Is Magic Real?

Magic has always been a controversial and touchy subject throughout history, and so practitioners of magic have often had to contend with a very schizophrenic approach to their talents with some regarding them with reverential awe and others with the utmost of contempt. Sometimes this hostility has boiled over into open violence and persecution and even today, in this so called free thinking society of ours, the concept of true freedom of expression is nothing but a cruel joke.

The Art and Science of Magic

Magic is actually the art and science of causing change in conformity with one’s will.  Magic is the skill and practice of using nonlocal causality, and using invisible and abnormal means to encourage causality along certain lines.  There is debate regarding whether or not it is real.

Those who are convinced that magic is real have often either lived in a culture or subculture where it is used or else have studied it and tried it and perceived that it was at least as effective as weather prediction.  One of the most difficult aspect of determining whether or not magic is real is that the way that is operates seems to less than 100% consistency.  In that respect it is more like computers, female orgasms, and weather prediction: it works, but not all the time.  As yet, there is no complete well known explanation for why it does not always work.

However, the inconsistency of it has always contributed to why many people do not think magic is real.  Many people view magic as ‘soft thinking’ and as means through which people confuse their awareness of how cause and effect work together and draw the wrong conclusion that some ritual they did has yielded results.  Nonbelievers view this simply as error.  Such things may be attributed to anything ranging from pure stupidity, or to lack of knowledge about how the world really works. Those who do not believe in magic, believe that any effects are the result of trickery or of “psyching out” others – that is, psychologically manipulating other people.

Is Magic Real for You?

Whether magic is real or not is only a question that each person can only ever answer for themselves. Put simply, if you do not have any belief or faith in the concept of magic, or have reservations that magic does indeed exist, then the chances are that you are not going to actively pursue it by taking the time and energy to study textbooks and rituals concerning it.

If on the other-hand you have an open mind are at least open to the idea that magic is indeed a tangible force in the world that we live in, then yes, it is real.

Is there any Proof that Magic exists?

Sadly, whilst it would seem that everyone has an opinion on magic, it would seem that in terms of actual factual content such as proof of magic events that have not been subsequently dismissed as pure fantasy are woefully short.

However, a counter argument to this which is often cited by practitioners involved with magic is that true practitioners who are genuinely able to use and rely upon magic do not broadcast their abilities because they are concerned about reprisals. These attacks may come from people who believe that any form of magic activity is to break bread with the devil, or even from jealous practitioners who want to demand the secrets of magic from such people.

When we consider some of the horrific atrocities that magic casters have had to contend with over the years it is hardly surprising then that people are more than reluctant to actually express that they can indeed perform magic.  It was only 60 years ago in Nazi Germany that people who claimed to be able to perform magic were then summarily arrested in the dead of night and then brutalized in the concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau.

Some of them were considered to be novel oddities by the Nazis and so the Nazis in their perverse fascination with the occult even tortured some magic practitioners to determine whether they were telling the truth about their abilities.

Real Magic and the Media

Sadly, the idea of magic has been diluted in recent times thanks to the direct interference of the media. With films such as Harry Potter, where magic is a key aspect of the success of the book has meant that magic is not considered as a serious art. Indeed, now it would seem that the world regards magic casters as little more than petulant fantasists who obviously have a few screws missing.

Is magic real? As real as you make it.


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