Spell to Tell the Truth

Marjoram is a very hypnotic herb.  When burned it emits a smoke that is quite hallucinogenic. It can put people in other worlds.

This ritual is not effective unless the liar is in the same room.  You have to light a candle anointed with marjoram oil while the two of you are talking.  You can buy marjoram oil at high-end health food stores.

There are times when you cannot be sure whether your partner, husband, wife, friend, or family member is telling you the truth. From what are often called ‘little white lies’ to more far-ranging lies, it can be an uncertain time if you cannot rely on what your partner is telling you to be the truth.

This Truth Spell can work on your partner or friend to ensure that they never tell you a lie ever again. You will never have to doubt them in the future, and you can live your lives together safe in the knowledge that everything they tell you is true.

For the Truth Spell you will need:

  • Marjoram oil
  • A red candle
  • A pink rose bud

How to Cast the Truth Spell

Anoint the candle with the marjoram oil before the person you want to tell the truth to comes over.

Lay the rose bud beside it so that the conversation does not turn sour, resentful or heated while the truth is being told.

Light the candle when your friend or lover is in the room.  Ask pointed questions.

The subtle influence of the marjoram scented candle will help them tell the truth.


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