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Voodoo practitioners subscribe to one of the oldest religions of the world known as Vodun, the African word for ‘spirit’. From the simple follower to a priest or priestess (aka houngan or mambo, respectively), they all believe two fundamentals. There are no accidents in life and everything is connected. Many spiritualists from other religions often agree that humans are not separate but part of a large community, entirely connected to one another. Click here for our recommended Spell Casters.

Much like the Wicca religion and its ‘Rule of Three’, practitioners of Voodoo feel what you do unto another you do unto yourself. Voodoo practitioners also believe in a sacred cycle between the living and the dead. Rituals, including prayers, music, dancing, singing and animal sacrifice, are a way of life for the Voodoo practitioners of the world, regardless of their location.

Key Beliefs of Voodoo Practitioners and Spell Casters

The serpent has significant relevance to the spell casters of Voodoo. The high priest and/or priestess of Voodoo followers (often nicknamed Papa or Mama) are the medium for the expression of the serpent’s power. Voodoo practitioners believe in a supreme deity and hundreds of spirits called Loa. These Loa are the ones who control nature, health, wealth and happiness of mortals. When it comes to Voodoo love spells or Voodoo money spells, a priest or priestess will call upon the Loa for assistance.

During such Voodoo ceremonies these Loa can possess the bodies of the Voodoo practitioners. These Loa in turn relaying advice, warnings and desires. Voodoo followers also believe objects and natural phenomena have holy significance and can, at times, possess a soul.

Music and dance are crucial elements to Voodoo ceremonies. However, this dancing by practitioners of Voodoo is often misinterpreted as nothing more than a prelude to sexual frenzy. The ceremonies are instead an expression of spirituality. It is considered a way to connect with the spirit world, according to Voodoo practitioners.

Voodoo Practitioners as Healers

Voodoo hospitals exist throughout the world and many Voodoo practitioners visit their priest/priestess when it comes to physical ailments. The voodoo priest/priestess is a liaison between a deity and the patient. The highest state of existence for practitioners of Voodoo means completely turning your spirit over to a particular deity. When Voodoo worshippers enter this ecstatic state, it is believed the deity possesses the body. This deity then speaks and acts through that individual so healing can begin.

Voodoo Practitioners and Rituals

Voodoo practitioners often in engage in rituals for births, weddings and deaths, much like other religions. They also deal in Voodoo love spells or Voodoo money spells, which are always popular among Voodoo practitioners.

But there is one ritual that takes place once every three years on the border of Ghana and Togo. Thousands of Voodoo practitioners gather for a seven-day celebration known as Kokuzahn. Kokuzahn honors the deity, Flimani Koku, the ancient warrior god. Flimani Koku, who once guaranteed safety in battle, today provides protection against witchcraft and evil.

The weeklong festival begins with Voodoo music with rhythms that send Voodoo practitioners spinning into intense states of possession. In these altered states they exhibit strength and endurance beyond normal capacity, which they feel demonstrate the astonishing power of their deity.

Spell casters on the Whole

Voodoo practitioners feel their religion plays a pivotal role in the family and the community. Deceased loved ones and ancestors are part of the world of the spirits, like the Loa, and serves to unite Voodoo practitioners in their history and tradition. Much like Christian clergy, the Voodoo practitioners call on their priest or priestess for advice, spiritual guidance or aid with their problems in life.

Regrettably, the public’s lack of knowledge about practitioners of Voodoo and their rites and rituals are a source of speculation. Outsiders of the religion often point to the evil or malicious side of Voodoo and overlook that Voodoo practitioners also engage in healing spells, nature spells, love spells and joyous celebrations.


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