Business Success and Protection Spells

Business Spells

Use the business spells if you want to be a successful business person, and want prosperity and financial success for you and your family. Business Spells ensure that you get respect in the business world that only comes from running a successful business. Your family and those around you will all benefit from your prosperity and success.

There are many spiritual ways to help success in business. Before you open your business to the public, definitely cast this business protection spell to ensure that you will enjoy all the success and prosperity that you deserve. Even if you have already opened your business to the public, you will benefit from the Protection Spell and the other spells.

These are the three most sought after spells for success in business.

Voodoo Business Protection Spell

This very simple spell for protecting your business is from the Deep South and the Heart of New Orleans Voodoo. It keeps your enemies from stealing your ideas or customers. If you are a freelancer, you can carry this as a charm, or you can set it by your computer.

Pecans symbolize great wealth and are often used in money and wealth spells in different cultures. The reason that you use nine pecans in this ritual is that nine is the number of achievements and completions.

You will need for the Business Protection Spell

  • Nine pecans
  • Small green pouch or box

How to Perform this Voodoo Spell for Business Protection

Shell each pecan and then eat them slowly while visualizing the result you want in your business. This could be an increase in business or seeing more customers coming to you.  Do NOT throw the shells out.

Collect the pecan shells and put them in the green box or pouch.  Put the shells somewhere at your place of employment or at your desk where the shells cannot be found or removed.

Spell for Luck in Business

This is a charm for luck in business that should be in the vicinity of your place of work. If you own a store, you can put the charm in your cash register. If you are a freelancer or telecommuter you can put it near your computer.

As you are casting the business spell focus on your intentions and how much money you would like to make in the future. Try and be exact in your imaginings and give yourself a goal in terms of how much more money you would like to make a day, a week or a month.

Bay leaves symbolize wealth. Cinnamon and aluminum foil belong to the planet Mercury that rules speed. The seven pennies are protective and prevent others from taking your business. The copper in the pennies is also cash drawing and honor wealth Goddesses.

Ingredients for the Business Spell

  • Three bay leaves
  • A square of aluminum foil
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Seven pennies

How to Cast the Business Spell

Crumble three Bay leaves into a square of aluminum foil. Add cinnamon powder and seven pennies. Ball the foil up and place it inside your cash register or beside your computer.

Spell to Attract Customers

This spell is based on the age-old idea of creating a witch bottle. Everything in the bottle is symbolic of attracting more customers to where you work whether you work at home or run your own business.

The chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil is symbolic of money coming to you in a “sweet way”; effortlessly and easily. It helps others have a favorable opinion of your services or products.

A bee is drawn on your business card as it is a symbol of prosperity.

Ingredients for the Witch Bottle

  • Your business card
  • A pen
  • Red ribbon
  • Chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil
  • Honey
  • A bottle or Mason jar with stopper or lid

How to Cast the Spell to Attract Customers

This ritual is best done during the new moon leading up to the full moon. However, it may be done on any day leading up to the full moon.

Draw a bee 🐝 on the back of the business card. Next, roll it into a scroll and wrap it again and again in a red ribbon. Now, place the scroll into the bottle and drop the chocolate covered coin in the jar. Fill with liquid honey. Cap this and put it in the freezer. This makes sure that you will always be seen as a sweet prospect to your customers. The fact that the jar is frozen solid means that it is hard to alter someone else’s opinion.

The Secrets of Making a Business Spell Successful

The secret of making a business spell successful lies not in the spell but in the intensity of persistence and inner energy of the spell caster. If you have previous experience with spells, you will know how important it is to bring in a positive attitude and believe in your spell to make it effective.

For those who are practicing this art for the first time, here are some tips on how to bring in positive energy

  • Take some time before casting your spell, say for example a week ahead and try to adopt a positive attitude and try to believe positively in your spell.
  • Visualize a positive effect once you cast your spell and how successful you become after the spell has been practiced.
  • Imagine the spell to be the ultimate key to your success, and that it will bring you all that you might have ever wanted.
  • Try to develop an overall positive attitude and apply it in your life as we want to use the Law of Conviction.
  • Think of all the positive results that you will achieve after the spell works as we want to apply the Law of Attraction
  • Try to build up a positive attitude in society by forgiving others, helping others, and being the best in your friends and family. This is the law of return.
  • Take responsibility for your own circumstances and conditions and do not blame anyone for what you are going through. Take full control of your life and its consequences as this will increase your self-esteem, which gives you higher chances of success. Working on the Law of Control gives you the ownership of the spell.
  • Respect the nature and value of each and every ingredient that the spell requires you to use by practicing it. Most spells work in relation to nature and taking the power of universal law, you can gain the will of the universe to make your spell effective.

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