Wiccan Love Spells

Wiccan Love Spells

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Wiccan spells are among the most potent love spells born in Europe. What makes their love spells extremely powerful is the fact that Wicca followers believe that there is no apparent difference between the magickal world and the mundane.

As a result, their spells are much more than just simple rituals.

While those spells require considerable more than other magickal traditions, they are also very, very powerful.

The Wiccan Way of Life and Love Spells

The Wiccan way of life is backed up by a rich history that drives their beliefs about nature and how we need to interact with nature for the good of everyone. Nature is known to praise or punish the actions of everyone on the planet. Nature treats all living creatures equally, which is why the rituals and ceremonies associated with Wiccan culture and heritage are powerful and effective.

Wiccan love spells and other spells are usually referred to as Workings. This is because there is much more to a spell, which is not a quick fix for any situation. Working requires meditation and concentration that involves focusing the mind and creating consciousness of your desires. A spellcaster is always engaged physically and mentally when casting Wiccan love spells, invoking the desires of the beneficiary on the natural environment, which includes air, water, earth, and wind.

It is not essential to be a practicing Wiccan to invoke the forces and cast strong love spells. What is more important is the desire, dedication, and concentration. Wiccan love spells require you to make a conscious effort to change your life, rather than just sit back and expect the spell to work miracles. Some love spells involve rituals that have been perfected over the years. You can use any of the spells that suit your needs. While the spells may be different, they all require you to have an open mind and focus intently on your desires. However, make sure you find a spell that closely resembles your love needs.

After Love Spells have been Cast

After your love spell has been cast, the spellcaster has to follow four rules he must never break if true love is to be found and, even more importantly, kept. They are thought to be the true secret of Wiccan love spells’ effectiveness, as they prevent people from unwillingly breaking the spell or causing them to backfire.

These rules are:

1. Embrace Love as a Possibility

All too often Wiccan love spells are thought to fizzle only because the spellcaster decides to ignore the love of others. Even the most powerful Wiccan spell will not work if the person chooses to ignore its effects. You have to remain open for all signs of love if the spell is going to work. Make sure you are emotionally open to embrace and accept the love that you will receive after the energies of this spell have been released into the universe.

2. Accept the love if it Comes

Surprisingly often people who asked fellow Wiccans and covens for a love spell, decide to fight the love when it finally appears. Sometimes it is done out of fear, sometimes out of surprise and sometimes out of plain stupidity. Whatever the cause, if you fight the love, there is always a chance that you thwart it. After that, you will have no one but you to blame.

3. Accept the Loved Person “as it is”

Wiccan love spells are not intended to change anyone’s personality to fit in your life plans. What they give you is mutual love and respect. What they can’t give you is someone who would just nicely fit under your heel. If you only want someone to fit in nicely in your plans with only little regard to his or her own needs, the chances are that you will kill your perfect love in under a year. By trying to make your loved one as close to YOUR ideals as possible, you may easily hurt him or her and effectively destroy the effects of the love spell just as surely as by breaking the ritual in the middle.

4. Casting Wiccan Love Spells

The most powerful Wiccan spells may be cast only by the High Priests and High Priestesses of the coven, usually during the coven’s Esbats and Sabbats. While the “try-it-at-home” versions of love spells that dwell on Wicca traditions are widely available throughout the Net, they are not always extremely effective if you lack the proper knowledge of Wicca and witchcraft. If you need something really strong, try to find a real spellcaster rather than cast some low-level spell yourself. It will make everything a lot easier, and your love will come much, much faster than if you try to do things yourself.

Easy Wiccan Love Spell

You can use this Wicca love spell to find true love if you are willing and open to unleashing your own innate mental abilities in your search for true love.

This spell will work by tapping into the elemental powers of nature and removing any mental blocks or negativity that you may be experiencing in your quest for true love.

These blocks likely are what is preventing you from finding the love that you desire, and once they are gone, you will be amazed at the love that you can draw into your life.

Ingredients needed for the Wiccan Love Spell

  • Glass Jar
  • Sugar
  • Pen
  • Red Paper Heart (Can be pre-made or you can make it yourself)
  • 1 Red Candle
  • 1 Pink Candle
  • Full Moon Oil

How to Cast the Wiccan Love Spell

Cast your circle at your altar and anoint both of the candles in the attraction oil. Place the candles in the middle of the circle while placing the glass jar in between the candles. Now take the pen and red heart paper. On one side of the paper, heart write the person’s name you wish to love exactly nine times. On the other side of the paper, write a message you would like to deliver to this person such as something like “call me” etc.

Add three drops of attraction oil to the paper and then fold the paper heart in half. Place the folded heart paper in the jar so that it stands up inside the jar. If you cannot do this, then just do the best you can. Now pour the sugar into the jar covering the paper heart.

Now you must focus intently on the person you are casting a spell on and place your hand on the side of the jar. Visualize their face and the feelings you wish them to have. See this person loving you, and then see the two of you finally being together, embracing in absolute love. Feel these feelings of love and joy come over you. Feel as your energy passes onto the jar and surrounds it with red energy of passion. Ask the Goddess and God to aid you in your quest for passion and love.

Let the jar sit while the candles burn out. Once it has burnt out, take the jar and keep it in a safe place. Remember this is a Wiccan love spell, so it will only happen if the person already has feelings for you.

How the Wiccan Love Spell Works

Wicca is a nature-based neo-pagan religion that recognizes the divinity in all things.  Magick is not the whole of Wicca, but Wiccans do use magick as a vital part of their faith, similar to how a Christian might use prayer.

Rituals make use of herbs, crystals, and candles to connect to the higher power of nature. In addition to these physical items, meditation and visualization are also essential elements in any spell or ritual.

This Wiccan love spell does not work by manipulation or coercion.  Instead, it seeks to tap into the higher power of nature and positive thinking to give individuals the mental focus and awakening necessary to bring about the desired result.  It cannot create new, foreign, or unwanted feelings in an individual.  Instead, it works with ideas and feelings that are already present but may be unrecognized or unacknowledged for whatever reason.


Wiccan Marriage Spell

This is an ancient Celtic and Wicca spell to attract the man who will marry you to your door.  Peas are sacred to the Goddesses of fertility, love, and the heart.  The fresh green color of the pods symbolizes a love that is pure and true.  The shape of the empty pods alludes to both the shape of male and female sex organs and the pod itself symbolizes a home for future children.

If you wish to strengthen your commitment with an existing partner or create meaningful engagement and marriage with someone new, use this Wicca marriage spell to bring about your fondest desires.

For the Marriage Spell You will need:

Nine pea pods
How to Cast the Spell

Find nine pods.  Place them on the top ledge above your kitchen door to attract a husband to your house.  If you do not have a shelf, then you can use push pins to hang them above the door temporarily.

Wiccan Spell to Remove Relationship Problems

No relationship is without its problems.  You can use this Wiccan spell to remove problems from your own relationship, or you can cast this spell on behalf of a friend or loved one whose relationship is at a low point.  Like all Wiccan spells, this one will only work if both partners truly want their relationship to work and if there is still love left between the partners. This spell does not manipulate or coerce an unwilling person into doing or feeling something that he or she does not desire.  The problem removal spell works with a person’s existing emotional and spiritual resources to bring to light thoughts and feelings that may be hidden, repressed, or ignored.

This Wiccan spell beseeches the Goddess to protect and to remove all problems from your relationship. As an added bonus it also helps bring peaceful vibrations into your home.

For the Spell to Remove Relationship Problems you will need:

  • A white candle
  • Rosemary or commercial protection incense
  • A photo of your loved one

How to Cast the Spell to Remove Relationship Problems

This ritual can be done at any time. Light the incense. Place the candle on top of your photo and light it. Envision a protective white light surrounding your loved ones and say:

O Goddess, protect my loved ones every day, as they sleep and as they play.

Help them to always smile bright, and keep them safe in Your loving light.

Protect us from problems and from all they fear.

For they are the ones that I hold dear.

I thank the Goddess for helping me.

I trust in Her aid So mote it be!

Let the candle and incense burn down.


Easy Wiccan Rituals for Beginners

If you are new to magick and spells, you may want to start with very easy rituals. Just because they are simple does not mean they are not effective. Remember, your intention, your will, and your desires are what matters most.

This Wiccan love spell for fidelity is a simple ritual that can be done at home. You can decorate your altar or dining table with flowers like roses, along with two herbs, ivy, and rosemary, which are said to have potent properties to bind a couple together. Another simple spell is to cut an apple in half and share it with your partner. The very act is a symbol of harmony, which spreads like positive energy.

If you want to get your partner, back after a relationship has gone sour, Wiccan love spells can be your guiding light. However, you must remember that relationships often end for a reason, and there is no magickal substitute or formula to instant healing or bringing back the same person. These spells are best meant for any misunderstanding or one-time quarrel that led to the separation. If you want to return a lost lover, you will have to look outside of the Wiccan religion.

Advice on How to Make your Spells work

The most favorable day for casting Wiccan love spells is Friday. Spells associated with love, beauty, harmony, family, friendship, fertility, and sexuality can be most effective on this day. It is advisable to consult a Wiccan spellcaster to cast an effective spell until you understand the basics and create enough positive energy within you. With the right intentions and spellcaster, there are higher chances of casting powerful spells. However, if you decide to go it alone, then make sure you are well prepared with the right tools and ingredients. Most importantly, learn to meditate and increase your power of concentration.

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