White Magic Love Spells – How to Use them and make them Work

White Magic Love Spells

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White magic love spells are undoubtedly the most popular type of love spells. If we consider that over ninety percent of spellcasters if asked, will answer that they perform only white magic, their popularity is hardly surprising.

Some people, however, claim that many of those magic practices are not entirely ok. They say that there are several categories of forbidden spells that do not comply with the rules of white magic. According to them, there are neither any “white magic love spells” or “money spells” drawing their energy from white magic. While all of this is based on a misunderstanding, it still scares many people from asking for magical assistance even in those situations where they would get some badly needed help.

How Do White Magic Love Spells Work?

The way the ritual is performed may vary wildly, depending on the spell caster’s tradition, ancestry or personal preferences. Chants, prayers, talismans, wild dances under the full moon – it is hard to give an outline of how the spell itself can look like. Everything can be a part of white magic love spells, and they may call upon any higher being regardless of the culture or mythology.

As different white magic spells may seem at the moment of casting, as similar they become when it comes to seeing their effects. If done correctly, these rituals work hard to bring a happy, fulfilling, and eternal love to all involved in a spell, namely the spell subject and his true loved one.

Sometimes, of course, the effects are unpredictable. For example, a boyfriend you thought you loved may not be your true love. The girl next door you feel attracted to may have already found her second half or maybe a quarrelsome type you would never be happy with. As spells are empowered by far wiser spirits than ourselves, they look for the way to circumvent our misconceptions and bring us the true love we have always needed and deserved. However, even if the final effects are astonishing, white magic gives you what you really need to have, not things you merely asked for.

The Benefits of White Magic Spells

They are performed by witches and spellcasters to help two people fall in love. Falling in love is no easy task, and sometimes with a little help, these rituals can bring happiness and joy to a couple bound by white magic. Rituals can be performed in a variety of ways, and some witches and spellcasters can call forward or invoke higher beings to guide the person in need on a path towards true love through their magic.

White magic spells are the most common types of love spells that are performed by spell casters and witches because of the pureness and honest intentions that these spells provide.  Sometimes what may be viewed as a miscast spell, may actually be further guidance from a higher being which knows that the love that one seeks may not be right for the seeker.  Yet it does not deter from a new love interest finding the seeker.

The Difference in Love Spells

White magic is a fascinating aspect of the world of magic as it helps to bring two people together.  The different rituals that are used can sometimes be considered radically different.  However, upon seeing the outcome, one realizes that there are many magical ways to achieve the same ending so you may notice that some white magic spells are different than others.

What is White Magic?

The point is that white magic is not any particular tradition, it is more like some general philosophy of magic than anything else. The fundamental belief of it is straightforward: magic is to heal and help, not to harm and create obstacles. Nothing more and nothing less. Every spell, regardless of what it does and how the ritual looks like, can be a part of it if only it does not harm anyone or anything. Love spells that help two people to fall happily in love with each other are white magic.

The most essential part about white magic is that no one is ever hurt in any way.  White magic is used as a tool to help and heal rather than to create misery and pain, as other forms of magic have that reputation.  As long as no one is hurt during the rituals and process, the magic is considered to be white magic.  If these rituals deal with helping one find love, then the spell is considered to be apart of an all-inclusive line of white magic love spells.

How to Prepare for a White Magic Love Spell

The secret to casting love spells that work is to be clear about your objectives. This makes it essential to be cautious about what you wish for. For example, never ask for everlasting love, which may become difficult if you find yourself wanting to end the relationship later on. Simple love spells to attract someone you really desire can be performed on your own at home.  These spells are most effective on Fridays, the day ruled by the goddess of love, Venus. In addition, the full moon is the best time to attract and send out positive energies and achieve your goals.

The Importance of Preparations

To cast a love spell at home, the first thing to do is prepare for the spell. Take a relaxing bath and then put on some special clothes, make-up, and jewelry that enhance your beauty. Spend some time meditating so that your mind isn’t blocked with any negative energy. Think positive, visualize your situation, and what you would like the outcome of your spell to be. Light a new, pink candle anointed with lavender oil and some vanilla incense. Place the candle on a table and sit in front of it, while you close your eyes and feel positive energies and happiness surrounding you. Take a deep breath and meditate for a while.

Visualize your lover and the successful outcome of your spell. You can chant a few words of your own, which will contain your will and thoughts. Meditate for a while and then blow out the candle, asking the winds to carry your message.

White Magic Love spells are among the most common spells you might want to perform for yourself or for someone you care for.  While you can always use a professional spellcaster or witch to do the spell for you, there are tons of free love spells available on the internet so that you can do the spell yourself.  Many free love spells are simple yet powerful for your use.

If the love spell is effective you will achieve your results fairly quickly, otherwise, don’t hesitate to try again. To cast love spells that work needs patience, time, practice, and above all, perseverance.

Let’s start with two very easy love spells.

Easy White Magic Love Spell

Cast this free love spell on a Friday near the full moon.  Gather together a piece of lined paper, a red pen or marker, an envelope to fit the paper when folded like a letter.  Bring your favorite perfume and favorite shade of lipstick and a few pink or red flower petals of any variety.

Use the red pen and write onto the paper all the qualities you want in a lover. Be as specific as you can be. Once you are done spritz the page with your favorite perfume, then fold it into thirds and put it into the envelope. Envision love and happiness in your life and, with your right hand, drop the petals into the envelope.  Seal the envelope and kiss the seal after applying the red lipstick.  Put the envelope in a safe and peaceful place and don’t open it—ever.  Your new love is on his or her way to you.  It won’t work if you just pick out a specific person you’re interested in and use it for getting that person.  It only works if you put down the characteristics of who you are interested in.  The Universe does the rest!

Easy True Love Spell without Manipulation

Another free white magic love spell is more ornate but is not manipulative at all.  It works to draw in an individual who has the characteristics you are interested in.  First, collect a pink candle and a red candle.  Get the following ingredients: red or pink flower petals of any type,  some purple lilacs, and a red pen.  Find some white paper and an envelope.  Use your favorite perfume and get a symbol or item of your choice that represents stability and permanence.  It could be a stone, talisman, rune, tarot card, or even a candle.

How to Cast the Easy True Love Spell

Write down the characteristics you’ll need in a lover.  Then set the paper down on a table or other flat surface and say:

Aphrodite and Venus bring me a lover.  Let him or her be faithful and true. Let he or she love me for who I am and let me love him or her for who he or she is.

Next, you light the pink candle, saying:

Let the first feelings of love strike this unknown person and me.  Let our love be one of friendship and romance.

Then light the red candle and say:

Our friendship will be strong, and we will have the courage and ability to trust each other and to be ourselves and to help each other overcome whatever crises may befall us.

Spray the paper you have written with your favorite perfume and place the flowers and the symbol of permanence in the envelope.  Imagine the feeling of love and safeness you’ll have with the lover as you seal the envelope.  Keep or bury the envelope and don’t open it.  Your love will come to you soon.

You will soon realize that free white magic love spells are amazingly powerful and can do the trick even without having to hire a witch to do them.

Now, let’s move on to more advanced White Magic Love Spells:

White Magic True Love Spell

This spell will enable you to attract true love using the divine guidance of white magic. As you begin to utilize the powerful energies of this True Love Spell to find your perfect love, ask yourself what 3 characteristics you most value in a mate.  Kindness?  Passion?  Generosity?

As you do this, remember that white magic is about utilizing the resources that the divine powers guiding your life have made available for you to work with.  It should not be used to hurt or manipulate others or to get what you want at any cost.

Sometimes, in fact, white magic will not produce the result that we anticipated or intended, but something that surpasses what we have asked for.

Ingredients needed for the White Magic True Love Spell

  • 13 feathers from a white dove (pet shop) or pheasant
  • 1 fly
  • 1 raw egg
  • 13 plucked out hairs
  • 1 green candle
  • 1 syringe
  • Mint Oil
  • Bowl or Cauldron
  • 10 drops green ink
  • 2 teaspoon rose oil
  • 1 teaspoon jasmine oil
  • 1 small mint leaf

How to Cast the True Love Spell

Anoint the candle with mint oil and then light the candle.

Prepare the mint by tearing the leaf into 7 small pieces.

Use the needle to pierce two holes into the egg, then blow out the egg to make it hallow.

Drip candle wax from the green candle onto one hole until it is sealed.

Next, mix the following ingredients in the bowl or cauldron: 10 drops green ink, the pieces of the mint leaf, 2 teaspoon rose oil, and 1 teaspoon jasmine oil. Inject the mixture through the open hole into the egg with the syringe.

You must now seal the second hole with green candle wax.

Find a place where you can bury something. The location should be near an address of 3, 13, or 33.

Dig a 4-inch hole and bury 3 feathers and the fly. Close the hole.

Walk 7 steps and dig a second hole. Put the remaining 10 feathers into the second hole. Place the egg on top of the feathers and cover it with the 13 plucked out hairs. Close this hole also.

Step back 6 steps and jump over the first hole you dug.

Keep going and do not turn around. Forget everything you have done and do not tell anyone about your magic, and your prince will appear soon.

White Magic Spell to Undo a Relationship

Most magic you’ll see practiced falls under the realm of white magic. This includes magic that focuses on the moon, on the time of year and on nature. White magic practitioners are keen to practice spells of love, healing, and self-improvement. White magic spells are designed to hurt no one in the process of doing the spell and are intended to enrich the lives of those who cast the spells.

Some white magic spells are related to love and can include undoing a relationship or establishing a relationship. One spell intended to undo a relationship is the following spell:

This white magic spell is done under a waning moon.

What you will need for the Spell to Undo a Relationship

  • You need to have a red candle
  • Break-up oil (or basil oil)
  • a small cauldron or container that can contain a fire
  • a photograph of the individual you are wanting to break free of, and
  • the herbs are known as dragon’s blood resin or powder, basil, and peppermint.

How to Cast the Spell

You anoint the candle with Breakup oil if you have it, or alternatively with the basil oil. Light the candle to set the photograph on fire and drop it into the cauldron. Add the herbs to the flaming picture.

Say the following incantation aloud:

My heart once united with yours;

in my mind, I was so blind.

The body is grounded, the spirit soars;

I release us now from this bind.

This spell should work right away, and you can clean up and throw away the ashes and leftover herbs.

One can argue that this spell will hurt the one who is being unbound to you, but it is technically not a harmful spell because it can only cause the old lover to fall out of love with you. Neither you nor the lover is hurt in the process.

This spell can also be modified to break up a couple. In that case, you will need an additional black candle, and you will have to use pictures of the couple.

Spell to Draw Love to You

This is an entirely decadent magical bath and is designed to draw love to you. First of all, you should know that there are commercial chocolate bubble bath preparations out there on the market, but they can be somewhat hard to find in some areas.

Instead, mix yourself up a little glass of chocolate milk.

The milk is good for your skin, and the chocolate raises your serotonin levels – the pleasure chemicals in your brain. It also turns the water into a lovely pink.

Ingredients for the Spell to Draw Love to You

  • Chocolate milk
  • Nine whole cherries (the darker in color the better)

How to Cast the Spell to Draw Love to You

This spell is best done nine days before the Full Moon or right on the night of the Full Moon.

Next, add at least two-thirds of a cup of chocolate milk into a tub filled with water.

Pop nine whole cherries into the bath with you. Sit in the tub and eat each cherry, while imagining what a good time you are going to have with the love you draw to you.

The little bobbing cherries are like all your “little ducks” lined up in a row when it comes to your romantic intentions.

Rinse off good after this. You’ll need it.


How to Help your Spells Work

Spellcasting involves much more than just a few words and the swish of a wand. Make sure you begin to accept your responsibilities and learn to be more self-confident. A good start will be to forget about blaming anyone for anything that has happened in your life. Take control of your life now. This will help you build self-esteem and enhance the chances of succeeding in everything that you do, even when it comes to casting love spells.

The most important elements in spell casting are the spell caster and the beneficiary. Therefore, make sure you are fully aware of this and repeat it to yourself every day. Set aside a time for meditation and focus on the love you desire or the issue you need to resolve. Then move on to visualizing the results you would like to achieve from the spell. Focusing on your goal creates powerful energies that can dictate the result of your spell.

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  1. Aston Allen says:

    My wife cast a black spell on me, everything I tried doesn’t work, everywhere I go and they do for me doesn’t work, it’s only taclet me in the dark, it’s been going on for 2 years now, I can’t get over it, please I need your help now. Something moving inside of me everyday.

    • Gaia_Star23 says:

      Crave your target’s name on a black candle, put 3 X’s on it, and “curse back to sender”. Stick the candle in a bowl, pour water in it, and light candle. Say aloud your intentions to the flame… let the burn till it distinguishes the flame into water, after that bury the bowl with candle remains by a dead tree or lonely place.

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