Types of Magic

From time immemorial, practitioners of magic have been known to use wisdom, in-born and cultivated power, knowledge gained from their ancestors and their experience in performing different types of magic to attain a positive outcome. Many seek the powers of practitioners, spell casters and witches, in cutting away the rough edges on their journey towards their destiny. These spell casters perform rituals based on the needs put forth by their clientele and introduce the ingredients that can draw the energy from the various elements controlling it.

There exist different types of magic today. On a broader classification by anthropologists, it can be divided into three types. They are:

Homeopathic Magic

Homeopathic magic or identical magic believes that an attempt made to gain control over an event by mimicking it can result in the desired event. For example, when you hit on an image of your enemy, it will surely cause an injury on the target. It believes that similar actions produce similar results.

Sympathetic Magic or Imitative Magic

The practitioners who believe in the powers of the sympathetic magic deem that an action performed on a similar object that resembles another can create the desired result. The comparison of a walnut to the brain is an example of the core idea behind imitative magic.

Contagious Magic

A typical example of contagious magic is voodoo wherein the spell casters perform the spell on dolls made from natural ingredients, which also contain a biological element of the target like a hair, broken nail, etc. These practitioners consider that the ritual conducted on an object that was once connected to the target will remain permanently bonded with him, in spite of having been separated. These witches conduct the act on these discarded items that can even be a shirt or a footprint, to cast the spell.


There are also other types of magic. Some of the classifications seen today are:

Candle Magic

Candle magic derives the power from the candles and concentrates it to a point using candles of varying colors, scents and dressings. The Santeria priests, for instance, observe the movement of the flame to identify the outcome of the spells cast. They are of the opinion that the candles hold immense energy to make their way into the spiritual world, bringing with it the powers obtained from there to strengthen the spells cast.

Crystal Magic

The crystal magick sucks in the energy and concentrates it on a point making it a highly forceful ingredient in conducting magick. It is the goal that is to be obtained by the spell caster that determines the type of crystal that is to be employed in the ritual.

Herbal Magic

The herbal magic includes the presence of a myriad of herbs to augment the power exuded by the spells. These herbs can be used singly or in combination with many others to make it powerful. The herbal brew, incenses or soaps are meant to cleanse the body, mind and the spirit.

Knot Magic

Knot magic is a simple method, which binds the energy from the spell into each knot made on the cord. The color of the cord, its length; all have a voice in the spells cast. Once these knots are done, it is presented to the spell seeker or is buried in the ground depending on the beliefs of the spell caster.

Low Magic

Low Magic usually involves the use of tools like candles, stones, herbs, etc. to help direct energy.

High Magic

High Magic on the other hand, is when all power and energy come from inside you. The free spells you will find on the Net are typically Low Magic.

Deity Magic

Another type of magic you can consider is Deity Magic. This is when you would draw energy from a particular God(s) and/or Goddess(es). In order to cast this powerful spell, you will need to know how to properly use Deities.

There are many other types of magic like the binding magic, elemental magic, dream magic, weather magic, poppet magic, etc. Whatever be the type of magic employed, the underlying intention is to drive away the negativity and fill it with the positive energy that makes our journey forward smoother.

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