The Meaning of the Rune Berkana

Berkana upright is the symbol for the birch tree and denotes the aspects of feminine influences such as nurturing, fertility, birth and the mother-child relationship. A situation is ripe for birthing new and successful ventures. Expansion into higher levels of clarity is gained; healing, compassion inspiration and creativity abound.

Berkana reversed signifies selfishness inhibiting the natural process of life; hostility or conflict within a family or other interpersonal relationships. Creativity and/or kindness have come to a standstill. The avoidance of something that can actually be good.

Berkana upright:

  • femininity
  • benevolence
  • new experiences
  • deep bonds
  • fruitfulness

Berkana reversed:

  • ego
  • blocked energy
  • impeding progress
  • circumvention
  • discord

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