Spell for Luck in Business

This is a charm for luck in business that should be in the vicinity of your place of work. If you own a store you can put the charm in your cash register. If you are a freelancer or telecommuter you can put it near your computer.

As you are casting the business spell focus on your intentions and how much money you would like to make in the future. Try and be exact in your imaginings and give yourself a goal in terms of how much more money you would like opt make a day, a week or a month.

Bay leaves symbolize wealth. Cinnamon and aluminum foil belong to the planet Mercury that rules speed. The seven pennies are protective and prevent others from taking your business.  The copper in the pennies are also cash drawing and honor wealth Goddesses.

Ingredients for the Business Spell

  • Three bay leaves
  • A square of aluminum foil
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Seven pennies

How to Cast the Business Spell

Crumble three Bay leaves into a square of aluminum foil. Add cinnamon powder and seven pennies. Ball the foil up and place it inside your cash register or beside your computer.

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