Egyptian Witchcraft Love Spells

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Egyptian love spells are the oldest love spells that have ever existed on Earth. While the magic itself is timeless (Egyptians said it was older than the gods themselves), Egypt was the first place where the rituals and spells were put into a single tradition of magic. In the millennia to come, Egyptian witchcraft became a foundation of most European schools of magic, including the renowned Hermetic tradition. Of course love spells are only a small part of the Egyptian magical heritage, but an important one.

The Rules of Egyptian Witchcraft

Egyptian love spells comply to the Rule of Threefold and all other laws of magic, but they are also shaped by the rules unique to Egyptian witchcraft alone.

First of all, Egyptians considered magic as a single phenomenon, with no division between white magic and black magic. The difference between good and evil spells lies in the hands of the spell caster. If the spells are cast with ill intents, they become evil. If the same spell is cast for the greater good, it is considered good. This lack of division between “good” and “evil” rituals persists even today. As such, the effects of love spells depend on who wields them. Of course, the Rule of Threefold still applies, so black magic spell casters are likely to suffer greatly for misusing these spells.

The Practitioners of Egyptian Magic

Then, Egyptian witchcraft does not make any clear division between priests, magicians and scientists. Nowadays many Egyptian mages or sorceresses are at the same time followers of the gods, spell casters and scientists. It also causes most Egyptian magic rituals to call upon the powers of Egyptian gods, particularly Horus and Isis (the latter is very helpful in case of love spells).

Another important thing is that Egyptian magic requires a lot of preparations and components. While certain materials are essential for any ritual regardless of the tradition, in the case of Egyptian magic this is even more important. No Egyptian love spell will work unless there are all proper components, some of them virtually unavailable, and some merely difficult to get. The milk of the black cow may be relatively easy to find, but a lizard with two tails is not something you meet on every corner. Do not worry though, the modern Egyptian magic is much less cruel than its ancient predecessor and no animals are harmed during the rituals.

Finally, the Egyptian magic relies heavily on talismans and written spells. Writing and then reading the written incantations is thought to further increase the spell’s effectiveness. The amulets are also extremely useful spell focuses. Most Egyptian magic love spells are based on talismans.

The Origins of Egyptian Love Spells

While some Egyptian magic love spells have been found by the archaeologists, the most powerful still remain unknown. They are passed in secrecy, only from teachers to initiates and never published in any book.

One of the most powerful egyptian magic practitioners, Ms. Aisha Haadi the witch and spell caster from is the sole practitioner known to have the largest archive of ancient egyptian magic spells. She is casting ancient egyptian witchcraft spells that were passed down within her family for several thousands of years.

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