Casting Different Types of Spells

Types of Spells

Improvements in Life can be achieved through casting spells. There are many ways that you can do this. The reason is because spells can be used for many purposes based on the various traditions that use magical influence such as conjuration, Wicca, Egyptian Witchcraft, Obeah, Witchcraft and Voodoo. Basically, the form or magic you select will depend on the beliefs you follow.

Now that you are aware of the fact that there are different magical paths you can choose, below is a basic idea of the help you can achieve through spells. Magic spells can help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  There are many spiritual paths that you can choose through different types of magic. Every path usually specializes in a certain category of magic.  Such types of spells include red magic, green magic, purple magic, white magic and black magic.  Every type of magic spell can do something different for you. To make it less complicated, the most common types of spells used will be split up into five magic color categories.


They are as follows:

Red Magic

These spells typically include:

Red magic consist of spells that are used for the purpose of finding love; drawing a loved one closer to you; celebrating your relationship; improving sex life; increasing fertility and so on. Essentially, the spiritual help these spells provide has to do with promoting love, fertility and sexuality. The can be used for both positive and manipulative purposes. Any spell that has to do with love, fertility and sex is considered to be red magic.  If you are searching for love then you can use red magic.  Red magic spells include attraction spells, reuniting love spells, mending a broken heart spells and fidelity spells.

Green Magic

These spells typically include:

The spells used in green magic increase your chances of gaining money; success at receiving a job offer, promotion, or attracting a business partner; enhance good luck, etc. The spiritual help of green magic spells have to do with prosperity and business success. They can be used for both positive and negative purposes. If you feel your palms itching, you may want to cast green magic which will encompass all money spells, success spells and luck spells.  These spells can usually help to find a new job, receive a promotion and live in prosper.

Purple Magic

These spells typically include:

Purple magic consists of spells that are focused on gaining personal success or controlling others. They can be used for drawing in allies; manipulation; compelling others to do as you wish; attracting dark spirits or demons and so on. The spiritual help for purple magic is designed for dark purposes and is meant to increase personal power and force others to bend to one’s will. Purple magic is used to gain in personal success such as creating allies in the workforce or between friends, manipulating such souls and making others do what you want.  Purple magic is risky and is a poor man’s black magic which could be dangerous for all since you are essentially trying to break one’s willpower.

Black Magic

These spells typically include:

The sole purpose of black magic spells is essentially to wish ill on someone else. With black magic you can use spells to cause sickness or unnatural illness; destroy love affairs; keep enemies away; seek justice; curse, jinx or hex someone. The spiritual help of black magic allows one to act upon their wrath and casting spells in order to harm their enemy. Black magic is the darkest type of magic and is not recommended for personal gain as there may be serious consequences that are related to using this type of magic spells.

White Magic

These spells typically include

The purpose of white magic is to help positively influence those you care about, as well as yourself. White magic spells offer spiritual help for blessing a new job; assist in healing the body and mind; protect people from hexes or curses, and help good wishes and dreams come true. Spells listed under the white magic category are only used for positive and uplifting means. There are many different types of white magic but a common definition for this magic is used in healing and protection spells.  However, others believe that any type of magic that contributes to human life, making one happier and healthier and does not harm another human being can be classified as white magic.

Casting Spells

There are many ways that spells can provide you with spiritual help. That being said, you need to understand that by simply casting a spell is only part of the goal seeking process. For instance, if you cast a success spell in the hopes to get a job, you still need to look at job listings and apply for jobs. It’s highly unlikely that a job is going to come knocking on your door simply because you cast a spell.

In other worlds, spell casting will improve your chances of gaining what you desire, but when it all comes down to it; you’re the only one who can make it happen by acting on your wishes.

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