Evil Eye, Jinx and Curse Protection

Evil Eye and Curse Protection

To protect from the evil eye, jinxes and curses yourself a small charm called a Mojo bag that you will carry on your person. This is just a small pouch made with scraps of fabric. It can be quite small, about the size of a loonie.  You will stuff this little fabric pouch full of the recommended items or herbs and then sew it up.  You then keep it on your person wherever you go.

For a protection mojo bag you will use protective herbs. Anise seeds are small five-pointed pentagrams that surround you with protective energy.  Basil leaves drive off evil and jinxes.  Bay leaves protect you from enemies. Lemongrass draws protection form evil and jinxes and brings good luck at the same time. Mint protects and reverses curses.  Sage wards off the evil eye.

Ingredients for the Evil Eye, Jinx and Curse Protection Spell

You will need any combination of the following for your pouch. If you do not have everything that is fine. You need only most of these ingredients to make an effective pouch.

  • Anise seeds
  • Basil leaves
  • Bay leaves
  • Lemongrass
  • Mint
  • Sage

What You’ll Need to Do

Take your pouch and fill it with these herbs. Sew it up and then keep it on your person at all times to protect you from evil.

What are Evil Eye, Jinx, and Curses?

Many people upon hearing the terms evil eye, jinx and curses already have their own thoughts about what these terms mean.  But to your surprise, these terms may not have the evil connotation that you may associate them with.  For example, a hex can be placing a spell on someone, a witch or a magic spell according to the Oxford University Press Dictionary.  This may be very different from what you may have thought that a hex is.  A hex is neutral as it can be used for the bad just as much as for the good when it comes to spell casting.

Good Hexes and Evil Curses

A curse is defined as a type of supernatural power that can be cast onto someone for the purpose of causing pain or suffering.  A curse can be defined as evil in nature since one person wants to inflict pain upon another whereas a hex is not necessarily evil in nature.  The jinx seems to be a negative term formed in black magic yet it is not as terrible as a curse.  Basically, what one wants to happen is usually spoiled due to some type of jinx.  Jinxes do not cause severe pain or suffering like curses and the Evil Eye.

The Evil Eye Origin

Interestingly, the evil eye has been around since the ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians and the Babylonians.  However, when it comes to actually defining the evil eye, there is really little common definition.  The Egyptians thought that the curse of the evil eye could only enter a being through the mouth or eye itself.  For this reason, they would wear lipstick and eyeliner to protect themselves.  The evil eye commonly is referred to as being able to cause misfortune in one’s life like injury, poverty, and illness.

The evil eye, jinx and curses are all varying degrees of black magic which should be avoided at all costs since these spells can backfire easily.

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