Spell to Heal a Broken Friendship

This is sympathetic magic.  Two small pink candles, placed on a mirror, burn down and therefore symbolically reverse a bad situation. It is highly effective when you have lost a friend and wish them back.

This is a way of asking forgiveness and also turning back time.

The photograph placed face down on the mirror forces the two of you to look at each other and also to astral look each other in the eye.

For the Friendship Healing Spell You will need:

  • Two pink candles
  • A flat round mirror large enough to hold the candles
  • A picture of the two of you  (out of the frame)

How to Cast the Friendship Spell

Put the picture face down on the mirror so it is reflected in the mirror.  Brace this with two candles on either side of the photo.  You might have to light the candles and melt a bit of wax so it sticks to the mirror.

Light both candles with a lighter and then say the following:

All of this hate

We let it go

You are no longer a stranger

We are no longer in danger

All of this love

It cones back to us

The past is not done

Two is better than one

I forgive you

You forgive me

We are stronger than ever

Let the candles burn down and then bury the stub in a tree in your back yard that is big, strong and that has big roots. Make sure the tree is very close to your home.

4 thoughts on “Spell to Heal a Broken Friendship

  1. Sarah Beth says:

    Well, I’m going to sincerely try this. I’ll post back with the eventual results, after I feel I’ve let fair enough time go by, lest it doesn’t bear fruit. Lord I hope it does.

  2. Tilly Meswald says:

    Hey I have a friend who used to like me and we got on really well but recently I’m not sure what happened? She acts like she doesn’t like me and she doesn’t even want to be around me let alone speak to me? And to be honest I don’t think it even bothers her as she is very happy to air my messages so idk? I just want her to be my friend again and forget what’s made her not like me 🙁 it’s really upsetting so anyway is this the spell for me? Because we still see each other as we are in the same circle at lunches everyday and on group outings? I’m crying now x%tr 😭😭 but yeah we are distanced now but we’re not like estranged so idk. Please recommend x

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