Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test

This spell is a potion that you will consume in order to help increase your luck when it comes to taking a test. Grape juice is a metaphysical aid to increase intelligence.

Mint leaves, which are excellent for communication and memory retention are added in order to help you be as on your toes as you can possibly be on the test.  Rosemary is added to increase intelligence and eloquence and lime is added so that pure heads prevail.

Ingredients for the Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test

  • Half a cup of sweetened grape concentrate
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Mint leaves
  • Crushed ice

How to Cast the Spell for Luck in an Exam or Test

Blend all of this together in a blender and pour half of the potion into a glass.  Before you drink it state:

There is no question that I cannot answer and no test to great for my mind’s strength.

Drink the entire portion in one gulp and then go study.  Take any leftover portion of the grape mixture and save it to drink on the morning before the test.

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