Spell to Bring Back an Ex

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This spell will allow you to bring back your ex to your side using witchcraft. You may also use it on behalf of a friend or loved one. You need not worry that this spell will work by manipulating your lover, or that any harm will come to anyone as a result of using this ritual. White Magic is deeply intervened with Wicca, so this spell to bring back an ex recognizes and appreciates the divinity that surrounds us and dwells within everything and all people.

You cannot harm or manipulate divinity, so anyone attempting to use a this spell for negative purposes will be disappointed to learn that it simply does not work in this way.  In those cases you will need to use one of our other spells to return a lost lover back to you. When working with witchcraft you must use the power of your own mind in alignment with both natural and spiritual forces.

This love spell utilizes the power of thoughts, actions, and natural elements to bring back you Ex partner and it is not manipulative or negative because it does not attempt to create thoughts or feelings that do not already exist within your Ex partner.  Instead, it makes him or her aware of thoughts and feelings that they already possess. Sometimes we ignore our true thoughts and feelings or we somehow repress them so that we live in ignorance of what we truly want and need for our own happiness.  If this is the case with your lover, then this spell will make your lover aware of his or her true feelings for you.

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What you will need for the Spell to Bring back an Ex

  • A photo of your loved one
  • 7 teaspoons chamomile (from the health food store)
  • A cooking pot
  • 3 Quarts water
  • A wooden cooking spoon
  • 7 teaspoons baking soda
  • 14 tea lights

How to Cast the Spell to Bring back an Ex

This love spell to bring back an ex is done in the bathroom. You need a sink in which you can collect water in (one with a plug). The love spell will be more effective during a time when the loved one is probably sleeping. Light 7 candles each in the kitchen and in the bathroom and eliminate all background noises such as television or music since you must fully concentrate.

Fasten the picture of your loved one at eye-height over the bathroom sink.

In the kitchen bring 3 quarts of water to a boil, add 7 teaspoons chamomile and let boil for 7 minutes. Take the cauldron or pot off the flame and stir 30 minutes with the wooden cooking spoon. Use this time to mentally tune into your lost partner. Try to meditate and to build up energy.

After 30 minutes, go to the bathroom and pour the contents of the cauldron or pot into the plugged sink and add 7 teaspoons baking soda.

Stand in front of the bathroom sink and hold your hands out, palms down, over the water. Look at the picture of your loved one (which you have fastened over the sink) and bring this picture into your thoughts. Close your eyes and let energy build up in your body. This energy builds in your solar plexus, just under your sternum. Wish very strongly that your lost partner finds his/her way back to you. Find words for your wishes and say them to yourself over and over. Imagine how this energy penetrates the aura of your sleeping loved one and transmits your desires. You will notice after a while that you are in a meditating trance. There is no definite time for this spell, and you will feel by yourself when the right time has come to open the plug in the sink. As the water drains from the sink, your energy transmits into the aura of your loved one. Keep raising the energy in your solar plexus especially while the water drains, concentrate on your desire and keep your eyes closed.

Open your eyes and rinse the sink with clear water. Visualize your loved one and how the energy is penetrating his or her soul, aura and entire existence.

Important Note: As you extinguish the candle, also extinguish all thoughts towards your loved one, the spell and all related thoughts. It is very important to not talk to any one else about your thoughts and let your thoughts rest after the completion of the spell.

Do not try to contact your loved one to see if the Spell to Bring Back an Ex is already effective (this is very important). Allow time for the spell to work and you will see how your lost partner returns by themselves.


44 thoughts on “Spell to Bring Back an Ex

  1. Jones says:

    This spell helped to deal with negative emotions and to feel connected to my lover again. I had negative energies within me and I can say that this spell removed them. Before I performed this ritual my spouse couldn’t stand me any longer and I was able to to see much improvements. This spells works on all the obstacles that keep a couple apart. Thank you for sharing this spell. It helped me a great deal.

  2. Luna says:

    The pain of loosing your lover to another person can be devastating. It is very difficult to accept it and start to heal. Many times I could not sleep and because I miss him so much, and know for sure that I only want to be my ex-lover. The only way to be happy again is getting him back. This is not easy if you were the cause of the break up.

    I did something terrible and selfish to him, something he is not willing to forgive. Deep in may heart I know this is the only love of my life. How do I make him forgive me? I imagine many people are severely plagued by this problem, I can’t be the only one. There are a million tips online on this issue, but what I really want to know is, can a spell to bring my ex back, even in such severe and hopeless cases?

  3. Nichole marie says:

    I am in your exact situation. I did something where he won’t forgive me. What can I do? Are there any real casters out here??? Please help!

  4. Paul says:

    My girlfriend left me a while ago for reasons I could never really understand. I was kind to her, coming from a very poor family, I even helped her out financially. We loved each other so much I cannot find words to describe it. Now that she left me I am so devastated I have difficulty at work and I cry a lot. I feel like “she was the one” and I will never ever find someone that can replace her. I loved everything about her, her hands, hair, eyes, arms etc. I was deeply in love. Now it’s over and I can’t function. Her name is Daniela (she is Portuguese) and mine is Paul. Can someone cast a spell for me so that I can have her back?? One desperate man. On suffering man.. Paul thank you whomever you are

  5. peter says:

    Four years ago I broke up with my gorgeous girlfriend of 13 years. We have not spoken since.
    Last night I followed the instructions to place the spell.
    I will keep in touch with results.
    Thanks. 🙂

  6. Casey Pennington says:

    I lost the love of my life because an old school friend of 20 years got into a fight with her. I defended her with everything I had but she still left me. I haven’t been able to sleep In 4 days, haven’t eaten in 3, and today she told me she is staying with a mutal friend of ours that I know is a horn dog. Please help any way possible. I can’t lose her, it hurts to even breath without her near me.

    Thank you and blessed be

    • Wishbonix says:

      You can never put a time stamp on spells. Some spells work in a matter of days, others may take weeks or even months. It all depends on the exact situation. Every situation is different and unique.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    can i instead, light 14 candles in my room instead of the kitchen? meaning, i’ll pour the boiled contents from the kitchen and bring it to my room and pour it in a bucket, because my toilet is shared and i don’t want to wake my roommate 🙁

  8. Duani Williams says:

    Hello, I am in a situation where my now ex has personal issues and anger issues. He left me and it was not my fault he listens to his friends who mean him no good and I think jealous of what he had with me. We were happy but when he gets mad at whatever he takes it out on me he never been in any real relationship until now and I am in love with him he loves me thinks he saving me leaving me so he won’t be negative and upset around me and my kids. He said he dealing with demons and don’t want help healing I’m a fighter unless it has to do with us i think we should fight off whatever negative trying to break us. I want him back, and him to heal from his past that is troubling him so he can be happy. Can this spell help me and work? Please reply I’m broken and tired of crying 😞😞😞

  9. peter says:

    Hello to Spell Casters,

    Re My message dated April 2, 2018 (see thread above);
    It has been a full 8 weeks since I cast the spell however I have not yet heard from my ex girlfriend.
    Should I recast the spell?
    Could You please provide advice?

    Many Sincere Thank You’s,

  10. Pam says:

    I met a guy named Taylor and this feeling just came over me. I knew I wanted to be with him forever. We were doing so good and I was the happiest I have ever been. Then all of a sudden he stopped all communication. I know he had strong feelings for me too. So what is the best spell to use to bring a ex lover back quickly? How many times do you have to do it? Is there a specific time to do it?

  11. Bianca says:

    I want to try this with my ex that I was with for 8 months but I dont have a photograph of him except a picture on my phone could that work as well

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