Scrying by Using a Crystal Ball

Scrying with a Crystal Ball

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Perhaps, of all the ways of performing divination, divination through crystal balls seems the most fascinating. This art is also known as crystallomancy or scrying.

At a time when there were no mirrors and certainly no scientific explanations, people believed in spirits, beings, and gods. When they saw their own face on a reflective surface, they were not necessarily aware of this fact. They saw someone who looked like them and assumed that they were ghostly or that they saw the inner core of themselves.

They probably weren’t that wrong, because while we are looking at reflecting surfaces, we make contact with our innermost being – the subconscious. And sometimes this has a lot to tell, and we should listen.

The Origin of Scrying and Crystallomancy

The art of scrying has been practiced since ancient times. However, at that time, it was mainly done with water. Lakes or shells filled with water were the necessary aids. Over time, metal objects were added, smooth stones, polished shoes, and of course, mirrors.

The crystal ball was found in medieval France in the 13th century for the first time. Rock crystal and quartz became known through trade, and the engraving craft found its way from the Orient to Europe. The crystal ball had to be made of rock crystal because this mineral was thought to be frozen water. People believed that the frozen water was held in the form of a crystal by an act of magic, and therefore it was considered the best material for divination. The most precious or sacred items were made from rock crystal or quartz. The shape of the sphere was chosen because it represents the universe, the whole, and the perfect. This ancient tool of mystic craftsmanship can be clear, opaque, or tinted and aids in predicting the future and revealing hidden truths by interpreting the signs, images, and patterns seen in the ball.

Many consider the divination powers of crystal balls to be mythical. The authenticity of crystallomancy has long since been a matter of debate, just like many other forms of divination. But then, there are believers, and there are non-believers.

How Crystal Ball Gazing and Scrying Works

Using a crystal ball is like moving into another dimension.  When you gaze into the ball, you are swept into another world, and into the future. The images that conjure up in a crystal ball help the psychic or fortune-teller get answers about the future or truths that were otherwise hidden. These images actually develop in the mind of the psychic and not within the crystal ball as normally believed. The Crystal ball, it is said, “calls out to the psychic” almost literally. In other words, the psychics choose the crystal balls to which they feel a force of attraction depending on its aura and frequency. And when it feels “just right,” they know they have found their crystal ball.  The size of the ball is also believed to affect the energy and frequency. The bigger the ball, the higher the frequency.

Those who practice crystallomancy often claim that looking into a crystal ball feels like opening up their third eye or what we call the sixth sense, and a strong one at that. With their knowledge and psychic intuition, they then interpret the resulting images and can foretell your future or the answers that you seek.

Depending on the psychic that is doing the reading, some will gaze into the crystal ball, while others will perform a ritual, and others go into a trance-like state while waiting for the images to appear.

You may not see the same images as your psychic; each eye can see a different image. Images will appear in different sizes; the larger the image, the closer the timeline and the more prominent the information is. The crystal ball is one of the best ways to foresee the immediate future, get an answer quickly, and to reveal hidden truths.

Learning Scrying and the Use of Crystal Balls

In days past, it was necessary to go to a fortune teller or psychic to have your questions answered with the help of a crystal ball.  Today, however, crystal balls are readily available. You can learn the art of gazing and to develop your sixth sense. There are even rituals that can aid you in developing and strengthening your psychic abilities and opening your third eye.

During gazing and the interpretation with the ball, you will have to concentrate heavily on the reflecting surface of the crystal ball until you see words, symbols, or images on the surface. It is a very difficult undertaking. But since it comes with incredible results, it is worth trying this method. You can ask questions about all sorts of problems, whether private or financial; love, health, or family.

Let’s get started:

How to Prepare for Scrying

There are recommendations for the correct handling and necessary maintenance of a crystal ball. It is best to use a ball made from a rock crystal; others recommend a shiny purple amethyst. It is important that the ball has no cracks. You should use a crystal with a very well machined surface! To see clearly, you need a correspondingly clean “instrument”!

  • The ball must be accurately ground and polished and free of bubbles. Balls made of rock crystal are ideal, but in consideration of the high price, regular glass is just as effective.

Cleansing the Crystal Ball

There are different methods of cleansing.

  • Water-Cleansing: Ideally, the ball should be soaked in a bowl of spring water for twenty-four hours for a deep cleansing. Afterward, hold it in flowing water (e.g., stream), or under running tap water for washing away any negative imprints.
  • Moonlight Cleansing: You may also cleanse your crystal with moonlight. For cleansing, the ball should be bathed in full moonlight for several consecutive nights. Do not cleanse or charge it by placing it in direct sunlight, as this may pose a fire hazard.
  • Incense Cleansing or Smudging: Use Frankincense or White Sage Incense stick or smudge stick and waft the smoke all around the crystal ball.

Charging and Attuning the Crystal Ball

Be aware that you are now working with your crystal ball. Be there with all your attention and turn it into a ceremony: with what energy do you want to charge your ball? Hold your hands over the crystal ball and feel a white light and envision it flowing from your heart chakra, through your arms and hands into the crystal. Focus on that energy and the process of removing any negative energy and foreign energy from the crystal ball. End this ceremony by saying your intention, such as:

I will be working with the crystal ball for my highest good and the good of others.

Preparing Yourself and the Room

You should work in a quiet room, avoiding any distractions. The room should only be lit with a few candles. In no case is lamp light suitable. The light source behind the crystal ball is important. Take your time to find the right spot that feels right.

Smoking with incense is conducive to concentration. It has a cleaning effect and destroys negative energies.

To prepare for the work, the ball should be placed on a dark wooden base. Alternatively, you can spread out a dark cloth on the table.

How to Begin Scrying

To read in the crystal ball, you should sit relaxed in front of the ball and focus on it until you reach trance. In the appropriate state, pictures or shadows can then appear that must be interpreted. Sit calmly and focus on the ball and concentrate on the question that concerns you!

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths! Then slowly open your eyes and stare into the ball! Keep breathing deeply, steadily and slowly and wait until a picture or a thought appears on the surface of the crystal ball! Do not force a vision! Wait patiently, and take your time!

After a while, it may be possible that an unclear image appears on the surface or inside. Do not focus your attention on the picture yet, think further about the question that concerns you! Depending on how hard you concentrate, different impressions will soon become the focus of your attention, and ultimately you will also get an answer to your question. Images may appear in your mind; another time, the vision takes shape in the form of thoughts. Keep a diary of the feelings, thoughts, and images that emerge from the crystal ball during the interpretation!

The Meaning of Symbols and Colors


  • Rising clouds: Yes, in answer to a question.
  • Descending clouds: No in answer to a question.
  • Dark clouds: problems, worries, fears, and trials
  • Bright clouds: difficulties that should soon resolve; Problems that have been overcome or problems that the questioner concerned will soon overcome.
  • Waning Moon (Clouds moving from right to left): Decrease and Loss. The intensity of the information given decreases.
  • Waxing Moon: (Clouds from the left drag to the right): Growth and Prosperity. The intensity of the information given increases.


  • Red: passion, struggle, conflict, danger, a lot of activity.
  • Blue: Success, happiness, and wellbeing, a favorable phase.
  • Green: Prosperity, happiness, and profits.
  • Violet: Calm, harmonious life.
  • Yellow: Challenges, necessary clarification, a truth that will find its way out into the open.
  • Orange: Anger, hesitation, indecisiveness, lack of strength because of the problems and difficulties.
  • Black and gray: Negative energy.
  • White: Positive energy and protection.

Symbols and Shapes

  • Anchor: stable, balanced situation.
  • Scales: Legal intervention, court decision, impartial or arbitrary decision, depending on the case.
  • Heart: intense love life, deep love.
  • Chalice: Association, partnership, contract, proposal.
  • Crown: Successful outcome, success, prestige, responsibility to be assumed.
  • Sword: fight, conflict, strife, disagreement, hostility.
  • Star: Limited or temporary happiness, a fateful event
  • Fruit: birth, creation, harvest.
  • Mask: Treason
  • Eye: knowledge, insight, foresight, clarity, revelation
  • Bird: message, trip
  • Snake: Exuberant life, health problems.

Events or Faces in the Crystal

  • In the front of the ball: Events or people who already play a role in the life of the questioner or may play a role in the near future.
  • Behind the ball: Events or people who have played a role in the life of the questioner.
  • In the ball on the left: Events or people you cannot trust.
  • In the ball on the right: Favorable events and people who can help or support the questioner.

Keep in mind that not all practitioners see images, but hear voices, receive names, or get messages. Try, experiment, learn, and be open to growth on your path. By being open and experimenting, you will fine-tune your skills and find your own way of scrying effectively.

Ending the Scrying Session

Once you have completed your scrying session and received all the answers you were looking for, thank the crystal for its messages. Extinguish the candles and bring yourself back to the present moment. After use, wrap the ball in a black velvet or silk cloth and keep it in a wooden box or secure location.


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