Is Witchcraft real?

Many don’t know enough about witchcraft to understand how potent the art really is. To begin with, witches are more spiritual than average and have the skills to channel their inherent energies in the right direction. Witchcraft is real and yes, it does work as long as you practice it with the right intentions. Much of the hype generated in Hollywood movies does not resemble the art of witchcraft at all. Witchcraft has been practiced for centuries but only came into the limelight when the Catholic Church turned its attention on Pagan practices. These practices were regarded as heresy, which resulted in the persecution of witches.

Witchcraft in the Modern World

In the modern world, witchcraft involves the practice of benevolent magic. Modern Wicca is a variation of traditional witchcraft but is more open and well-controlled as compared to older practices. Wiccans often gather in to practice their craft. Over time, practitioners gain control over the magical ability and put them to use through spell casting, which is why witchcraft and spell casting really works. There is no reason to fear the very term, ‘witchcraft’, although the entertainment industry continues to portray it as an evil act. Real witches practice the art for good purposes. Those who use it for evil only end up harming themselves. Every genuine witch believes in the Law of Threefold, where no matter what you do, good or evil, will come back to you three times.

Channeling Positive Energy

Witchcraft is about channeling positive energies into the universe for the benefit of everyone involved. People use the art to cast love spells, money spells, marriage spells, to get a better job, and much more. No real practitioner will allow you to cast a spell with evil intentions. The positive energies created during a spell are what make witchcraft work. Faith and belief in the art is essential and adds to the effectiveness of the spell. Therefore, before you indulge in witchcraft it is essential to believe that your spell will work and be clear about your goals and objectives. A skeptical mind builds up negative energies that can block your path to success in spell casting.

The Effects of Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft may not provide you instant results. There are times where it may not work. In these cases, it is just possible that what you desired is not meant to be. However, you need to have patience and give the spell time to take its course. As long as you follow the right procedures or have an experienced practitioner cast a spell for you, the chances of success are much brighter. Now, you can’t just sit back and wait for the spell to work. It is important to make every effort to make it work. The manner in which you use magic to achieve your goal is what matters. Magic is based on the principal of like attracts like. The key is to get into the emotional state of feeling as if what you want is already yours. Commitment and dedication add to the potency of your rituals and magical workings.


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