Lotto Spells – Are you dreaming of winning the Lotto? Increase your Luck with these Spells

Lotto Spells

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Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. Especially when there is a big jackpot, people flock to the stores to try their luck. But when you always lose and don’t win even after the 100th attempt, you start looking for ways to increase your luck. That’s probably how you ended up with my article.

There are very simple rituals you can do to increase your luck. For example, if you want to dream about the winning numbers, rub your hands with honeysuckle oil before you go to sleep. Alternatively, send your wish to win the lottery to the goddess Fortuna and light a green candle in her honor. Or, put a piece of Angelika Root in your pocket when you buy your next Quick Tip Lotto ticket. As you can see, there are also very simple rituals that you can use to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

The rituals I want to share with you today are proven lotto spells that can help you win the lottery and significantly increase your chances. If you’re tired of losing, try these spells, you won’t regret it.


Ancient Egyptian Lotto Spell

This is an ancient Egyptian Lotto Spell for winning at gambling and originated in Ancient Egypt. It is uncertain what the acronym or sigil represented by the combination of letters stands for, but God Thoth understands the demand to bestow you with luck to win the lotto.

The magical forces within this lotto spell will help your numbers win. While sleeping, your subconscious mind will petition God Thoth and ask him for help. He will then help you send your numbers out in the universe so that these are the numbers that will win. It does not matter if you play the numbers you always play or purchase a quick pick ticket.

For the Lotto Spell, you will need

  • Marigold Oil
  • Lottery ticket
  • Pen with green ink

How to Cast the Lotto Spell

Get a lotto ticket the day before the drawing and fill in your numbers (one game). Using the pen with green ink, write your full name, your birthday and the letters:


on the backside of the ticket. Before you go to sleep, put some Marigold oil on both of your wrists and some on your pillow. Put the lotto ticket under your pillow and go to sleep. Fall asleep, focusing on your wish and telling Thoth that you appreciate his help.

The Effects of the Lotto Spell

Finally, you can help your dreams can come true. The Lotto Spell is specially designed for anyone who plays the lotto on a regular and frequent basis and who understands how it works. All you have to do is to ensure that you play the lotto regularly and understand how it works. Make sure that you buy the ticket the day before the drawing. Timing is important. Play only once on the ticket.


Wiccan Lotto Spell

Wiccan Lotto Spell

Many people dream of winning the lottery and what they would like to do with the money. Oddly enough, not everyone who dreams of winning the lottery even buys a ticket. You can use this spell to increase your chances of winning in the lottery or other games of chance, but you will have actually to play. This spell is best cast on a Thursday during the full or waxing moon.

Lotto Spell Ingredients

  • One gold candle
  • One silver coin (this should be solid silver)
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Gold cloth
  • The Star tarot card
  • Significator tarot card (this card represents you, so choose the card that you like the most)
  • The Wheel of Fortune tarot card

How to Cast the Wiccan Lotto Spell

Cast your circle and invite the quarters. You should also invoke Fortuna, the Goddess of luck and good fortune.

Lay the gold cloth on the altar. Anoint the candle with the essential oil by rubbing from top to bottom. Place the candle on the altar and light it.
Lay the Star tarot card to the left; the Star represents help from outside sources. Put your significator in the middle and the Wheel of Fortune to the left. The Wheel of Fortune represents Fortuna and brings good luck. Lay the silver coin on top of the Wheel of Fortune card.

Take a few minutes to visualize winning the lottery. See yourself with a large check in your hands.

Repeat the incantation:

I call forth the powers of good fortune!

I draw powers from the stars

And weave them into my prosperity.

As I play the games of chance

All the signs are with me…

And nothing can stop me…

I am a winner, and I win big. (repeat five times)

Fortune smiles upon me

As never before.

By all the power of Fortuna,

Through whom fortune shines,

So it is, and so shall it be!

Thank the goddess and the quarters and close the circle.

Allow the candle to burn out safely.

Carry the silver coin with you whenever you play the lotto, and then let it sit on the lotto ticket until the drawing.

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