Spell to Send Someone Away

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This is a very powerful Italian spell dedicated to Aradia, Queen of the Witches. She was the ultimate metaphysical expert when it came to turning unwanted suitors away.  This spell gets rid of stalkers and obsessed people. It can also get rid of unwanted gossip and third-person interferences from jealous people. If a woman or man is trying to steal your partner, you can send them away by casting this easy spell that can also be used as a break-up spell.

Make sure that when you use this spell that you want the person to go away forever and to never return.

You will need for the Spell to Send Someone Away:

  • A black candle (an image candle of a man or woman is even better)
  • Parchment paper
  • Black pen

How to Cast the Spell to Make Someone Go Away

This spell must be done during the fourteen-day period when the moon is shrinking from Full to New.

Write the person’s name on the front and back of the candle with the pin

On a small piece of parchment paper use the black pen to write:

From now on, (name) will say nothing but sweet words about me and to me. By the power of Aradia, so mote it be!’

Put a drop of honey in the middle of the paper and roll it into a ball.

Heat a knife, pin or athame and, make a gash in the candle (in its mouth, if it’s an image candle) and stuff the paper ball into it.

Let the candle burn for nine minutes for nine nights. Throw the remnants into flowing water, but save some candle drippings or ash to sprinkle in the path of the person you want to go and send away.

12 thoughts on “Spell to Send Someone Away

  1. JoAnn Olmeda says:

    How can I get my step daughter out of my home permanently. My 2 young daughters have anxiety, depression and is throwing things and being despruptive. My oldest who will be 10 on june 12 has pulled all her eyelashes and eyebrows plus has bitten her lower lip. My youngest who turned 8 tried TO stab herself in school in her neck. Psychiatrist says its the stranger step child as the trigger. My daughters never met her until she moved in with us. I am tired of the step child disrespect, and trying to get rid of me. Needless to say I NEED the lil Bitch out my house! I have done the freezer spell and have made 4 thieves vinegar already. Help please.

    • Lady says:

      Start calling the police on her–they will make her vanish. Go to “tough love” and learn how to protect your little ones and yourself. I’d start a paper trail with the police and set her up for a behavioral analysis at school, with home support training.

    • stephanie frye says:

      Wow how about not being evil. You’re a step mom your children are not more important nor is she. How about living in peace. This is why non witches should leave our religion to us real witches. You’re evil and shouldn’t be a step mom.

  2. Tima says:

    This girl had always claimed to be my best friend but has only been a negative presence in my life. She has a foul mouth, loves gossip and leeches on to do-gooders. She is an opportunist and a total mean bitch. I need her gone from my life please help!!

  3. Jo says:

    My boyfriends baby mama needs to be sent away but what happens to the child. I don’t want her to take the child away. I just want her alive healthy and well but out of our/his life

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