Car Spell for Protection

The dragon is an ancient mythical animal that is a symbol of protection.  The dragon, which breathes fire and smoke just like vehicles do, is an apt symbol for protection during travel.

Use the car spell to protect your car or boat from all kinds of harm. Using this spell will mean that you do not have to worry about anything bad or harmful happening when you use either of these vehicles, leaving you free to enjoy them.

If you use the car spell on a vehicle that you already own, it will still give you the same protection as for a new vehicle. The protective shield that the power magic is able to provide will last for as long as you own the car or boat.

This spell also uses the power of visualization to complete its goal.

What you will need for the Car Spell

  • Plastic toy that looks like a dragon

How to Cast the Car Spell for Protection

Hold the dragon toy in your hand.  Charge it with the power of your thoughts. Visualize it protecting your car from accidents, theft, vandalism, storms and tickets.

Hang the dragon from your windshield and ask the spirit you have invoked to be inside it to protect you and the car at all times.  Then visualize the entire car surrounded in white light.

Use the car spell for protection so that you can enjoy your vehicle without the worry of keeping it safe.

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