Magic

Magic is certainly not an exception to this rule. A common misconception of those new to magic and witchcraft is that a spell should work the first time they do it, regardless of how little magical information they have read through and how weak their powers are in comparison to someone who has been studying and performing spells for years.

Of course, this is not likely to be true. Unless someone has been studying magic and the occult for a long time and has a certain level of experience in performing spells, their magic will not be particularly strong and their spells may even fail completely. However, failing is how human beings learn to do things right and only through mistakes can we learn how to do things correctly next time.

Those who only dabble in magic are not likely to find that their attempts at spell casting work and are in fact more likely to get hurt, particularly when operating complex spells and rituals. This can be even more dangerous if the person is attempting complex black magic as the results of incorrect black magic can be catastrophic for the person involved in the failure

Knowledge is Power – Even in Magic

It is of use to you to ensure that you have read up on as much information around magic and the occult as you can possibly find as this will give you the valuable expertise that you need. The more you know about the way in which magic works and the ways in which it won’t work, the more likely you are to be able to produce a spell for yourself that actually works in the way in which you expect it to. Experience definitely breeds success in this instance and there is never a downside to acquiring more knowledge.

Aside from reading up, the best way to learn is by actually doing spells. The only way you are ever going to find your strengths is by trying out various different ways of doing things. In terms of magic, try a variety of different kinds of spells at different times and use a diverse range of objects and materials to see which works best for you personally.

Trust in your Abilities

A lot of the way people do magic is based around their own personal preference, not what they read in books. No-one can tell you what the best way of doing a particular spell is because it is entirely possible that a different way could work even better for you than the way that someone else may suggest is the best.

In summary, experience is something that cannot be taught. It must be gained slowly over time and for this reason, it is unreasonable for any new spell caster to expect every spell they take on to work the very first time they try it. Only by doing are we able to learn how things work and that is certainly true of the world of magic. So go out there and do some spells. Keep learning and pretty soon you will be a seasoned and powerful magic practitioner.


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