Karma Cleansing

The idea of karma came from Indian culture and means action in Sanskrit. Karma is actually an objective observer in life which does not judge one’s actions but rather sends a reaction for every action which tends to mirror the original action. Since our actions and thoughts are surrounded by energy, this energy has a tendency to make its rounds returning positive energy to good people and returning negative energy to people that have caused bad actions. Sometimes karma can also have the connotation of future work which we must complete learning life lessons.

The simplest of karma cleansing spells is to simply take a bath in aura cleansing elements and then to practice deeply regretting what harm you have done to others. After expressing remorse and regret in the most profound way that you can and with all of your heart you must then resolve to do a favor for the people that you have harmed. Salt is a real cleanser of the aura and also of the mind and body.

Ingredients for the Karma Cleansing

  • 1 cup of sea salt
  • 1 cup Epsom salt

How to Perform the Karma Cleansing

Pour the Epsom salts and sea salts into a bath half-filled with tepid water. Immerse yourself in this bath for at least ten minutes, making sure to fully immerse your face and head.

While in the bath note each way in which you have harmed someone and then for each person and each way that you have harmed them make a promise to yourself as to what you will do to make the situation better.

You will think of one action you can do that is a favor to the person you have harmed and furthermore, you will perform this action without making it known to others or saying a word about it.

When you are done with this bath and the karma cleansing, do not rinse off the salt. Pat dry and go to bed. This bath has the effect of strengthening your electromagnetic field as well as cleansing it from any toxic energy.

What is Karma?

To understand karma one must reflect upon his or her actions, his or her past and their relationship to the cosmos. Since one’s behavior can actually be a mirror image of what happens in the world, just as we image natural elements such as becoming so angry we reflect fire, or so relaxed that we turn into water. By reflecting upon one’s life he or she can understand his or her role in the universe much better and the events that happen to us.

Karma in Your Life

Sometimes we try to make karma very simple by saying that good actions are rewarded by good actions and bad actions are mirrored by bad events. However, this is not the truth. Good actions can be rewarded in this lifetime or in another one.  Also, what may seem like a bad event happening to a good person may be a blessing in disguise.  For these reasons, self-reflection and reflection in the eyes of the cosmos are crucial for life understanding.  Karma can lead you on a very unique journey for this life and your past and present lives.

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