Clairvoyance – What is a Clairvoyant Person?

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Clairvoyance is what is used to describe some one who is a psychic who has the ability to gain and use paranormal senses. It lets you obtain information whether it is about an object, a person or even a location, telling information about the future such as visions which are beyond the normal sensory contact and are gained by psychic experience.

There are many who refer to it as “Remote Viewing” where you gather information from an external physical source. However remote viewing it an actual process that is controlled such as hiding an object while the psychic tells what that object is.

How a Clairvoyant is connected to Spirituality

Clairvoyant information is often random or of visions which is gained by the psychic by visualizing or seeing events happen way beyond the actual sense of physical sight. Although it is slightly similar to telepathy it is quite different as well, where telepathy abilities gain information through people. Clairvoyance is quite phenomenal as the information can come in the form of a vision from a form of communication from one mind to another that is very similar to telepathy or it can be communication from spirits or another dimension. This is why Clairvoyance is strongly connected to spirituality and/or the deep meditation called trance. In Spiritualism it is said that we can communicate with the dead as well as understand and gain knowledge from them such as a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance and Paranormal Beliefs

There are even Religions whose beliefs are closely related to Clairvoyance such as their paranormal and spirituality beliefs. Some say that it is possible for everyone to reach these “planes of wisdom” where you can gain these capabilities, where you will rise above the physical plane and that you can elevate your consciousness where you will be more aware and gain the power of Clairvoyance. Through things such as extensive Yoga, Meditation, prayer and self-discipline it is possible to gain unbelievable abilities, which are replicate to Clairvoyants.

Clairvoyance in History

Through out the ages there have been many people who have supposedly had the ability of Clairvoyance. Kings and nation leaders were said to have received advice and tutu ledge from psychics. They would base entire Kingdom decisions on the visions and information that they received from their prophets such as some which were as simple as when the next rainfall would be all the way to the far more grievous details of going to war. There were Clairvoyants who were doctors or healers who could pin point a person’s disease or illness while they slept or through visions. Even in the 1800s there were recorded cases of Clairvoyant medical practitioners though there were some who were said to have been a fake.  Whether they were called the kings sage, wizards, prophets or oracles they were psychics, which most likely used the extra sensory- psychic ability of clairvoyance, being clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance and Science

However over time the Scientific community did not believe in Clairvoyance, as there has been little to no “evidence” to support its existence. They do not believe in the existence of the paranormal period though there has yet to be a true extensive study on the subject such as is done on other scientific research. In recent surveys and discussion through the Internet it shows that although the basis of the “Scientific Community” does not believe or support there are many who do believe that it is real/ factual or that is highly possible as well as believing that it deserves to be researched and given proper attention. This has been said from College Professors and Natural and Social Scientist all the way to Psychologists and Academics in the arts, humanities and in education.


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