Spell to Remove Family Problems

Saffron is a spice from the Far East that brings harmony, prosperity and peace to a family.  To do this spell you do need to remove hairs from the brushes and combs of family members; seven hairs from each to be exact.

This spell is a form of sympathetic magic that works on the souls and psyches of your family members so that you can all get a long.

Burying the remains of the spell under the tree helps family members forget hurt feelings.

Ingredients for the Spell to Remove Family Problems

  • One red candle
  • Seven hairs
  • Saffron
  • A small gold or yellow bowl
  • Red wine
  • Spring water

How to Cast the Spell to Remove Problems

Make sure the bowl is clean. Stand the candle inside the bowl by melting wax at its base. Fill the bowl with water and the red wine being careful not to get the wick wet.

Put the seven hairs taken from the heads of each member of your family in the bowl of water. Add seven threads of saffron.

Light the candle. Ask the powers that be to solve your family issues all the time the candle is burning. When the candle burns down to the level of the water with wine it will snuff out on it’s own.

Bury the bowl and remains of the spell under the biggest oak tree you can find.

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