Deities and Orishas in Obeah

If you are looking into using Obeah practices to help you with troubles in your life, you are one of many.  This folk magic and medicine can help you to bring luck, love and prosperity into your life, even when you think there’s no hope.  At the top of this spiritual practice are the deities and the deities, watching over the people, though never directly interfering in their lives.  In this structure, the people are given the power to change their own lives and to see how they can make changes to their minds and actions.  As a result, they are responsible for their lives and the luck they make for themselves – or don’t.  To help you with the practice of Obeah, here are the deities you will want to honor in your spells.

A Name is Tricky

What you might notice when you read about the various deities in Obeah is that their spellings can change, depending on where you find them listed.  So, you may not find these spellings elsewhere, though the other name you find will be the same deity.  There are seven main deities in the Obeah practice.  Here they are, starting with the lower level deities.


Oshun is thought to be the keeper of the waters, of all of the waters in the world.  She is also one who is connected to the energy of love and would be the perfect deity to call on during a love spell.  She is also a deity who is connected with money as well as sexuality.  She is a deity which loves to be given offerings for her time, like honey or coins.


Yemaya has also taken on the name of Virgin Mary in order to protect her from other faiths who wish her to be gone.  She is a mother figure, one who watches over women and all of the birth mysteries.  She is a deity which should be called on for fertility and for healing.


Yansa is the deity of power and might.  As the Goddess of Storms, she is a protector of sorts, though she can also be angry at times.  When you want to add power and might to your spells, this is a deity to make offerings to.


This deity is one of vengeance, one who is passionate and powerful.  This deity watches over the lightning in the world as well as the dance.  When a man has to look for forgiveness from a woman in a relationship, this is the deity to call upon.


Another warrior deity, that focuses on war and blood.  He is also the deity of tools and of industry, helping those in society to create and to fix things.  In a situation where healing is needed, Ogun is a deity to ask to be a part of the spell.


Eshu is one who watches over the gates of world, guarding the space between worlds, being a messenger for the deities to the world.  This person is the one you would call on in order to send a message or a request to another deity.  Eshu will make sure the message arrives.


Obatala is considered to be the Creator, the one over all others who has pieces of each of the other deities inside of himself.  Practitioners of Obeah do not contact this god directly.

By knowing more about the deities in Obeah, you can make sure you are calling on the proper deity to help you, no matter the situation.  Learn about these deities and see which one seems most suited to aid your working.


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