The Power of Obeah Love Spells

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For those who are looking at love spells, there are a number of different practices that can be followed.  And all of them seem to offer their own spin on what a love spell should look like and how it should be directed.  With Obeah love spells, you can expect to see results nearly immediately, as they are very powerful.  This traditional folk practice not only uses the powers of nature, but they also glimpse into the darkness to find the answers and the obstacles which may have been in the way of your happiness.  In learning more about the power of Obeah love spells, you can be sure to understand what you are doing and how to use these love spells correctly.

The Powers of Obeah

The power of Obeah love spells is extremely powerful, yet not just anyone can perform these elaborate rituals.  It takes a mastery of sorcery to be able to perform this type of magic.  Obeah is a type of African magic, similar to voodoo, but it is not very well known because it has not been highly publicized.  Nevertheless, this makes this system of magic less corrupted by commercialism and without any stigmatism attached to the name.

The History of Obeah Love Spells

Obeah magic comes from the practices of Central and West African slaves who were brought to the Caribbean.  When missionaries came to the area, magic practitioners changed their ways to include Christianity to hide their original beliefs.   Over the years, this mix of beliefs converted into what is now known as Obeah magic.  This type of magic is rather positive in nature as many of the spells are related to healing, love, and luck.

Obeah Rituals

The power of Obeah love spells comes from different types of charms and other physical objects like talismans, in addition to their extravagant rituals.  The most common form of this magic is by contracting various kinds of spirits, either negative or positive spirits from someone seeking guidance.  Other elements commonly used in Obeah magic are different types of organic herbs, body fluid, chanting, animal parts, minerals, and even possessions.

The Mystery of Love Spells

The power of obeah love spells is still not widely known among the public as the traditions of these spells have been tightly guarded.  What is known is that the practitioner only helps to carry the message.  It is up to the seeker for the effects of the spell to work.  This magic system cannot do any harm or trick anyone into loving someone.

Bringing Luck to Love with Obeah Spells

Many people just think they don’t have any luck when it comes to love.  And this may not be far from the truth.  In many cases, lovers aren’t just having trouble finding each other, they’re also plagued by bad luck.  In order to remove this curse of bad luck, it might be necessary to give an offering to a deity or to sacrifice an animal in the Obeah tradition.  Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice an animal to bring yourself good luck.  What you can do is begin to look for ways to increase your luck with the universe.  You might offer a dance to the deities or you might research the deities in Obeah to see which ones might want an offering in order to help you with your love life.  The more positive energy you put out, the more likely you are to receive positive energy in return as well.

Coax Out the Darkness with Obeah Love Spells

There is darkness in the world, even in love.  In order to remove the darkness in your love life, you need to realize that it exists in the first place.  Those who are having troubles in their current love relationship may already know that the love they have is suffering from darkness, and they know they need to bring it back into the light.  With Obeah love spells, you will begin to coax out the darkness in order to help the light shine through.  You might have to do a love spell in order to remove the darkness from your life, which will then allow love to be restored or to flow more freely into your home and into your bedroom.

The Power Begins with You

What you need to realize before you do any spell, but especially Obeah love spells is that you need to be clear about what you want.  If you’re not quite sure about the desired outcome of your spell, it’s better not to do it at all.  You want to make sure that you are putting the proper energy into the universe as Obeah love spells do work.  And you need to be certain that what you want from the universe is what you really want.  These powerful spells are going to ensure that you are finding luck in love, but if you’re not ready for it or you didn’t really mean what you said, then it can cause a number of troubles for everyone involved.

Obeah spells are not for those who aren’t serious about the results they want.  You need to make sure you are completely serious about the results you want, how your life might change, etc.  When you are, then you can bring into your life the things you really desire – and be happy with the love that you receive.

Obeah Spell to Ignite the Energy of Romance

To ignite the energy of romance you will be making your own passion powder. These powders are made out of herbs and flower petals and sprinkled in places where romance must take place.

The energies that radiate from the powder will introduce romance, passion, desire, and lust into your relationship or marriage and can be used on existing relationships or new ones.

Coffee, cardamom, and ginger are thought to increase lust and desire. The cinnamon promises speedy results. The roses in this recipe represent tenderness and love. This ancient Obeah Romance Spell is highly effective in creating strong romantic energy between two people, that has the potential to last a lifetime.

Ingredients for the Romance Spell

  • Several dried rose petals
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon coffee
  • 1 tablespoon ginger
  • 5 teaspoons whole cardamom seeds
  • Pink Candle
  • Red Candle
  • White Candle
  • Musk Incense

How to Cast the Obeah Romance Spell

Stir this mixture clockwise nine times with your finger, while envisioning success in love.

Open the window and light the incense.

Let the incense burn out completely and close the window again.

Light the candles in your bedroom and remake the bed sprinkling the powder on the mattress.

Let the candles burn out completely.

Obeah Spell to Make Someone Love You

This Obeah love spell is designed to make someone fall deeply in love with you.  This spell can achieve this without resorting to coercive or manipulative tactics, so you need not fear such negative side effects.  Instead, this Obeah love spell will allow your lover to realize his or her true feelings for you.  The love that results from this spell will be genuine and long-lasting.

On its surface, Obeah seems to be driven by an intricate combination of rituals, chants, invocations, wangas, charms, and Shamanistic tools.  However, none of this is the true heart of Obeah.  The important thing to remember when working with spells such as this one is that what truly powers Obeah is the strength and specificity of an individual’s visualization of what it is that he or she hopes to achieve.  So be as specific and detailed as possible in your visualizations when working with Obeah love spells and rituals.

The natural and supernatural energies that you harness with Obeah will grant your desires, but you must first be sure of what those desires truly are and you must articulate them as clearly as possible.  In this way, you can use Obeah to lead you to the future that you dream of. If you are in need of a professional spellcaster to cast a spell for you please click here for our recommendation.

Ingredients for the Obeah Love Spell

  • A sheet of pink paper
  • Pink Candle
  • 3 African Violet leaves
  • 3 Gentian Root Chips
  • 3 Tbs Anise
  • Twine
  • Pen
  • Toothpick or Needle
  • Anise Oil

Casting the Obeah Love Spell

Engrave your Name in the candle and also the name of the person that you want to fall in love with you

Anoint the candle with the Anise oil. Be generous.

Light the candle, do so consciously as this is the beginning of your ritual

Stand in front of the candle and say the following:

Oshun babulia, Oshun hesimit, Oshun hesalu, Oshun masikuta, be ta me

Put the sheet of pink paper in front of you and write your name and your loved one’s name in the center of it

Sprinkle the violet leaves, gentian root and anise on it while intensely thinking about the one you love. Address Oshun and tell her all your wishes

Take the candle and drop the wax on top of the herbs by saying the following:

Oshun babamimo, hemitu, samatut, beluto sam se balusto

Repeat this step 3 times

Fold the Paper into a little package/pouch and close it tightly with the twine.

You have now created a Wanga

Put the Wanga in front of the candle and let the candle burn itself out.

Carry the Wanga with you until you have received all your results. Return it to nature after you have received your wishes and your loved one has deeply fallen in love with you. When you return it to nature make sure to thank Oshun.

Break a Love Spell

To break a love spell you simply need to perform a very special and simple form of banishing magic.

There are many reasons why you may want to break a love spell. This ritual can be used to break a love spell that was cast by you and needs to be broken or a love spell that was cast on you that you need to get rid of.

In this Obeah tradition, you break a candle to signify the severing of the power of the spell over you.

The lime juice that is dabbed on the candle in this spell is used to diminish a belief in the supernatural or romantic love and instead “cool you off to keep you rational during the breaking of the spell.

To Break a Love Spell You will need:

  • A black candle
  • Lime juice
  • Pin
  • Carving knife or athame

How to Break a Love Spell

Write your name on the top half of the candle with a pin.  Write the spellcaster’s name on the other half at the bottom.  Dab lime juice lightly on the shaft of the candle.

At midnight burn the candle for nine minutes.  Then put the candle out.  With a carving knife or hatchet whack the candle so it is split in half.

Say loudly:

The spell is broken!

Dispose of both candles in garbage bins that are as far away from each other as possible. Miles apart is best. This Obeah spell will work its magic as soon as you have disposed of the candles.

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