What is Wicca?

In order to answer the question “What is Wicca?” it is essential to understand the roots of Wicca and what the belief is all about. The practice of Wicca was popularized by Gerald Gardener in the mid twentieth century.

Wicca and witchcraft are two terms which go together when it comes to casting spells in order to spread peace, harmony, and good.

Spells are an important part of Wicca and are performed for healing, love, fertility, success, and protection.

The Wiccan God and Goddess

Wicca believes in gods and goddesses, where the Wiccan god is associated with nature and sexuality while the goddess is pre-eminent. Although some followers of Wicca do not personify a deity but speak of a creative force in the universe that is all-powerful. Wiccans believe that magic is a law of nature, a way to cause change through the power of nature and the universe. Practitioners follow the Wiccan Rede which states, “an it harm none, do what ye will.” This statement reaffirms their intentions of doing magic only to spread goodness without the intent to harm anyone.

The Law of Threefold return is a law that every Wiccan adheres to, which states that whatever deed one person does for another, the deed will return to the person three times stronger in the future. Therefore, good will only return good while evil can only devastate anyone who casts spells to harm another.

The Five Elements of Wiccan Magic

Air, Water, Fire, Earth and ‘Aether’ or ‘spirit’, the five elements of the Wiccan tradition, represented in the shape of a pentagram. Contrary to common belief, Wiccans have no connection with the devil whatsoever and do not even believe in the devil. Although some Satanists wear pentacles and profess Satanism, they are not associated with Wiccans in any way. The followers of Wicca celebrate eight holidays called sabbaths which include two solstices, two equinoxes, and four other holidays throughout the year.

Covens and Solitary Witches

Many Wiccans practice as a group or coven, while some are known as ‘solitaires’ that prefer to practice alone. They have no central authority where each individual or group can decide on their mode of practice as long as they adhere to the Wiccan Rede and the Law of Threefold.

The Role of Wiccan Witches, Priests and Practitioners

An increasing number of people have turned to the faith, with Wiccan priests helping the pagan population in prisons and in the military. Those desiring to become a Wiccan practitioner need to take time to understand the personal responsibilities and commitments they need to make. The key is to gain self-confidence, get in touch with your inner being, and learn the fundamentals of Wicca before you can practice any magic and spell casting. The art of magic will help you respect the universe as you learn to channel external powers in the right direction.

There are plenty of Wiccan groups you may find around in your area. Join a group as a catalyst to embarking on a spiritual journey or you can choose to remain in the group and practice magic  You can also learn own your own and be inducted into the faith with a self initiation ritual. Whatever your choice, living by the Wiccan values will help you discover the divine forces of nature that surrounds you.


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