How to Learn Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a fascinating way of life that follows the rules of Mother Nature, the laws of the Universe and the components of the universe, notably the sun, moon, stars, nature, and earth. Many people who follow a magical path have some innate magical ability and know how to practice it because they are gifted in it. You can come to know how to learn witchcraft even if you don’t have any particular magical abilities. It is an art that you can learn, it is just important that you really want to learn the craft.

Using the Internet to Learn Witchcraft

The Internet offers countless of free resources, our website is one of them. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of free spells out there that can get you started. The free spells will provide you with instructions on how to cast it, which materials are needed and they words you have to say during the ritual. You can also study witchcraft and its background, study all the tools, ingredients as well as the correspondences and magical properties of the elements. There are many fine essays and articles that will tell you what the spiritual world is all about. Finally, there are sites that you can go to in order to buy the materials you need. They sell you herbs, candles, altar materials, talismans and amulets. These are important aspects of how to learn witchcraft that you just can’t get anywhere else unless you know someone who sells it locally near your home.

Learning Witchcraft through Books

You can also learn witchcraft from books and literature. What you need is a good Book of Shadows that will tell you the spells you need and the basis of witchcraft as it exists today. To get you started you can look at our free spells and write them into your own Book of Shadows, You will be able to hang on to this book and remember spells from it and it will be neatly organized. Make sure to leave enough space so you can enter your own notes. Books of Shadows can be purchased, but my recommendation is that you start with your very own book right from the beginning. This way you can enter all that you are learning and add notes to each spell that you are casting. This will be helpful throughout your spiritual learning experience. However, there are many books on Wicca and on witchcraft itself so that you can read about the practice and learn some tips that you can’t get elsewhere.

Apprenticeship and Trainee Programs

If you know practitioners of magic  you may want to become an apprentice so you can learn witchcraft from someone who already has spent years practicing it. For example, there may be a professional witch who needs an apprentice. An apprenticeship with one of those witches would be very powerful, indeed, and you will learn a lot about the practice of witchcraft. Most of these are unpaid positions but you will be learning a lot and that will be payment enough. A professional witch or even a witch that has a lot of experience but is not a “professional witch” can help you learn the craft over just a few months. You will have a lot more to learn but you will have the basics after a few months.

Whether you are a solitary witch or one who has used the services of another to learn witchcraft, you can understand spells and know how to practice witchcraft within a few months of study. It is then that you can begin to do spells on your own and to create your own rituals. You can do them for yourself first, to see what happens and to practice the craft. You can begin to do spells for your friends so you get the idea of what it is like to do spells for another person. If you are studying to be a professional witch, you need to know what it takes to do spells for other people and you need to be able to make them work. Witchcraft is an art you can learn and a way of life you can begin to live by.


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