Scrying by Using a Crystal Ball

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Perhaps, of all the ways of performing divination, divination through crystal balls seems the most fascinating. This science is also known as crystallomancy or scrying. Our ancestors developed this science for performing divination centuries ago. But not many believe in the powers of a crystal ball.

Imagining various figures and shapes conjuring up in a crystal ball seems simply too unreal. But, how much ever we rebuke the possibility of crystal balls forecasting our future or revealing hidden truths, there are people who claim to be clairvoyant and perform crystal ball divination.

Crystal balls are pure magic.  Originally used by witches in the coastal region of England, the crystal ball was a means of scrying or seeing images which foresee into the future.  The ancient tool of mystic craftsmanship can be clear, opaque, or tinted and aids in clairvoyance as images are viewed in the crystal, glass or water.

How Crystal Ball Gazing and Scrying Works

Using a crystal ball is like moving into another dimension.  When you gaze into the ball, you are swept into another world, and into the future. If you are wondering what the future holds, what is in store for your love life, or your career, the crystal ball can bring you the answers.

The images that conjure up in a crystal ball help the psychic or fortune teller fetch answers about the future or truths that were otherwise hidden. These images actually develop in the mind of that psychic and not within the crystal ball as normally believed. The Crystal ball, it is said, “calls out to the psychic” almost literally. In other words, the psychics choose the crystal balls to which they feel a force of attraction depending on its aura and frequency. And when it feels “just right”, they know they have found their crystal ball.  Size of the crystal ball is also believed to affect the energy and the frequency. The bigger the ball, the higher the frequency.

Those who practice crystallomancy, the readers; often claim that looking into a crystal ball feels like opening up their third eye or what we call as the sixth sense, and a strong one at that. With their knowledge and psychic intuition, they then interpret the resulting images and can foretell your future or the answers that you seek.

Scrying is something that has been passed down from generation to generation, and captured mankind for decades.  Depending on the psychic that is doing the reading, some will gaze into the crystal ball, while others will perform a ritual, and others go into a trance-like state, while waiting for the images to appear.  You may not see the same images as your psychic; each eye can see a different image.  Images will appear in different sizes, the larger the image the closer the timeline and the more prominent the information is.  The crystal ball is one of the best ways to foresee the future, get an answer quickly, and obviously, change the road as we can then change a reading if it is necessary.

Many consider the divination powers of crystal balls to be mythical. Authenticity of crystallomancy has long since been a matter of debate just like many other forms of divination. But then, there are believers and there are non-believers.

Learning Scrying and the Use of Crystal Balls

In days past, it was necessary to go to an authentic fortune teller to have your questions answered with the use of a crystal ball.  Today, however, crystal balls are readily available.  You must learn the art of gazing however and to develop your sixth sense.

Without a strong desire and belief, your best beat- and the least expensive- is the fortune teller, as the crystal balls run into hundreds of dollars.


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