Aura Cleansing

You know you’re aura needs cleansing if you feel over-attached to one matter or one person. Obsessively thinking about another is a sign of astral attack.  The point of aura cleansing is to pull unwanted energies out of your personal sphere.

This particular spell is base on African magic. It is perfect to use if you feel like your mind is spinning out of control with unwanted thoughts.

Coconut milk is an all-purpose cleansing and protective element in both Caribbean and African magic. This helps if you feel obsessive, possessive or like your mind is spinning out of control.

Ingredients for the Aura Cleansing

  • A coconut

How to Perform the Aura Cleansing

Run a bath. Pour half of the milk inside into the bathwater. Take the other half of the coconut milk and pour it directly over your head. This cools and cleanses disturbed and agitated minds as well as clears curses and astral attachments.

While you are in there think about what is bothering you and where the source of the trouble in your life is coming from.  As you meditate on this unplug the drain and visualize any bad experiences, poisonous thoughts or other problems whirling down the drain as well.

Take a brief shower after the bath and then go to bed.  Be at peace in mind, body, and soul.

Why it is important to cleanse your aura

We live in a crazy world that can foster many negative feelings. When these feelings accumulate, one can almost see a negative aura around a person. This can disrupt one’s social, mental and physical life.  People who are sensitive to other’s aura will stray away from a person with negative energy oozing from their aura. Mentally, one will feel emotionally stressed and overwhelmed with so many negative feelings blocking up their system. The final toll is when one’s negative energy begins to give one adverse health effects.

Changing your Aura before Casting Spells

In order to have a healthy life, it is important to cleanse your aura. By cleansing your aura, you will be able to liberate yourself from negative energies and their adverse effects. I always recommend an Aura Cleansing before any Love Spells are cast. Cleansing your aura can take as little as 10 minutes a day. You must practice this every day since negative energy can cling onto us daily.

Another Way to Cleanse Your Aura

The first way to start to cleanse your aura is by washing your hands and performing a self-massage from head to toe. Then you should perform a cleansing ritual that involves water. Water is a natural element that can cleanse and purify the body making it necessary to walk in the rain, stand under a showerhead or under a waterfall. Even running through the wind, another earth element can help to lessen your stress and cleanse your aura. Other cleansing tips include exfoliating your body with sweetgrass, sage or lavender. To finish up the process, lie in a warm bath filled with Epsom salt. Anything else you can use to relieve your stress and brighten your aura such as dimming the lights or using aromatherapeutic candles can help to cleanse your aura immaculately.

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