Spell to Attract Good Luck

One way to attract good luck quickly is to draw yourself an “attract luck” bath.  This bath is to help you magnetize the very best that you can into your sphere of influence and that includes the very best jobs, friends and money opportunities.   Make sure that you immerse yourself completely in this bath so that it takes affect.

For this you will need an Earl Grey tea bag. Earl Grey Tea contains bergamot, which is thought to symbolically draw luck and money to you. You also do not need to use a lot of food coloring for this to work.

What you will need for the Good Luck Spell

  • One Earl Gray Tea Bag
  • Green food coloring
  • Gold glitter

How to Cast the Spell to Attract Good Luck

This spell is best done during the fourteen-day period between the New and the Full Moon.

Place the teabag over your bathtub faucet and run yourself a hot bath. Then you add a bit of coloring to the water to tint it green –the color of luck and money. Sprinkle the gold glitter in the bath as well. Now immerse yourself in this all the while saying positive things out loud such as “millions of dollars are coming to me as I speak” and “all debts are squared.”

How the Good Luck Attraction Spell can Help You

If you envy those around you who seem to be able to turn everything they touch into gold, then this luck spell is the spell for you!

The luck spell is able to work on the energies surrounding you and those within you to ensure that you will always attract good luck. Through using the powerful magical forces within the especially designed spell, you can harness luck to ensure that it remains on your lucky pathway rather than going onto someone else.


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