Candle Money Spell

This very simple spell is said to get people about 500 dollars every time they do it. This is an old gypsy spell that has a very high success rate.  The only catch is that it tends to only work once every month.

The psychic and personal power that drives the spell has to do with your ability to rub your hands and make them as warm as possible so that they are tingling with the anticipation of the money that you will receive in the near future.

You can do this spell at any time.

What you will need for the Candle Money Spell

  • A green candle

How to Cast the Candle Money Spell

Light a green candle and rub your hands quickly together in the smoke of the flame until they feel hot and tingly. Ask the universe for the sum of 500 dollars. This does not work for any other amount, but apparently it works quite fast. Let the candle burn itself out.

The Effects of this Money Spell

The more difficult money spells are particularly cast for helping only people that have serious financial problems. This money spell is designed for making the magical forces delivering luck into you financial path and it does not at all depend on your current financial status.

People get into financial problems due to various numbers of reasons. Some people have been even laid off, whereas others might have medical problems, or were surprised with unexpected bills and expenses. There are many who have gone through financial hardships with no fault of their own. If you fall in any of these categories, then this money spell works best for you. The power of this spell will help in eliminating your problems by offering a steady flow of luck and money into your spiritual path. It is totally safe and secure and does no harm or backfire on you. Money magic can be found in all cultures, in which money is being used as a medium of economic exchange, and has been helping people from all walks of life throughout the last centuries.


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