Easy Spell for Luck

Is there such thing as a lucky penny?  This is a spell that is based on the symbolic meaning of the penny as a tool that can improve your luck.  It is a humble tool that can be used as a ritual object to cast an easy spell for luck.

If you are not in America the penny will be the coin that has the lowest denomination in your country.

Pennies are lucky because because they are copper and that is a metal that is sacred to most gods and goddesses of prosperity.  The shinier and newer the penny is the better it will work.  You can also use a penny that has the year of your birth on it for a good effect.

What you will need for the Luck Spell

  • A copper penny

Take the penny out of your pocket. Rub it until it is warm and then put it over the area between your eyes and on your forehead known as the Third Eye.  Then say out loud!

A penny for luck!

Now leave the penny on top of the next fence post you find for the good luck fairies to find.  As you walk away from where you put the penny do not look back. Leave the penny behind. The luck will radiate back to you.


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