What is a Fortune Teller

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Fortune tellers take up the job of predicting what the future holds for you. Humans are generally curious to know what lies in store for us around the corner. In a way fortune telling assists us in preparing ourselves for the best or the worst that is held by the path to our destiny. These fortune tellers may use either mystical methods or the natural methods to predict the forthcoming events.  The employment of the supernatural technique to predict the future was seen as a sign of the usage of evil spirits by many in the ancient days. These people were staunchly against the belief and considered it as an evil practice.

Fortune Telling in History

The early records reveal that the fortune tellers took advantage of their skills in predicting the weather conditions for the farmers to assist them in sowing and harvesting their crops. The successful implementation of these techniques led to these fortune tellers employing them in predicting the movement of the human destiny, opening a new chapter in fortune telling. With the passage of years and the advancements made by the humanity, many scientific experts made their attempt in evaluating the various aspects controlling and defining the actions of the fortune tellers.

There exist many types of techniques today to predict the future. Depending on the cultural background and the religion of the fortune teller, these tools adopted differing modus operandi in envisioning the future. Some of the common types of fortune telling methods are cited below:

Fortune Telling Using the Tarot

The tarot makes use of a deck of 78 cards that consist of numerous symbols and pictures that are dealt in a pattern to predict the future of a person. It is one of the popular ways of predicting the future. Each card holds a meaning that is connected to the life of the person before the fortune teller to create a better meaning.

Fortune Telling Using Tasseography

Tasseography is the art of reading the future from the tea leaves. The individual seeking the reading of his fortune is requested to drink the tea, swirl the leaves, which leaves a pattern at the bottom of the cup. The fortune tellers in the Orient, with whom this technique is quite popular, make the reading based on the patterns left by the tea leaves in the bottom of the cup. They can even warn the future seeker to take the precautionary methods to fight off the evil that is lurking in the corner.

Fortune Telling Using Oinomancy

Oinomancy, a Greek technique of fortune telling, is similar to Tasseography. Unlike Tasseography, the Oinomancy predict the forthcoming events from the patterns left by the wine. The wine is either spilled or is analyzed from the sediments left at the bottom of a bottle to foresee the future.

Fortune Telling with Crystal gazing and Scrying

The fortune teller concentrates his entire being into the crystal, and makes the predictions that get reflected in the crystal that is brought to him as visions of the future events.

Fortune Telling with Pyromancy

Pyromancy fortune tellers follow the pattern taken by the fire and the smoke from the fire in making the predictions of the future events. It calls for an expert to interpret the deeper meaning embedded in the flames and the smoke to make a logic of it. Laurel leaves, bones or the shells of the animals are burnt to create the pattern that is to aid with the fortune telling.

Fortune Telling with Numerology

Numerologists employ the magical values of the numbers in predicting the future. Using numerology, these experts are able to predict the characteristics of the individual seeking it and the goals that lies in the long-run. The numerical value derived from adding the numbers assigned to the alphabets in the name or the sum of the figures in the date of birth, are used to making the prophecy.

The techniques to be employed may differ with the beliefs held by the fortune teller. But, whatever be the tools employed, the underlying idea is to provide predictions on what the future holds for one.


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