How Love Spells Work

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There are a lot of misconceptions and half-truths concerning love spells that work and magic in general. Some people claim that love magic does not work. Some warn others about the mythical dangers of using magic – destruction of one’s family, personal life, accidental mistakes or causing outright danger to another human being’s body or soul. None of those is true. There are many reasons why love spells work. One of the reasons is that there are two willing participants, whether they know it or not.  Even through bickering and lover’s quarrels separate many people even on the brink of divorce, there is still a tiny spot in their heart that is willing to reconcile.  As long as there is a possibility for love, then love magic works.  No matter how bad the fights are or how long the two people have been separated for, love magic will give each party an overwhelming urge to unite.  Benefits that come from these spells include increasing passion and desire in the relationship, more trust, better communication and an everlasting bond.

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Casting Love Spells that Work

First of all, love spells do work and they are extremely effective if done the right way. There are hundreds of people who have fallen in love and are now happy together because of spells. What is more, spells are also 100% safe for everyone involved. The point is that the magic has its own laws that are much like the laws of physics. While we are still very far from achieving complete understanding on the invisible world, all experienced magic practitioners know that all spells abide to six major principles of magic that should be considered when casting spells.

Principle 1: Love Spells can’t harm

No magic can harm anyone and love magic is no exceptions here. The proof for that is very simple: if magic could harm anyone, no politician would live to the end of his or her term. It means that if a love spell may cause any harm – like in case you have fallen in love with a wrong man who may harm you in the future – the spell will just fizzle. It also means that you can’t harm your loved one with spells.

Principle 2: Love Spells can’t trick

A common misconception is that love spells work by tricking others into loving by creating some kind of illusion of strong feelings when there is really none. The truth is that by helping to create a connections between two people’s higher selves, allowing the subject of the spell to notice the depth of the other person’s feelings. This lets the subject respond to those feelings in the only way possible – with true and unconditional love.

Principle 3: Love Spells can’t force

If you truly love, magic cannot fail. However, love spells cannot force anyone to love, especially if one wants to use the spell to subjugate or dominate others by forcing them to love. When there is no true feeling present, love magic can’t work – no matter how hard the spell casters may try.

Principle 4: Love Spells unite

Love spells work by helping two people unite and make their higher selves a whole. While love magic may work when the subject of a spell already is in some romantic relationship (the Maker only knows how many relationships with no real feelings there are around us), they may never destroy or harm one’s true feelings.

Principle 5: Love Spells help

Many legends and myths are based on the idea of destructive feelings brought by love spells (Tristan and Iseult are only one example). Such things can’t really happen. Love Magic brings only the true love – the true and complete feeling to the right person and the right time. They do not create any problems, they solve them.

Principle 6: Love Spells change the potential feelings into the reality

Love Spells that work are changing possibilities (no matter how improbable) into reality. It does not matter how the other person feels at the moment – if he or she can fall in love with you, he or she will. Of course, it also means that you can’t make a film star fall in love with you unless you know him or her or at least you met in passing.

To sum everything up: Yes, there are love spells that work, spells are both very effective and 100% safe. If the ritual is done the right way, spells may change your and your loved one’s lives into a fountain of happiness. They can’t cause any harm to anyone or anything – but this is only a good thing, isn’t it?

When Love Spells Do Not Work

There are only certain situations where love spells do not work.  The main reason why they do not work is due to trying to override human nature.  It is impossible for a spell to make someone go against his or her nature.  If the second party is unwilling to reconcile or has no interest in the person who the spell is cast for, you or a spell caster cannot force this person to fall in love with you.  Likewise, you cannot fight against someone’s sexual nature.  You cannot cast a spell to make someone who is homosexual to become heterosexual or vice versa.


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