Sun Signs in Astrology

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If you have ever been asked the simple question “What is your Zodiac Sign?” and you told them, well I’m a “so and so” then you have already come in contact with your Sun Sign.

The Sun Sign also known as the Zodiac Sign is what the majority of all horoscopes are based on today. There are twelve signs all of which will help describe your personality traits as well as your basic nature throughout your life span. It is your true self, the inner energy that shines from the depths of your soul.

The Meaning of Your Sun Sign

Since the sun is a star the center of our solar system, a sun sign is basically describing your ultimate center self. A sun Sign will help make clear certain attributes and traits that may have been unclear to you.

It will help show you what you are powerful in or what you are dexterous at, your vitals in life. It tells what kind of person you are whether you are a stable Earth sign such as a Taurus or if you are an unpredictable Water sign such as an Aquarius. Sun signs can help discover advantages that can help you move forward in life and advance your careers. You can play off of your positive feats and traits so you can achieve and succeed. Or you can find out your disadvantages and possible weaknesses that will help you grow as a person and confront certain demons. The Sun sign will show how your ego will evolve in all aspects and how it will learn and grow through experiences.

Recently the Sun signs have gained massive media attention as it has become quite popular for people to learn about their sun signs. Most people know of the Zodiac (Sun Signs) by the time they are in their teen years if not sooner but due to the recent fad in astrology, especially with the Zodiac it is not uncommon for parents to teach their young all about their signs.

The Compatibilities of Sun Signs

Another thing signs do that many are interested in hearing about are the fact that they help with finding a suitable mate. Each Sun Sign has its compatibility of what signs work best and click with each other. Each sign is different and so it handles things differently. With relationships, signs can help you to better understand all of those around you whether it is a feisty boss, a friendly coworker, your sister or a love interest. Who doesn’t want to know as much as they possibly can about the people they care about? It can help your intimate relationships by knowing how certain signs will interact with one another, how they will spark or clash with each other. It could even save you a lot of time or stop certain heartbreak from occurring. Sun Signs are an ultimate clue giver for understanding the opposite sex. The sun describes your basic nature, of who and what you are as you learn more about astrology and the signs you begin to find out more about yourself that you even imagined. It is a wonderful and awe-inspiring thing to learn more about yourself when you thought you knew every nick and cranny that there was to know. It is kind of creepy when you think about it.

Sun Sign Dates

  • Aries – March 19th to April 18th
  • Taurus – 18th to May 19th
  • Gemini – May 20th to June 19th
  • Cancer – June 20th to July 21st
  • Leo – July 22nd to August 21st
  • Virgo – August 22nd to September 21st
  • Libra – September 22nd to October 21st
  • Scorpio – October 22nd to November 20th
  • Sagittarius – November 21st to December 20th
  • Capricorn – December 21st to January 18th
  • Aquarius – January 21st to February 18th
  • Pisces – February 18th to March 18th


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