Building up magical Energy

Magical energy is, of course, important in the performing of spells and rituals. It is the energy that you have managed to accumulate through a variety of different rituals that is able to make your spells more powerful as you are more in touch with the magical forces derived from the moon.

The more energy you have managed to gather through rituals, the more potent your spells can be. The rituals vary based around your particular beliefs. Some use Pentagrams in order to strengthen their abilities, but that is by no means the only way to achieve extra strength and potency behind your magic.

Finding your Personal Preferences

Any method that works for you and helps to build your magical energy can only be a good thing and so it is certainly better to try out a variety of different rituals to see which one works best and is the most comfortable for you. As with spells in general, there is no set way to gather in mental energy, so it is up to you which kind of method you use.

You can only find out the best method by trying everything, so it is definitely a good idea to do some research around ways in which to gather magical power into yourself and try out a number of ways according to this research. No-one can tell you what to do as it is entirely a personal choice and a way that does absolute wonders for one person may have absolutely no effect on someone else. Trial and error is the only way that this can work effectively.

Consequences of the Lack of Energy

A lack of magical energy is a common reason for spells going wrong and not working. As with many of these complaints, it is often a case of not reading enough on the subject to be able to decide which method helps to increase their power the most. Simply doing some research reading can open up many more possibilities for you on the topic of improving your levels of magical energy by carrying out rituals.

When you do eventually find the right ritual for you, you should repeat it regularly in order to get the best boost of power you possibly can. The more often you repeat the ritual, the more magical energy you can store up. It is akin to when you exercise and it makes your heart bigger and more powerful over time, capable to deal with more blood. In the same way, over time you are training yourself to cope with more magical energy.

Magical Energy increases the Potency

A properly done magical energy boost ritual can improve both the potency and strength of your spells and hexes but it can also improve your general quality of life by welcoming positive energies into your body and quashing negative feeling. It is similar to meditating in that it helps to cleanse the mind of some of the more negative and therefore unwanted feelings that can inhibit the power of spells. If you are thinking negative thoughts, then positive spells are not going to work out as well as they should do for you.

This is why improving and boosting your levels of magical energy is a very important discipline to master as it can help you become a lot better at casting spells in general whilst also making you happier and more driven as a person. There are no bad points to it, so you may as well throw yourself at it completely and see what it can do for you. It helps almost everyone else, so there is no reason why you should not give it a go and see if it can help you.


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