Introduction to Fortune Telling, Divination and Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future and Fortune Telling

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Knowledge is power, and prior knowledge is an even greater power. This saying is what many people think of when they seek the services of psychics or fortune-tellers. Humans are generally curious to know what the future holds for them, and fortune-telling or psychic readings assist us in preparing ourselves for the best or the worst that is held by the path to our destiny. There are many different types of methods a psychic or fortune-teller can use to predict the future. In this article, I want to shed some light on the most popular ones.

The clearest picture of “fortune-telling” is obtained by differentiating it from other forms of future predictions. Fortune telling is neither bound to religious ideas nor to scientific phenomena, but instead reveals a secret, supernatural knowledge of the future. It thus differs from religious prophecy and divination, in which a divine being shows the prophet pictures of future events.

Do Fortune-Telling and Divination Really Exist?

Many scientific studies have been done to prove or disprove the possibility of fortune-telling. Science assumes that something exists if it is predictable and repeatable at any time. Neither fortune-telling nor psychic-abilities could provide this evidence. However, it is known that divination and fortune-telling were persecuted, banned, and condemned until a few decades ago. Why one might ask, did the church and governments fight something that doesn’t exist?

At all times in the past, there were – based on the information transmitted – different types of future predictions. There was actually nothing that was not used to interpret the future. The flight of birds and the intestines of sacrificed animals in the Roman Empire, dream interpretation and oracles in ancient Greece, astrology, numerology, and palmistry were used by the ancient Egyptians, bone throwing and runes were practiced by the Celts, and many other methods in almost all countries and cultures of the world were used as a way of predicting the future. Legendary is the oracle of Delphi, which first served the Gaia and then Apollon, predicting the future in a mysterious way.

Rulers and princes had the future predicted and often had an astrologer or psychic as an employee. Individuals have always had a keen interest in the development of their fate – especially in times of crisis.

Different Types and Tools

Fortune Telling Methods

Psychics and fortune tellers use different types of divination and tools in their readings. Some people respond better to certain types of strategies than others do. The important thing is that your energy must be in tune with the procedure used in order to get a better outcome.


Astrology is one of the oldest forms of future prediction. Here, the constellations of stars and planets draw conclusions about earthly events because they are reflected by the cosmos. The concerns or questions that are asked of the celestial bodies can be very personal questions such as horoscopes or questions about current and future events.

Fortune telling with the help of the position of the planets is often chosen for personality questions, such as personality types, traits, compatibility with other astrological signs, among many more.

There are many different forms of Astrology; the most popular one is Western astrology, it originated in pre-Christian Babylon and Egypt. In addition to Western astrology, there is also Chinese Astrology that can be used to predict the future and provide insight into a person’s personality.

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Tarot – Cartomancy

Tarot cards have been used for centuries, and the cards are shuffled and placed in a set pattern of the reader’s choice. The psychic uses the cards that are laid out as a guide to tell you more about yourself and what you can expect in the future. Most importantly, it will provide you with guidelines for the course of action you ought to take.

Tarot is a form of fortune-telling, which may also be used by laypeople, is card reading, in most cases done with a deck of tarot cards. The position of the cards within the laying system and the meaning of the cards together form the basis for the interpretation of current, future, and past events.

Each card reader has their preferred deck of cards. Tarot cards are most often used, but fortune-tellers may also use angel cards, Lenormand cards, or even regular playing cards.

There are various methods of laying systems and spreads, and depending on the question, they can provide great insight.

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Pendulum and Dowsing

It is an aid to dowsing and other esoteric teachings that seek to obtain certain information. When dowsing, there is an interaction between the pendulum movement and the human subconscious, which means that practically every human action is caused by the subconscious. According to the user, unconscious content can be made visible. However, the process is neither scientifically comprehensible nor proven.

The pendulum used in future-prediction is a so-called sidereal pendulum, which essentially corresponds to a plumb bob, the weight of which is a 1 to 2 inches long metal cone to which an approximately 1.5-foot long cord or thin chain is attached. Before the session, it is determined which pendulum movement means approval or negation. The pendulum movements include rotating the pendulum clockwise or counterclockwise and the oscillation from right to left. Then questions are asked to which the pendulum movements provide an answer.

The pendulum not only provides an answer to yes and no questions but also, for example, dowse the character of a person.


Numerology, the theory of number symbolism, is one of the oldest and most widespread divination techniques. Here, secret knowledge is revealed from the additional meanings of numbers, which can differ depending on the culture. Numerology is used far beyond esotericism. Although the Christian churches are opposed to fortune-telling, the Bible, for example, is full of number symbols. The numbers 4, 7, and 12 are often given special meaning here.

It was and is used to explore fate. Each person’s name and date of birth contain numerical values that have certain meanings. These personal numbers allow conclusions to be drawn about the character and the way of life. The task of numerology is to determine and interpret them.

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Some psychics use runes during a reading. Runes are stones from ancient Germanic languages that are inscribed with symbols, each having a meaning related to life. In a psychic reading, the reader places these runes in a bag and then draws some out at random. The symbols are used by the psychic to answer any questions you may have.

Runes are not just simple signs or symbols. They are an alphabet, but they are also an expression of certain vibration patterns, forms of energy – if you like, a kind of recorded tone, frequency, and color.

According to Nordic mythology, Odin received the runes when he hung on the world tree Yggdrasil.

In any case, if you want to learn reading the runes, it is recommended that you create the runes yourself, and not take any pre-bought ones, as this creates a more personal bond. For a start, it is enough, e.g., to take cardboard pieces, on which you draw each rune. They should have a diameter of about 1 inch so that you can work with them nicely.

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Crystal Balls and Scrying

The use of reflective objects as divination tools goes back to ancient times. During a gazing session, the crystal ball reader goes into a trans-like state and becomes receptive to the images seen in the crystal ball. The symbols, clouds, and colors become the basis for the fortune teller’s interpretation for the subject’s future, present, and past.

Many symbols such as clouds, shapes, or scenarios and faces can appear in the ball. For example, clouds are always a sign of certain feelings and can also have different colors. The direction can also be crucial for the interpretation.

Of course, it always depends on the fortune-teller, that interprets the signs and symbols. The symbols are often to be understood individually. Each psychic, therefore, usually has its own meaning for certain symbols. If you want to interpret the characters yourself, you will quickly learn that there is always an individual interpretation.

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Palm Reading and Palmistry

They are a characteristic feature of every human being and are as distinctive as a fingerprint: hand lines. They branch out, form crotches, and are sometimes more and sometimes less pronounced. But can character traits actually be derived from the course of the hand lines and conclusions drawn about the personality? Not only fortune tellers are convinced of this.

Palmistry or chiromancy is the ability to draw conclusions about the character and path of life from the appearance of a subject’s hand. Both the shape of the hand and the hand lines are included. This practice of divination is also very old and goes back to ancient times. Chiromancy was used in ancient Egypt and Babylonia.

Mediumship and Channeling

Mediumism or channeling describes the communication of a medium with supernatural beings such as angels, spirits, or ghosts. A medium is again, a person who has the gift to make contact with higher and otherworldly beings. Communication can take the form of visions, possessions, and inspiration.

The channeling of angels, guardian angels, and archangels (e.g., Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel) or saints such as Maria Magdalena, Maria, or also Jesus (or Sananda) is extremely popular.

Channeling has accompanied mankind for millennia. In its beginnings, it was still very much linked to religious-spiritual practices and contexts; for a few decades it has been increasingly found in the area of self-knowledge, self-help, and especially in modern, esoteric and psychic life counseling.

Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation or oneirology describes the interpretation of the symbolic message behind the images, actions, and feelings experienced in a dream.

The modern interpretation of dreams is based on the research of Sigmund Freud, whose psychoanalytical theory sees dream events as an important source of information about unconscious ways of experiencing. In numerous publications, he presents a theory that systematizes the origin and meaning of dreams and their interpretation. In his work The Dream Interpretation, Freud, therefore, also calls such work dream analysis.

The dream interpretation falls in the intersection of psychology and parapsychology because it also applies beyond divination. But while the psychologist wants to uncover subconscious feelings and conflicts by means of dream interpretation, the fortune-teller – as has been the practice since ancient times – will recognize supernatural inspirations in dreams and decrypt them accordingly. A well-known example of dream interpretation is the visions of Pharaoh in the Old Testament, which were interpreted by Joseph, the son of Jacob.

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Owl, heart, stars – reading coffee grounds is a widespread tradition and can provide insights into your present and future. Fortune telling with coffee grounds is a well-known tradition and a popular leisure activity, especially in the southern European countries.

There is hardly a person who has not tried to get secret hints of the future from coffee grounds or tea leaves. The only reliable method, however, is claimed by the Gypsies, who are known to be masters in the field of fortune-telling. After all, oracles with coffee grounds have a tradition that goes back centuries.

Tasseography is the art of reading the future from coffee grounds or tea leaves. The individual seeking a prediction is requested to drink the tea or coffee, stir it, and let the coffee grounds or tea leaves form a pattern at the bottom of the cup. The fortune-teller then makes a prediction based on the patterns left by the tea leaves or the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.


Clairvoyance is also a method of divination that is very popular. Some clairvoyants prefer to work without aids, others use a crystal ball or a pendulum, for example. With the help of psychic abilities, visions can be created that refer to the person seeking advice and provide answers to the questions asked.

In contrast to fortune-telling, clairvoyance is considered a form of extrasensory perception. It is the ability to predict future events with high accuracy. Clairvoyants are not only able to take a look into the future. Even individual episodes from the past do not remain hidden in clairvoyant abilities. Clairvoyants are able to perceive events that take place in distant places via previously unknown and unexplored channels. The phrase “I saw this coming” suggests that this hidden ability could be available to everyone under certain circumstances. The statement is based on a vague notion that sometimes arises before inevitable and serious events.

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Pyromancy follows the pattern taken by smoke or fire in making predictions of future events. It calls for an expert to interpret the deeper meaning embedded in the smoke and the flames. Laurel leaves, bones, or the shells of animals are burnt to create the pattern. Psychics who have sufficient experience and spiritual empathy can recognize the current life situation of their questioners from the smoke, and of course, they can also clearly read future events for all areas of life, such as work, love, and health.

Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring a Fortune Teller

Advantage and Disadvantage of Fortune Tellers

Some fortune-tellers claim to have a “second face”, i.e., an immediate, intuitive access to the future, others interpret signs that they see as symbols for the future. Regardless of whether it is about love, finance or work, you need to be aware that you will hear that the fortune-teller sees and not what you want to hear!

There are two types of fortune-telling: Either future events are extracted from facts or circumstances that cannot be influenced, for example, in the interpretation of constellations of the stars (astrology), unusual weather phenomena, or palm reading. In the other possibility, the fortune-teller himself causes an event, the result of which he then interprets as encrypted information about the future. This happens, for example, in tarot card readings, or the oracle, in which from the throw of an object, e.g., B. cubes, bones, or eggs, the answer to a future-related question is read. Card reading, especially tarot, is one of the most popular methods nowadays when it comes to fortune-telling. Some fortune-tellers work without any tools, but these are then the highly gifted psychics with strong psychic abilities.

Keep in mind that you will have to believe in fortune-telling. Otherwise, it will not work. Even though many believers keep reporting predictions that really happened, there are, of course, many failures. You have to find out for yourself to what extent divination can bring you added value and act accordingly. The most important thing is that you pay close attention to your feelings and consult your subconsciousness. Remember, you could be your own personal fortune teller if you only listened more closely to your inner voice.

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