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Aura Cleansing

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You might be a person who gets up in the morning and immediately takes a shower. In doing so, you prepare your body for the day and your mind for whatever your schedule might bring. But while we know we need to rinse off our skin, what about cleaning our energetic body? Many people completely forget that they need to cleanse their aura to keep themselves physically and spiritually healthy too.

The Signs of a Dirty Aura

When you’re going through your life, and you feel something is off, it’s wise to trust that feeling. Think about whether you are sick first, and then consider what the universe might be telling you. For example, when you see signs that seem to come out of the blue and you haven’t been around anyone who’s been physically ill, it might be time to consider that your aura needs some extra attention.

Symptoms of a Dirty Aura

  • Constantly getting sick
  • Feeling rundown and exhausted by little things
  • Attracting negative people or situations
  • Feeling unsafe in the world or feeling paranoid about others
  • Troubles focusing on things that are important to you
  • Relationship troubles (spouses, partners, lovers, family members, co-workers, etc.)
  • Work problems and issues
  • If you’ve seen these things pop up in your life, it might be time to think about how you can cleanse your aura and make it more presentable to the universe.


What a Clean Aura Can Do

If you’re taking care of your energetic body, you might think of yourself as a magnet that is getting rid of the rust and any of the dirt that may have accumulated on the surface. Though it might not be there because you wanted to get dirty, it happens with use. When you go out into the world, and you interact with people, you will get other people’s ‘stuff’ on you. You will get their negative thoughts and ideas, their projections, and their bad memories in your aura. They don’t mean to do this to you, but it happens.

When you have a clean aura, you’ll be able to differentiate between who is a positive person to have in your life and who is not. What you’ll notice immediately is a weight being lifted off your shoulders. This burden of being filled with other people’s stuff will be gone. You will start to interact with people who have your best interests in mind. You will start to bring into your life the kind of people who can help you feel better and get the things you want from your life.

You’ll be surrounded by love, and you’ll notice the negative people start to fade away. They’ll simply not want to be around the shining light you will reveal when your aura is cleaned off the gunk.


How to Clean Your Aura

You can use an Aura Cleansing spell or ritual to help you get the things you don’t want in your aura to go away. This will allow you to quickly and completely release any of the things that are hurting you and that is hurting your life. The spells will identify all the bad energy in your aura, removing it and allowing you to quickly feel the aura dirt fall away. With an Aura Cleansing, you’ll be able to create a fresh start for your life, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits for many years to come. Just like you wash your skin, you need to wash the energetic parts of you that can get dirty from the world. When you do, you become the magnet for all you want and all that you deserve.


African Aura Cleansing Spell

African Aura Cleansing Spell

You know you need an aura cleansing spell if you feel over-attached to one matter or one person. Obsessively thinking about another is a sign of an astral attack. The point of aura cleansing is to pull unwanted energies out of your personal sphere.

This particular spell is based on African magic. It is perfect to use if you feel like your mind is spinning out of control with unwanted thoughts.

Coconut milk is an all-purpose cleansing and protective element in both Caribbean and African magic. This helps if you feel obsessive, possessive or like your mind is spinning out of control.

Ingredients for the Aura Cleansing

  • A coconut

How to Perform the Aura Cleansing

Run a bath. Pour half of the milk inside into the bathwater. Take the other half of the coconut milk and pour it directly over your head. This cools and cleanses disturbed and agitated minds and clears curses and astral attachments.

While you are in there, think about what is bothering you and where the source of trouble in your life is coming from. As you meditate on this, unplug the drain and visualize any bad experiences, toxic thoughts, or other problems whirling down the drain.

Take a brief shower after the bath and then go to bed. Be at peace in mind, body, and soul.


Wiccan Aura Cleansing Spell

Wiccan Aura Cleansing Spell

Before you begin, take a Healing Cleansing Ritual Bath to cleanse your entire body physically to prepare you for the other aura cleansing.

Ingredients for the Aura Cleansing Spell

  • Sage
  • Rue Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • High John the Conqueror Oil
  • Myrrh Oil
  • Banishing Oil
  • 3 Black Candles
  • 3 White Candles
  • Sea Salt

How to perform the Aura Cleansing Spell

You will need to perform the ritual during the waning moon phase.

Before you begin, you must thoroughly clean your altar and spiritual space. Click here for instructions. Please don’t skip this step. Also, clean and consecrate all the tools and ingredients you will be using in this spell.

Once you and your space are ready, light the sage and clear the room with the smoke to clear out any negativity. Draw your circle, then use the sea salt to draw a physical circle, creating a barrier.

Anoint the three black candles with the banishing oil, and place them in the middle of the circle. Kneel within the circle and meditate, focusing on banishing all the Negativity from your aura. Visualize your aura muddied and burdened by murky negative energy, like oil sitting on the ocean or a foulness tainting clear water. See and feel the negative energy breaking apart.

Say the following precisely three times:

Negativity be banished,

Negativity be free of me,

within me and around me

by the power of the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Harming none as well as myself,

in perfect trust, I ask the universe,

SO mote it be!

Anoint the white candles with the rue, lemon, high john the conqueror, and myrrh oils, then place them in a triangle fashion surrounding the black candles. Light the three white candles. Kneel again and begin to meditate, now seeing all of the foul-tainted energy breaking apart by a bright golden light of positive energy. Envision the positive light breaking past your aura’s barrier of darkness and beginning to cleanse it. Feel how your body grows warmer with each breakthrough of golden light. Envision how the negative aura is removed layer by layer, and your clean aura is coming to the surface. Once you see your clean aura in all its bright colors, say the following three times:

Positivity and purity

Shine bright and strong

within me and around me

by the power of the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Attracting all that is good

in perfect trust, I ask the universe,

SO mote it be!

After saying it for the third time, finally see the great white energy of absolute love overtake and rip apart the Negativity, completely destroying it. Now feel this tremendous energy enter your being and merge with you, becoming one. As you begin to feel peacefully cleansed, open your eyes. Snuff out all of your candles, starting with the black ones and then the white ones. Take the Black candles and disregard them, throwing them away, never to be used again. The white candles may be used again for this type of spell process only. Or, you can just let them burn out.


Why it is essential to cleanse your aura

We live in a crazy world that can foster many negative feelings. When these feelings accumulate, one can almost see a negative aura around a person. This can disrupt one’s social, mental, and physical life. People sensitive to others’ aura will stray away from a person with negative energy oozing from their aura. Mentally, one will feel emotionally stressed and overwhelmed with so many negative feelings blocking up their system. The final toll is when one’s negative energy begins to give one adverse health effects.

To live a healthy life, it is crucial to cleanse your aura. By cleansing your aura, you can liberate yourself from negative energies and their adverse effects. I always recommend an Aura Cleansing before any Love Spells are cast.

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