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School Study and Exam Spells

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Whether you attend classes, need to pass a test, or have a child trying to navigate the current system, you are bound to experience all kinds of frustrations. This includes never having enough time to study, teachers that don’t explain concepts clearly enough, and other issues that stand in the way of getting good grades or passing a test. Rather than continue to suffer, you can try to address these matters at the spiritual level by casting spells for success in school, studies, exams, and tests.

What are the benefits of school spells?

Typically, school spells can address just about anything that causes you to receive lower grades than you want. For example, if you are bored with a class, you can cast a school spell that will cause the class to become more interesting. Similarly, you can request good luck on exams, increased focus while in class, and good luck with papers when you cast a school spell. If you are casting this type of spell on behalf of a child, you should always monitor the situation carefully so that you can make changes as needed.

You can also use spells to pass an important test or exam, even if it is not school related. There are many ways how magic can increase your luck in passing important tests and exams.

How do I Prepare to Cast Spells for Success in School, Exams, and Tests?

While casting spells, it might help to have some object on hand that can be used to create a talisman. This may include using stones dedicated to complex mental pursuits, such as amethyst and sodalite. When casting school spells, it is also very important to be confident of your ability to learn and use information to demonstrate your mastery of any given topic.

In the modern world, succeeding in school is critical regardless of your grade level. At the very least, when you cast school spells, you can increase your focus on academic topics and mitigate any situations that prevent you from getting good grades. Needless to say, if you have children, casting school spells for them may be very important if you feel you have no other way to ensure their success.


Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test

This spell is a potion you will consume to help increase your luck when taking a test. Grape juice is a metaphysical aid to increase intelligence.

Mint leaves, excellent for communication and memory retention, are added to help you be on your toes as you can possibly be on the test. Rosemary is added to increase intelligence and eloquence, and lime is added so pure heads prevail.

Ingredients for the Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test

  • Half a cup of sweetened grape concentrate
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Mint leaves
  • Crushed ice

How to Cast the Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test

Blend all this in a blender and pour half of the potion into a glass. Before you drink it, state:

There is no question that I cannot answer and no test to great for my mind’s strength.

Drink the entire portion in one gulp, and then study. Take any leftover part of the grape mixture and save it to drink in the morning before the test.

Spell for Good Grades

Brown is the color of studiousness, duty, and great focus. It puts you in a grounded, practical frame of mind.

You wear brown and light a flame on a brown candle to improve grades.

This spell requires you to dress in brown from head to foot. It is best done on the date of a new moon. If you are taking a test, it should be done on the evening of the full moon before the test.

Ingredients for the School Spell

  • Brown clothing that you will dress in
  • A brown candle
  • Mint oil
  • A clean pin
  • Amethyst or sodalite (optional)

How to Cast the School Spell

Dress head to toe in brown clothing. Dip a clean pin in mint oil. Inscribe a big A on one side of the candle. On the other side, inscribe your name and birth date.

Place the Stone in front of the candle.

Light the candle visualizing yourself getting the A grade on your paper or test. Study while the candle burns down. Wear brown clothing as often as possible in the next few days. Wearing mint oil also helps the magic stay with you while you study, and carrying the Stone will enhance your success in tests, exams, or other important matters.

Spell to Pass a Test

The ancient Goddess Athena was a goddess of wisdom, clarity, and intelligence. She spent half of her time as a spider and the other half as a weaver. She could weave a web to tell a story. Athena is also the Goddess that is in charge of helping you remember facts, figures, and long tales from history. If memory retention is an issue, carrying this spider charm with you can help address the problem.

Appeals to this Goddess can make you smarter. Carry this charm with you whenever you need to pass a test.

Ingredients for the Spell to Pass a Test

  • A photo of a spider
  • Scissors
  • Mint oil
  • Green pen

How to Cast the Spell to Pass a Test

Cut the photograph of the spider so that it is a circle. Choose a photo that is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. One by one inch is an excellent discreet size.

Anoint the photograph with any mint oil. Mint is an herb of the intellect that makes you smarter. Use a green pen to write your name and birthdate over the image of the spider. Carry the charm while you are studying and during the test to help improve your powers of concentration.

Worried About Your Child Not Nailing The Exam?

Parents are always worried about their children being unable to pass their exams. They often get paranoid to the extent that they force their kids unnecessarily to study, causing them severe stress, tension, depression, and anxiety. Truth be told, all parents are worried about their children and want their best to secure a promising future. Nevertheless, if all children give in their 100% effort and persistence, why do some succeed while others fail? While most of them might blame it on luck, there is no evidence that luck exists and that all things, positive or negative, depending on it.

No science or research can prove what determines one’s success and failure. Magic practitioners know that these attributes depend on the energies that surround each one of us and the relationship between a human and these spiritual energies. These school and exam spells can remove any negative energy and help a person secure good grades and climb the ladder to success.

Are School And Exam Spells Unethical?

This is a legitimate question because, as a Wiccan, you do not want to violate the Threefold law. Rest assured, our spells do not violate the threefold law, and no, they are not unethical at all. Not only that, Wiccans accept magic as part of their daily lives. The fate of a soul is not dependent on magic. Instead, each human is responsible for their own actions and accepts that the universe gives us what we give to it.

Furthermore, if you practice any religion that is against the use of magical spells, it is advisable that you first consult your religious leader.

In conclusion, you know the difference between right and wrong, and it is up to you if you want to use magic spells for success in exams, in school, or studies. There are no negative repercussions from using them.

How Long Will The Spell Take To Work?

This depends upon the type of spell and the seriousness of your problem. The Wiccan faith says that if you do not begin to see changes within one lunar cycle (four weeks), to cast the spell again. However, in other traditions, such school and exam spells should bear results within four weeks to six months after the spell has been completed.

You need to remember that sometimes you get results you might not expect, and in this case, you need to evaluate the method you used for the spell. A good idea to assess your spell work is to keep a journal. Always note how you performed the spell, the items and tools you included, the timing, and the circumstances you were in. Record every single thing so you can look back quickly and know what went wrong and how you can improve the spell work.

If you have sought a professional spellcaster’s help, it’s best to go back and ask for advice. Remember to research the type of spell you choose and what you need to make the magic work correctly. There is loads of information on the Internet, and finding a school and exam spells that work for you is not a problem.

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