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Meaning Zodiac Sign

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If you have ever been asked the simple question “What is your Zodiac Sign?” and you told them, well, I’m a “so and so” then you have already come in contact with your Sun Sign.

The Sun Sign, also known as the Zodiac Sign, is what the majority of all horoscopes are based on today. There are twelve signs, all of which will help describe your personality traits as well as your fundamental nature throughout your life span. It is your true self, the inner energy that shines from the depths of your soul.

The Meaning of Your Sun Sign

Since the sun is the center of our solar system, a sun sign is basically describing your ultimate center self. A sun Sign will help make clear certain attributes and traits that may have been unclear to you.

It will help show you what you are powerful in or what you are dexterous at, your vitals in life. It tells what kind of person you are, whether you are a stable Earth sign such as a Taurus or if you are an unpredictable Water sign such as an Aquarius. Sun signs can help discover advantages that can help you move forward in life and advance your careers. You can play off of your positive feats and traits so you can achieve and succeed. Or you can find out your disadvantages and possible weaknesses that will help you grow as a person and confront certain demons. The Sun sign will show how your ego will evolve in all aspects and how it will learn and grow through experiences.

Recently the Sun signs have gained massive media attention as it has become quite popular for people to learn about their sun signs. Most people know of the Zodiac (Sun Signs) by the time they are in their teen years, if not sooner but due to the recent fad in astrology, especially with the Zodiac, it is not uncommon for parents to teach their young all about their signs.

The Sun Signs


Aries Sun Sign

  • Planets: Mars and Pluto
  • Element: Fire
  • Day of the week: Tuesday
  • Lucky stones: diamond, ruby, red jasper, amethyst
  • Colors: red, orange
  • Flowers: Carnation, poppy, tulip, gorse
  • Metals: Iron
  • Animals: Wolf, chicken

The Aries has a lot of strength and energy and is always ready to take the initiative. He is intuitive and dynamic and sometimes acts rashly, which can lead to severe misjudgments.

As the first sign of the zodiac, it symbolizes spring and thus embodies energy, impulsiveness, independence, and courage. The Aries is often accused of self-centeredness. But they can also be very romantic and yearn for affection and confirmation. In business life, as well as privately, Aries tends to take leadership positions. The professions most suitable for Aries are Designers, representatives, writers, lawyers, politicians, and actors, and all the occupations that require a great deal of responsibility and offer an extraordinary life.

The Aries are the liveliest of all the signs of the zodiac, they often do sports to relax and to let their energy run free. Sometimes they have a violent and somewhat brutal expression. They show their feelings of love fervently but don’t count on the Aries to be loyal. Aries love adventure and speed. Order is not their strength, neither at home nor at work. The fascinating thing about this sign is its unpredictability, which can manifest itself through both aggressiveness and touching weakness.

How to Seduce a Male Aries

The Aries man does not like to be under pressure and prefers to take the initiative himself. Let yourself be conquered! If you are intelligent, different, and exciting, then you are made for him. Be honest and loving to him, and he will never leave you. Tip: if you invite him over for dinner, cook him a meat dish.

How to Seduce a Female Aries

If you are sporty, strong, and determined, then you are a perfect match for a female Aries. She is a strong and determined woman, but loves to feel cared for and protected. Shower her with gifts, and she will stay with you. Tip: Let her choose the restaurant on the first night.



  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Day of the week: Friday
  • Lucky stones: Emerald, sapphire, turquoise
  • Colors: pink, bright green
  • Flowers: rose, peach flower, lily, hyacinth
  • Metals: copper
  • Animals: bull, seal

The Taurus embodies art, beauty in general, and strength (not just physical). They are habitual and realists, in life as well as in love and attach great importance to emotional and material security, for which they are ready to use all their skills: perseverance, calm, patience, and practical intelligence.

Taurus rarely lose control, but if they get upset, violent outbreaks can occur. It is therefore important for them to find the right partner. In love, the Taurus-born are devoted, constant, and by no means reckless. The ideal professions for the Taurus are interior designer, teacher, cook, and all nature-related work. Of all the signs of the zodiac, the Taurus needs the most rest and relaxation, but of course only after the desired goal has been reached.

How to Seduce a Male Taurus

You shouldn’t be in a hurry or impetuous with him, because he needs time to consider whether he is dealing with the right person. The secret to winning him over is to pamper yourself like a good friend. If you want to invite him to dinner, don’t forget to cook generous portions, because he is a great eater. Tip: Seduce him with romantic music and candlelight

How to Seduce a Female Aries

If you are a determined and patient type, you are right for her. The Taurus woman is jealous, extraordinary, and fascinating; she likes to be adored and courted. She has a weakness for perfume, give her the best you can get, and don’t forget to put a few drops on yourself on the first date because her sense of smell will get her on the right track. Tip: Don’t invite her to a tennis game or a walk, because she is quite sluggish!!!


Sun Sign Gemini

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Day of the week: Wednesday
  • Lucky stones: Magnetic ironstone, opal, agate
  • Colors: Blue, gray
  • Flowers: Daisy, forget-me-not
  • Metals: Mercury
  • Animals: Parrot, monkey, squirrel

The typical astrology properties of this zodiac sign are its dualism and ambiguity. Geminis are carefree, fascinating, intelligent, active, but sometimes also pessimistic and somewhat apathetic. Their great versatility, which sets them apart from other zodiac signs, can sometimes have negative effects; for example, they have difficulty attaching themselves to things, activities, or people for a long time.

They can be very witty and imaginative lovers, but their striving for freedom and independence is always very strong. The Gemini-born are particularly impatient and often change their interests. Their need to get to know everything immediately and their ability to adapt to any situation is very great. They love crossword puzzles, travel, are sociable, and like to be outdoors. The best professions are politicians, managers, merchants, and lawyers.

How to Seduce a Male Gemini

The Gemini man is a restless and freedom-loving guy. His ideal partner should understand how to share his numerous interests, but at the same time, never give him the feeling of being restricted. He is an excellent lover and, of course, never boring. Seduce him with a candlelight dinner and use ingredients that are as original and unusual as he is. Tip: To impress him immediately, put on your garter belt!

How to Seduce a Female Gemini

The Gemini woman is brilliant, sporty, educated, dynamic, and personable. If you can offer her something new every time, then you are made for her. Since she is very independent and loves freedom, marriage is the last thing that would come to mind. The Gemini woman loves exotic food and sparkling wine. Tip: invite her on a motorcycle tour.


Sun Sign Cancer

  • Planet: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Day of the week: Monday
  • Lucky stones: Pearl, emerald, opal
  • Colors: Gray, silver, white
  • Flowers: Lily, jasmine, gardenias
  • Metals: Silver
  • Animals: Swan, cat, rabbit

The moon influences the capricious character of cancer, which oscillates between displeasure and cheerfulness through constant ups and downs. Cancer-born are warm-hearted, moody, mysterious, imaginative, and also very good observers.

They love luxury, travel, big houses (decorated with antique and unusual objects), traditions, and the past. They are often afraid of the unknown and the new and are afraid of the future. Cancers are very peace-loving and hate all kinds of violence. They can be extremely shy, possessive, and romantic and tend to be very attached to the people they love. The suitable professions for Cancers are interior designer, lawyer, cook, and caretaker.

How to Seduce a Male Cancer

The cancer man can be sensitive, romantic, and protective, but sometimes also grouchy and moody. When you show yourself from your gentle and cuddly side, the male Cancer melts away. He loves concerts and candlelight dinners. Tip: do not contradict him because he is very sensitive.

How to Seduce a Female Cancer

The cancer woman is extremely tasteful and well-read, sensitive, and dreamy. She prefers social engagement to a sophisticated life. She cannot stand vulgarities and loves children, is extremely vulnerable, and, therefore difficult to conquer. She loves to be showered with gifts, flowers, and attention. Tip: If you fondle her tenderly, she will purr like a cat!


Leo Zodiac Sign

  • Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Day of the week: Sunday
  • Lucky stones: ruby, diamond
  • Colors: red, yellow, orange
  • Flowers: sunflower, mimosa
  • Metals: gold
  • Animals: dog, panther, canary

Zodiac sign of pride and strength. The Leo-born are independent, freedom-loving, domineering, active, passionate, and very generous. Sometimes, however, they have too much self-confidence and could benefit from a little more modesty and caution.

As good optimists, they have the ability to learn from their defeats. Due to their determined character, they are highly valued by their working environment and can easily work in various areas, as long as they are at the top! You often see them in professions like actors, diplomats, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. They strive for luxury, wealth, and a sophisticated life and hate mediocrity. Lions love with passion and would give their last shirt for the chosen person.

How to Seduce a Male Leo

The lion is ambitious and self-centered but never selfish. He has a weakness for wealth and likes to share it with his partner. In order to conquer him, you should let him understand how much you value his values and virtues. The woman who wants to have a lion man at her side, like himself, must have a sense of luxury and elegance. He is a demanding but also a very passionate lover. Tip: talk to him about him!

How to Seduce a Female Leo

To conquer a lion woman is like courting a queen. This zodiac sign exudes grace and elegance, but also something awe-inspiring. According to her love horoscope, romance also plays an important role. With a date, however, you have to make an effort to impress a Leo woman. It should be a little more and a little more expensive. Tip: If you find the right location like a cozy but luxurious restaurant, for example, in an old mansion or a 4-star restaurant, then the proud lioness will quickly become a cuddly kitten.


Virgo Zodiac Sign

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Day of the week: Wednesday
  • Lucky stones: sapphire, emerald, topaz
  • Colors: white, yellow, green, olive green
  • Flowers: verbena, hyacinth
  • Metals: mercury
  • Animals: dog, swallow

The Virgo is precise, petty, efficient, serious, and reasonable. In general, they value money, and although they prefer to live without restrictions, they are against lavish behavior. They love their home, attach great importance to furnishings, and their orderliness sometimes borders on mania. Virgos need a lot of praise because they are very insecure.

In their work environment, they are often highly valued for their outstanding intelligence. The professions best suited for the Virgo are technicians, teachers, editors, chemists, analysts. The Virgos have a great need for love and believe in friendship, even if they sometimes find it difficult to engage in longer relationships because of their introverted and reserved nature.

How to Seduce a Male Virgo

The virgin man is serious and strict. He prefers quiet, calm, simple, and intelligent partners. He is conquered with gentleness, wit, and patience. Let him understand that you need him. Tip: He has a weakness for elegant clothing and prefers discreet colors.

How to Seduce a Female Virgo

The Virgo woman is elegant, beautiful, reasonable, and serious. It takes time and consistency to conquer her, but it is definitely worth it. She loves intelligent conversations and serious, sincere love relationships. Tip: invite him to a classical concert on the first date.


Libra Zodiac Sign

  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Day of the week: Friday
  • Lucky stones: Coral, diamond, sapphire, jade
  • Colors: Rose, sky blue, brown
  • Flowers: Lily, rose, narcissus, gardenia
  • Metals: Copper
  • Animals: Pigeon, nightingale

Libras have a sense of beauty and elegance, they cannot stand arguments, but they have a reasonable and impartial judgment on every subject. They are personable, friendly, balanced, neat, and very receptive.

When they feel attacked, they tend to be depressed and feel defeated. They love professions that give them plenty of freedom: designers, antique dealers, car dealers, freelancers. For them, friendships and honest love are essential. For true love, they don’t mind taking long trips to make a long-distance relationship work. The Libras are possessive and loyal and detest worthless discussions and vulgarity.

How to Seduce a Male Libra

The Libra man is sensitive, elegant, and fascinating. He thinks a lot about himself and likes to be adored and pampered. With him, you can dare to take the first step to break the ice. The Libra man attaches great importance to having an intelligent woman at his side who frees him from the worries of everyday life. Tip: Pay attention to careful eye makeup!

How to Seduce a Female Libra

The Libra woman is elegant, feminine, fun-loving, and tender. If you want to conquer her, it’s best to shower her with expensive and refined gifts. In order not to lose her again, you have to show a lot of tenderness and attention. Tip: Send her flowers and love letters


Scorpio Zodiac Sign

  • Planet: Mars
  • Element: Water
  • Day of the week: Tuesday
  • Lucky stones: coral, ruby, carnelian, jade
  • Colors: black, ocher yellow, violet
  • Flowers: orchid, gardenia, dahlia
  • Metals: iron, platinum
  • Animals: mole, snake, dormouse

The Scorpio has an extremely versatile and contradictory character. They are profound, serious, authoritarian, jealous, and possessive. Due to their unique intuition, they immediately recognize the weak points of others.

Scorpio-borns are sometimes cool, introverted, polemical, and capricious, but virtue, strength, and great willingness to help are often hidden under their rough shell. Scorpios are not afraid and do not shy away from anything.

How to Seduce a Male Scorpio

The Scorpio man has a changeable, violent, but also very passionate character. Only a determined woman can conquer him. As a rule, he hides his feelings and hates ornamentation. Tip: Don’t make it too easy for him!

How to Seduce a Female Scorpio

The Scorpio woman is proud, intelligent, polemical, and passionate. She needs a man with a lot of passion and intense feelings. Being with her is not easy, but if you leave the rules of the game to her and shower her with flowers and gifts, she will meet you with enthusiasm and warmth. Tip: Don’t give her any reason to be jealous.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Day of the week: Thursday
  • Lucky stones: diamond, lapis lazuli, turquoise, sapphire
  • Colors: blue, purple, yellow, green
  • Flowers: carnation, daisy, iris
  • Metals: tin
  • Animals: horse, deer, peacock, swan

The Sagittariuses are loyal, happy, honest, and frank. They believe in the future and progress, love travel, animals, and walks in the fresh air. They are not easily thrown off the rails by difficulties, they are very spiritual and extremely curious.

Sagittariuses choose honest and sincere friends and lovers who do not deprive them of their freedom. They are the best friends you can have. The female Sagitarrius loves her home, the garden, and her family. The suitable professions are judges, scientists, tourist guides, and tour guides.

How to Seduce a Male Sagittarius

The Sagittarius man is committed, athletic, and sincere. He loves good food, company, and elegant and extravagant clothes. Tip: Invite him on a road trip.

How to Seduce a Female Sagittarius

The Sagittarius woman is happy, optimistic, active, but sometimes a bit moody. She has great organizational talent, is not influenced by other people’s opinions, and loves her own freedom. She is looking for a man who will make her laugh and make her happy without showing any macho flair. Tip: Don’t show her jealousy.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign

  • Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Day of the week: Saturday
  • Lucky stones: amber, onyx, sapphire, quartz
  • Colors: yellow, brown, black, blue
  • Flowers: gardenia, usury flower, violet, narcissus
  • Metals: lead
  • Animals: crocodile, sheep, red goblet

The Capricorn is ambitious, determined, cool, and melancholic. They are tireless workers who like to sacrifice themselves and do not shy away from any effort. The Capricorn-born are planning their way with great care and patience. In order to achieve their goal, they are ready for anything and can do without the help of others. They are closed and introverted, but sometimes they have sudden bursts of impulsiveness.

Their main astrology traits are their shyness and insecurity, which they can only overcome if they feel loved and valued by everyone. The suitable professions for Capricorns are politicians, entrepreneurs, insurance agents, real estate agents, and bank employees. The Capricorn-born are serious, steadfast, and faithful in love, but not very talkative.

How to Seduce a Male Capricorn

The Capricorn man is addicted to glory, picky, and careful. It is certainly not an easy task to conquer him, but once you get his attention, it will be a loyal companion for life. Tip: call him often.

How to Seduce a Female Capricorn

The Capricorn woman is wise, strong, reliable, careful, reserved, and closed. It is not easy to win their trust and love. She is sophisticated, intelligent, and educated and appreciates men who make her laugh. She prefers extravagant and original places to the usual club and bar. Tip: Give her an admission ticket for her team.


Aquarius Zodiac Sign

  • Planet: Saturn, Uranus
  • Element: Air
  • Day of the week: Saturday
  • Lucky stones: Amber, onyx, zircon
  • Colors: Green, black, blue
  • Flowers: Azalea, hydrangea, poppy
  • Metals: Lead
  • Animals: Owl, raven, eel

The Aquarians are honest, selfless, freedom-loving, and active. Usually rather calm, they are temporarily nervous and tense. Because they place high demands on their fellow human beings, they often experience disappointments and are very forgiving.

Aquarians are vain, love compliments, and like to be admired; they leave nothing to chance. They are intuitive, imaginative, and critical. They are witty, pleasant friends and passionate lovers. They are interested in many things and are full of creative ideas. The suitable professions for Aquarius are poet, astronomer, player, pilot, and smith.

How to Seduce a Male Aquarius

The Aquarius man is witty, independent, and full of zest for action. It is relatively easy to seduce him, but all the more difficult to hold. You can’t keep him away from your friends, and you have to give him the necessary freedom. He likes luxury, is open to new things, and always brings momentum to the relationship. Tip: Make sure you always dress fashionably.

How to Seduce a Female Aquarius

The Aquarius woman is personable, curious, modern and open to new things. She is interested in culture and likes to travel. She is always ready to help others and try new things. The right man for her is witty, tolerant and educated. She is wonderful, but you cannot restrict her, because she is essentially an unbound woman. Tip: give her flowers, she likes them!


Pisces Zodiac Signs

  • Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
  • Element: Water
  • Day of the week: Thursday
  • Lucky stones: Pink coral, turquoise, aquamarine
  • Colors: Purple, gray, blue
  • Flowers: Iris, jasmine, Lily
  • Metals: Tin
  • Animals: Elephant, dolphin, dog

Pisces are sensitive, patient, gentle and tolerant. Sometimes, however, they can become resentful and unfaithful. It is characterized by a multi-layered character, great imagination and an extraordinary ability to learn.

They are undecided and they don’t have great organizational talent, they prefer to work and live under guidance. The typical professions are soccer players, nurses, mediums, mechanic, and photographers. They are spiritually and artistically talented. Since they are very reserved, it is not easy to get to know them and really understand them. True and lasting friendship and love are extremely important values to them.

How to Seduce a Male Pisces

The Pisces Man is idealistic, complicated, romantic, unpredictable but also resentful and sensitive: he should be given love and attention. His ideal wife must be able to take the initiative. Let him understand that you have a sense of order and accuracy and are passionate about art. Tip: do not touch his things, he is very jealous.

How to Seduce a Female Pisces

The Pisces woman is feminine, romantic, gentle and fragile. She manages to make her partner understand that he is the most important man in the world. You should flatter her, caress her and listen to her, otherwise, she will suffer and tend to be depressed. Her ideal man is strong and powerful. Tip: talk to her a lot.

The Compatibilities of Sun Signs

Another subject many are interested in hearing about is the fact that the Zodiac Signs can be used to check the compatibility with a potential lover, friend, or partner. Each Sun Sign has its compatibility of what signs match best with each other. With relationships, the zodiac signs can help you to understand all of those around you better, whether it is a feisty boss, a friendly coworker, your sister, or a love interest.

With twelve zodiac signs, there are 144 possible combinations. If one also includes the ascendants, the matter quickly becomes very confusing. In many situations, it is essential to know what makes the other person tick. From romantic interests to friendship to professional partnership: who gets along with whom?

Who doesn’t want to know as much as they possibly can about the people they care about? It can help your intimate relationships by understanding how certain signs will interact with one another, how they will spark, or clash with each other. It could even save you a lot of time and stop inevitable heartbreak from occurring. Sun Signs are an ultimate clue giver for understanding the opposite sex. The sun describes your fundamental nature, of who and what you are. As you learn more about astrology and the signs, you begin to find out more about yourself than you ever imagined.

Compatibility Zodiac Signs Infographic

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