Make Someone Realize They Have Done Wrong

This type of spell is a karmic spell. This spell releases positive energies that will help a person to realize that they have done you wrong and they will do anything possible to rectify the situation and apologize.

You keep chanting three times to use the power of three times three so that they experience what you have and realize that they were wrong to judge you.

This spell is mainly a chant so it is good idea to find a safe, quiet place to go so that you can really speak loudly and with conviction as you say it.

Ingredients for the Make Someone Realize their Wrongs Spell:

  • A picture of the person

How to Cast the Spell

Place the picture of the person before you on the floor.  Put your hands in the prayer position.


By the power of three times three

Let (name of person see)

How much they have done wrong

May they suffer as long

As I have three times three times three

May they know the hurt and the pain

The sorrow at the lack of gain

As I have three times three time three

May they come crawling back

Humbled to be back

To Bring to Me

Their Apology

Turn the picture over on the floor and stamp on it with your foot.  Do this spell nine days in a row.

Best Moon Phase: Waning Moon

13 thoughts on “Make Someone Realize They Have Done Wrong

  1. deb says:

    what if you just want them to sincerely regret what they have done and confess to everyone that they lied about you, and the people that believed him, no longer believes him and never will, and they don’t want to have anything to do with them. I just want him to tell the truth.

  2. Ana says:

    Print the picture. It works just fine.
    The picture is not what makes it happen. If you can visualize the person, it counts. The picture is only to help you concentrate on the person you wish to regret.

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