What is Clairvoyance and How does it Work?

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In general, clairvoyance is a collective term with which different forms of perception are summarized. These are often referred to as supernatural. Strictly speaking. However, this term can only be used in connection with people who receive information in the form of visions. A person who is clairvoyant or has clairvoyant abilities receives images that are usually symbolic in character.

This extrasensory or spiritual perception may refer to events that are currently taking place or events of the past and future. In the latter case, one speaks of the so-called precognition. This describes the ability to predict a future event without rational knowledge being available at the time of the foresight.

Many people who have this extraordinary talent use their clairvoyance to help others. If you want to take advantage of this help, you will find numerous offers on the Internet.

Does Clairvoyance really exist?

We already learn in school that humans have five senses that enable us to perceive our surroundings. Our body allows us to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Some also include the sense of balance as a 6th sense. Just like the others, it gives us information about the outside world through which we can orientate and relate to our surroundings. But here, for most people, the spectrum of our sensory perception ends. We generally move everything else to the realm of myths and legends. But is it really that simple?

There are a number of scientifically studied cases in which a person has perceptual abilities that go far beyond our imaginations. There are people whose brains create special cross-connections so that they automatically see colors when they perceive certain smells, sounds, or numbers. Still, others are able to see energy patterns and auras. So the reason why we consider these abilities as “supernatural” or “otherworldly” is not that they do not exist or that we do not know them, but that we know almost nothing about them. In fact, the entire knowledge that our modern science has gained so far on the functioning of the human nervous system can be summarized in just four lessons. However, if you look a bit outside the box and look at the indigenous people of Australia, Papua New Guinea, or Brazil, for example, you can see that people have been using their mental senses as naturally for many millennia as we do our physical ones. To say that clairvoyance is a myth or a form of magic is nothing other than thinking that a light bulb is magic because you have no idea how a circuit works.

What exactly is Clairvoyance?

Like most animals, humans have so-called “psychic” senses in addition to the physical senses. In addition to clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience also belong in this category of senses. The main difference between the physical and the mental senses is that the latter can only perceive what is real and truthful, whereas the physical senses are easily fooled by lies, illusions, and distractions.

Clairvoyance is the ability to visually perceive information that cannot be seen with the normal sense of sight of our eyes. So we can look behind the curtain of the obvious and see the real core, i.e., the soul of things and beings. The way in which we perceive this information through clairvoyance can take very different forms, which vary from person to person. The following three forms can be roughly distinguished in clairvoyance:

Auric Visions

The first and probably the most widespread form of clairvoyance is the so-called “auric vision,” ie, the ability to perceive the energetic bodies of living beings. As long as we live, there is life energy in us that shines outwards. Part of this energy can already be perceived in the form of warmth with our physical senses. Another, such as the electromagnetic radiation from our brain cells and nervous system, can be measured with technical devices. And yet another part lies outside the spectrum that we can already perceive or make visible with physical aids. Auric vision can be thought of as a kind of X-ray vision, with the help of which you can perceive all these energetic frequencies. People who have developed these skills describe their perception as a kind of colorful glow emanating from the beings around them. Once you have opened your eyes to this form of perception, you begin to recognize patterns and relationships from which you can then derive information. So it is similar to the process we go through as children to learn to see. First of all, what we recognize with our eyes is nothing more than bright colors and shapes. Over time, we will recognize them as doors, trees, faces, and TV sets. In the same way, with a little practice, the auric fields become clear information carriers that tell us exactly what is going on in a being when it emits a certain combination of colors.

Soul reading

The second form of clairvoyance is reading the soul. It is more or less as if a kind of television is running in the background, on which you are constantly shown additional information. The good thing is, however, that the TV station only ever shows the information that is currently needed. Otherwise, the flood of information would be overwhelming rather than helpful, since we are connected to omniscience through this form of clairvoyance.

If the clairvoyant has a sufficiently large consciousness or a sufficiently good channel to the soul, the information received is to be regarded as extremely valuable and effective. Energetic blockages, e.g., physical, karmic, emotional, and mental problems, patterns, and beliefs. These complicate your own intuition and can severely impair and distort the clairvoyant result. It is therefore very important for those seeking help to seek out a clairvoyant who has the most direct and intuitive “wire” to the soul.

If the clairvoyant finds a communication channel with his soul due to the question of a person seeking advice, he succeeds in obtaining information of very high quality and meaning for himself and especially others.

Visions and Visual Inspirations

The third form of clairvoyance is visual inspiration and vision, which we often know as daydreams. Here, too, we get information that comes directly from omniscience. The messages that we receive through clairvoyant visions are kept in the same universal language that we encounter in our dreams, as well as in hypnosis and on meditation journeys. Every being who is completely in his consciousness, that is 100% aware of himself, understands this language perfectly. As human beings, however, we are mostly in an unconscious state in which we do not know clearly who or what we actually are.

For this reason, we first have to learn to understand and interpret the visual language again. The easiest way to get started is to first separate it into “comfort” and “discomfort”. Over time, you automatically become more precise and recognize that some pictures or sequences are to be taken literally, while others are symbolic or ensure that certain emotions are triggered in you, which must then be interpreted. Some relate to the past, some to the present moment, and some are visions that show future events.

Although every person basically carries all variants of clairvoyance, there is almost always one that suits you better or worse. It is important to know this, because people are often frustrated when they find it difficult to recognize auras and do not realize that they are already well versed in soul reading, or vice versa. If you succeed in perfecting one or even two or three variants, you will become a seer who will recognize the original, true being next to each being. This is an incredibly great force, but also a great responsibility, which is often initially perceived as a burden. Because you now see every pain, every injury and every robbery of energy, a being has experienced in its past, so that you can see how much its current being differs from its real being. You can probably imagine that this is not always easy to assume in a society in which almost nobody follows his true destiny and each carries certain trauma. But for a healer, this ability is the greatest strength.

Can you learn clairvoyance?

The psychic senses and abilities are as much part of our human nature as our physical senses. So clairvoyance is not a special gift that some people have, and others do not. It is a basic human ability to see, smell, and taste exactly. The only difference is that in most cases we never train this ability and let it die at a very early age. It’s a bit like painting. As long as we are small, there is hardly anyone who can get past a pen and a piece of paper without painting or drawing something. A few of us maintain this enthusiasm and learn new techniques over time until they become gifted artists. Most, however, give up this hobby shortly after they start primary school and almost never start again. If you ask this person at 80 to make a drawing, it still looks like a six-year-old child because they haven’t learned anything in the meantime. It looks even more dramatic with our psychic senses and abilities. We not only let them atrophy; we literally bury them so that as adults, we often cannot even use the small part of it that was already open to us as a child. In relation to the comparison with painting, you could say that we not only stop practicing, we also forget what pens and paper are and, after all, we don’t even believe that they exist at all. In most cases, to learn clairvoyance, we have to start at the beginning and get a feel for what this is all about.

How can I become a clairvoyant?

The main reason why we cannot use our psychic senses or can only use them very little is that we usually have no idea what we have to focus on. So it’s a bit like trying to learn a new language we don’t know a word about yet. All we perceive from the words of the others is an undefined porridge of sounds, where we can find nowhere an approach that helps us further. On the other hand, if we get an approach in the form of a few words, we can focus on it and slowly cluster other words apart, even if we do not yet understand them. Without a focus point, the psychic perceptions mostly do not arrive in our consciousness. But even when they arrive, we usually don’t know what to do with them because we can’t equate them.

You can imagine it in something like wagging your ears. Everyone has muscles at the base of their ears that they can use to move their ears. In most cases, however, this muscle is so little developed that we don’t even have a feeling for how we could tense it. So if we want to learn to wiggle our ears, the first thing we need to do is find the focus point on our head that is responsible for it. Once we have found it, the training begins by concentrating on this point again and again so that you gradually get a feel for it. It is no different from the psychic senses. If we want to use them, we first need to know where they are.

Where is the focal point for clairvoyance?

The focal point for clairvoyance is between the eyebrows, about 1.5 cm above the root of the nose and is often referred to as the third eye. The first step in learning clairvoyance is to focus on this point again and again. Not cramped or strained, but comfortable and relaxed but attentive and present. So focus as much on your third eye as you are concentrating on your ears if you suddenly heard an interesting keyword at the neighboring table and now want to follow the course of the conversation. Your ears will not perceive more than before and you will not hear louder or clearer. But your brain now treats the information coming through your ears from the next table with higher priority and defers other information. As a result, you can now hear the conversation more clearly than before.

This is exactly what you want to achieve with clairvoyance. Mental seeing has been working since you were born, but since you have never devoted your attention to it, the information is classified as unimportant and put behind all others. So first, give your brain the signal that you want to open and use this sensory channel again. Over time, you will notice that you are slowly getting a feel for it and that short, intuitive pictures that occasionally flare up inside you can now be assigned to clairvoyance.

How to Train Clairvoyance?

As with all other skills, clairvoyance needs practice and training. And here too, the first steps are usually the most difficult. So don’t get frustrated or demotivated if nothing happens at first. Imagine you had never moved your arms in your life before and suddenly wanted to become a weight lifter. It will take a while until you are able to lift even the weight of your own arm, not to mention additional dumbbells. It is no different with clairvoyance. Give yourself time and celebrate every little step. If you increase your psychic vision from 0.001% performance to 0.01%, it may not feel like it is much. But it is still a tenfold increase.

Exercises for Reading the Soul

When we communicate with another being, different levels of relationships arise. First of all, there is ourselves, that is, what takes place within us while we communicate with the other. Then there is the other, i.e. what we can perceive in them while we are talking. The third level is the relationship itself, that is what happens between us, or the communication itself. And finally, there is the environment, that is, everything that happens around us while we maintain communication with the other.

On all these levels, we can perceive information via our physical, but also through our mental senses, which enable us to go beyond the veil of the obvious deep into the soul and into the true nature of things or beings. Therefore, pay attention to all levels of relationships during your next meetings and conversations and first of all only observe what you can perceive with your physical senses.

What happens to yourself physically when you meet someone else? How do your muscles behave? Do they relax or tense up? How do your voice, your creativity, your stomach, your concentration, etc. behave? Do you feel strengthened or weakened by the conversation, relaxed or tense, calm or stressed?

Then pay attention to your emotional level: how are you doing with the encounter? Are you pleased, tired, exhausted, bored, amused, interested, etc.?

Then you change the level and focus on the other. What can you see here? Has he just relaxed? Does he feel comfortable? Does his facial expressions and gestures match what he says? Does it feel authentic? Is the other hiding something, or is he really truthful to you?

Then look at the relationship level itself. How much communication is there between you? Is it stagnant or solved? Are there tensions, hidden aggression, hostilities, affections, intentions, or interests? Is there a sexual component?

And finally, you put your focus on the environment. How does your environment react to the communication between you and the other? Do they react at all? How do wind, weather, animals, plants, ambient noise, other people, etc. behave?

From now on, go through these levels in all of your encounters until it feels natural to look at a conversation in this way. Now you can start to combine the levels and pay attention to two, three or all four at the same time. If you do this well, the actual training of clairvoyance and soul reading begins. Now focus on the third eye again and pay attention to what you can perceive apart from the previous information. As soon as you get a feel for it, you can now read in the soul of the other, but also in your own, like in a book. You will notice that after some time you will choose who you want to spend time with and who you don’t want to spend more time with.

What are the advantages of clairvoyance for me?

As I said, learning clairvoyance is not easy and can be a little frustrating, especially at the beginning. It is definitely worth the effort, however, as it will enrich your life in many ways:

Security and clarity

Clairvoyance enables you to recognize the true nature of things and beings. So you immediately recognize whether someone has good or bad intentions towards you, whether their intentions are honest or whether they hide something, whether they are authentic or not. This will make it impossible to lie to you, and so many fears that normally concern us humans will completely disappear. You no longer have to worry about whether someone wants to cheat you, cheat on you, steal from you, or otherwise defraud you. You already know the answer.


Since you always recognize a person’s true intentions, it becomes almost impossible to manipulate yourself or to force yourself on someone else’s will.

Be really helpful

You now know what is needed and what others really need. This way you can now really be helpful and contribute specifically to the lives of others

Energy Levels

You can now see what is good for you and what is not, which means that you are able to use your own energy much better. You will find that you want to intensify and deepen certain relationships while completely breaking off others or keeping them as far away as possible.
Become a healer and creator: The clearer you can see and recognize things, the more you become a healer for yourself and others. This increases your creative power, and you can shape your life in a much more targeted way, as you want it from your soul and from your heart.

Recognize who you really are

The more you can perceive outside, the more you recognize yourself. So you will see more and more clearly who you are and what your life path is. This enables you to become fully yourself, to reach your full potential, to achieve perfect health and bliss, and finally to awaken, that is, the state that is called enlightenment in many cultures.


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