How to Make Spells Work – Casting successful spells

How to Make Spells Work

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Do you want to be successful in spell casting and make your spells work? I will show you how!

Magic is a field that triggers a lot of bad feelings in those that are uneducated and inexperienced in the field of the metaphysical realm. Those that do not practice it tend to look at those who do with a feeling of skepticism, and people are often ridiculed for their belief in spells and magic.

I will show you the steps you need to take to make your spells work. In this article, I explain in detail how spells work, why they work, and what you need to do to make them work.

Why Do Spells Work?

Spell casting and magic, in general, is a complex art. It draws on forces and power from the cosmos that can be harnessed for magical spells and rituals. This is abundantly complicated; therefore, a lot of dedication is required to cast spells and perform rituals properly.

Spells work because a skilled practitioner can harness these cosmic forces to achieve their goals. They know how to build up strong magical energy through visualization and meditation. Magical objects and materials such as candles, oils, and herbs can help the practitioner harness even more energy and gain better results. The possibilities for spells and rituals are almost endless. They can help you find love, feel happier, heal illnesses, and everything else in between.

A vast amount of knowledge about magic items and disciplines will also be available in this article and the other articles on our website. They help you gain a more robust understanding of all topics related to practicing magic.


Why Can Spells Go Wrong?

Due to the complexity and difficulty of magic, there are, of course, several ways that spells can go wrong. It is common for those newly entering the field of magic to make mistakes, causing the spells not to work correctly or with the expected results.

A couple of factors can affect the way a spell works and the general success rates of spell casting. This article goes into more detail on each of the factors, but for now, here is a basic outline of each aspect.

  • Timing and the Correct Moon Phases – Many spells become more powerful or even only become effective at a particular time in the lunar month. You must pay attention to the timing of your spells and select the best moon phase for your ritual.
  • The Proper Spell – Many spells are absolutely useless, and some don’t even work. Research and practice to find which one is best for you. Our website is a good starting point. We offer many free spells and also teach you how to write your own spells.
  • Materials and Ingredients – A spell will not work if you have not selected the correct materials. Always ensure you have everything you need before starting.
  • State of Mind/Mental Condition – If the person casting the spell isn’t feeling in the right frame of mind, their energies will not be appropriately focused.
  • Experience – Someone new to magic will not be as powerful as someone who has been practicing for years.
  • Building Up Magical Energy – A spell caster who has built up excess magical energy will have more powerful spells than someone utterly devoid of build-up.
  • Belief in the Magic – Unless you believe it will work, it won’t.
  • Will of the Universe – The magic practitioner only has a certain degree of control. The universe has complete control.

Magic is a complex and challenging art to master. There are some limiting factors that you must take into account when you are conjuring that perfect spell. Delve further into this website to find exactly what you need to do to become the best practitioner you can be!


Finding and Selecting the Best Spell

Find the best Spell

There are spells all over the Internet. Half an hour or so on Google would easily allow you to get hold of hundreds of different spells for almost any purpose that you could possibly want. The task, however, is to wade through all the useless and ineffective rituals put online to find the spells that actually work.

Wishbonix is a beacon for authentic spells and witchcraft, and I highly recommend that you look at our extensive library of rituals we have created for you.

The Importance of Picking the Right Spell

If you don’t pick the right spell, nothing will happen, and all of the planning you will have gone through to get it set up will end up having been for nothing. Some people are mean enough to put spells online, knowing well that they don’t work. This can be an absolute nightmare for beginning practitioners as they rely on truthful information.

Although, this isn’t to say that any spell that doesn’t work is a useless one. Some spells don’t work for certain people but can go brilliantly for others. Not every spell is universally effective or ineffective to absolutely every single person. There is a variation based on the individual involved.


Even Authentic Spells can Fail

Also, the fact that a spell hasn’t worked for you the first time you do it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad spell or will never work for you. It could just mean that your state of mind was wrong or that you hadn’t set up the materials in precisely the right way that the spell required. It could also mean that the spell hasn’t kicked in yet as per the will of the universe. I will get to this later in this article.

I advise you to write down every spell you do and record in your grimoire whether or not it worked. This means that when you encounter spells, you can see whether they are ones you have done before and whether they worked in the end. You can also see if there are any subtle differences between the new spell and the one you had done before. These differences could be the difference between whether the spell works or not. As with many things to do with the spiritual realm, trial and error is often the only way to decide what is best.


Finding your favorite Spell Casting Technique

It is quite literally a case of going through as many different spell techniques as you can find until you find methods and spells that seem to work well for you. As I have repeatedly stressed, magic is a very personal art that varies hugely between people. Someone may write a spell because it is a method that works for them perfectly but find that it is of no use to anyone else. That doesn’t make the spell useless. It just means that it is personal to that one spell caster. This is not an unusual phenomenon at all.

To conclude, the choice of a spell is a hugely important factor for any spell caster to consider. Books and websites will bombard you with information about “the best spells and the best times to perform them,” but at the end of the day, what you are comfortable with is the most important thing. It is your spell, and you are the only one who truly knows what you are able to do. So get researching and immerse yourself in the world of magic, trying as many spells as possible, and soon you will find the best way to perform your magic.


Materials and Supplies for Spells

Ingredients and Materials

When people complain of spells not working, despite their best efforts, one of the most common mistakes lies in not having all the materials, ingredients, and supplies prepared in the required way.

You could need many items for your spell to work correctly, including candles, herbs, incense, crystals, and oils. The items required will vary depending on the type of spell you are doing and how complicated the particular ritual is. As a general rule, a more complex and intricate spell will necessitate more equipment than a simple one.

Harnessing the Energy of the Materials

The materials are integral to a spell working as they generate a sizable amount of the energy required. For example, an oil’s scent can help harness energies to separate the conscious mind and the subconscious. This allows you to tap into the power of the subconscious mind, making your spell casting more potent than it would be without its influence.

Knowledge of the materials you are using is of paramount importance if you want to be able to pick the right one for the job. Specific colors of candles, for instance, have different properties and therefore apply to only certain spells. If you don’t know which candle to use, then you aren’t going to get the spell to turn out right. It is that simple.


Materials and Supplies you should use

Some examples of materials and objects that you may have to understand for use in magic spells are found below. For further information, visit their respective sections on this website, where you can find more comprehensive information and diagrams.


These have powers that vary based on color. A particular color is best for use in a specific kind of spell as they each have a different type of vibration. An example is that green candles would be helpful for a money-based spell.

Herbs and Plants

Each herb or plant has its own specific value for those who practice magick. Choosing the correct one that has the power you want is vital. For example, Dill is a herb useful for love and lust-based spell casting.


As with herbs, every oil has a different energy you can use for your spell. For success, the oil chosen is the one with the most suitable power for the specific intent and goal. For example, Sweet Pea oil is beneficial for increasing confidence ahead of important occasions requiring high mental awareness levels.


Incense symbolizes the element of air and will assist you in drawing in greater energy towards the magic to be performed. Incense is pivotal in spell casting and is employed to drive away evil spirits and bring in luck and positive energy.


By using crystals, the energy gets focused to a point providing greater power to the spell. Practitioners believe that spells cast using crystals will be more potent than those rituals that do not enjoy their graceful presence.

To summarize, magical tools, ingredients, and supplies are crucial for casting successful spells. There is a wide variety to choose from, and only you can decide which combination works best for you. However, there are guidelines you can follow, as set out in the various article on our website and published books you can acquire.

Without suitable materials, a spell does not work even half as powerfully as it could. Thus, choosing the right materials is essential to get the most out of your spell.


Building up magical Energy

Build up magical energy

Magical energy is, of course, necessary in performing spells and rituals. It is the energy you have managed to accumulate and build up through various techniques and practices.

The more energy you can gather and build up, the more potent your spells will be. The rituals vary based on your particular beliefs. Some use visualization, meditation, spells, deities, or pentagrams to strengthen their abilities, but that is by no means the only way to achieve extra strength and potency behind your magic.


Finding your Personal Preferences

Any method that works for you to build magical energy can only be a good thing. Try various techniques and rituals to see what works best for you and is most comfortable. As with spells, there is no set way to build up magical energy, so it is up to you which method you prefer to use.

Do some research around ways in which to gather magical power into yourself. You can only find out the best method by trying as many different techniques as possible. No one can tell you what to do as it is entirely a personal choice, and a way that does absolute wonders for one person may have absolutely no effect on someone else. Trial and error is the only way that this can work effectively.


Consequences of the Lack of Energy

A lack of magical energy is a common reason for spells going wrong and not working. As with many of these complaints, it is often a case of not experimenting enough to see which method helps to increase the power the most. When you eventually find the proper ritual for you, you should repeat it regularly to get good at it and learn how to build up as much energy as possible. The more you repeat the ritual, the more magical energy you can store. It is akin to when you exercise, making your more powerful over time, capable of dealing with more blood. In the same way, you are training yourself to cope with more magical energy over time.


Magical energy increases the potency

A correctly done magical energy boost ritual can improve both the potency and strength of your spells and hexes. Still, it can also enhance your general quality of life by welcoming positive energies into your body and quashing negative feelings. It is similar to meditating in that it helps cleanse the mind of some of the more negative and unwanted emotions that can inhibit the power of spells. If you are thinking negative thoughts, then positive spells will not work out as well as they should for you.

This is why improving and boosting your levels of magical energy is a crucial discipline to master. It can help you become a lot better at casting spells in general while also making you happier and more driven as a person. There are no bad points to it, so you may as well throw yourself at it completely and see what it can do for you. It helps almost everyone else, so there is no reason why you should not give it a go and see if it can help you.


Your Mental Condition and Your Belief

Ever since magic was first practiced, positive thinking and belief have been essential elements of successful magical spell work, and they continue to be equally important in modern times.

For any spell to work, it also requires a level of belief. If you don’t think what you are doing will work, how do you think it will ever work? If you doubt yourself, you are not correctly channeling all of your positive energies. You may even attract negative energies that inhibit your power and make the spell less likely to turn out successfully.

Belief in what you are doing is undoubtedly one of the more important aspects of magic. Basically, if you don’t believe in what you are doing, there is no chance of it turning out the way you want it to.

Please also read this article, it explains the importance of Belief and Positive Thinking more profoundly.


Experience of the Spell Caster

Experience of Spell Caster

Experience is a paramount quality when doing any activity. The old adage is that “practice makes perfect,” meaning that more experience in a field means you can perform the task more effectively. The more someone new to a field works within it, the better they will become at their task. It’s simple logic, but it’s true.

This is why people who have worked with magic for an extended period of time are almost invariably better at it than someone who has only just begun to work with it.


Misconceptions about Magic

Magic is certainly not an exception to this rule. A common misconception of those new to magic and witchcraft is that a spell should work the first time they do it. Beginners need to understand that they just don’t have the full knowledge and the ability to build up potent energy compared to those performing magic for years.

Unless someone has been studying magic and the occult for a long time and has a certain level of experience performing spells, their magic will not be particularly strong, and their spells may even fail. However, failing is how human beings learn to do things right, and only through mistakes can we learn how to do things correctly next time. That’s why you need to continue and cast as many spells as possible.

Those who only dabble in magic are not likely to find that their attempts at spell casting are successful. They may even get hurt, particularly when casting complex spells and rituals. This can be even more dangerous if the person is attempting advanced black magic, as the results of incorrect black magic can be catastrophic for an unknowledgeable person dabbling with it.

Knowledge is Power – Even in Magic

It is helpful to read up on as much information about magic, and the occult as possible, as this will give you the valuable expertise you need. The more you know about how magic works and how it won’t work, the more likely you are to be able to cast a spell that works in the way you want it to. Experience breeds success in this instance, and acquiring more knowledge is never a downside.

Aside from reading up, the best way to learn is by actually doing spells. The only way you will ever find your strengths is by trying various ways of doing things. In terms of magic, try various spells at different times and use a diverse range of objects and materials to see which works best for you personally.


Trust in your Abilities

Most people do magic based on their personal experience, not what they read in books. No one can tell you the best way of doing a particular spell because it is entirely possible that a different way could work even better for you than the way that someone else may suggest is the best.

In summary, experience is something that cannot be taught. It must be gained slowly over time, so it is unreasonable for any new practitioner to expect every spell they take on to work the very first time they try it. Only by doing are we able to learn how things work, which is certainly true of the world of magic. So go out there and do some spells. Keep learning, and pretty soon, you will be a seasoned and powerful magic practitioner.


The Will of the Universe

Will of the Universe

Impatience is a very undesirable quality in anyone, but especially in a magic practitioner. It can often lead to a loss of faith and belief in how magic works and how you can help the spell work. As I have covered earlier and in one of the other articles on this website, a lack of belief in what you are doing diminishes the chance of your spell actually working. Therefore, a lack of patience when waiting for results is another factor that can cause your spell to fail.

The main reason practitioners (particularly those new to it) become impatient is that they expect their spells to begin to work immediately after casting them. This is unlikely to happen. Spells draw their power from the universe and its magical forces, so the energy required to get a spell to work is sourced from the universe and not from you in general.


Spells are not working immediately

This means that you could have done everything perfectly and set up everything as you were told to when you found the spell and find that it still does not work immediately. Nothing can happen unless the will of the universe is with you. Only the universe can decide when a spell manifests. Some spells will begin to work within a day or two, whereas many can take several weeks or even months before their effects start to show.

That’s why you must believe in the spell, even long after completion, regardless of whether you have seen the first results. It is up to the universe’s will when the spell begins to work and whether it works at all.


Your Control over the Outcome

Often, a practitioner casts one of their spells and then waits so long for it to work that they almost forget about it entirely when they notice the effects begin to happen. This shows how little control practitioners have over when their spell begins to work. All you can do as a spell caster is ensure that you have set up the spell correctly and followed all of the instructions to the letter. From then, it is up to the universe to decide when it begins to happen.

Basically, it is impossible for anyone, regardless of their expertise and experience in magic, to predict conclusively how long it will take for a spell to work. There is always a certain unpredictability of the will of the universe.


Spells are Unpredictable

The universe is a mighty entity and provides a lot of power to those who can channel its power correctly. But it is absolutely impossible to predict when a magical spell or ritual will take effect.

To conclude this article, there is very little a practitioner can do once the actual spell has been cast. It is outside humans’ control to know what the universe decides, no matter how much magical prowess they have. If you think of a spell as a request, the universe has to process it and determine if it wants to support that request before it can set the ball rolling and make the results happen.

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