Wiccan Marriage Spell

This is an ancient Celtic and Wicca spell to attract the man who will marry you to your door.  Peas are sacred to fertility, love and heart goddesses.  The fresh green color of the pods symbolizes a love that is pure and true.  The shape of the empty pods alludes to both the shape of male and female sex organs and the pod itself symbolizes a home for future children.

If you wish to strengthen your commitment with an existing partner or create a meaningful commitment and marriage with someone new, use this Wicca marriage spell to bring about your fondest desires.

For the Marriage Spell You will need:

  • Nine pea pods

How to Cast the Spell

Find nine pods.  Place them on the top ledge above your kitchen door to attract a husband to your house.  If you do not have a shelf then you can use push pins to hang them above the door temporarily.

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