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Dream interpretation is the process of putting a meaning to the dreams. The dreams may be unique to a person, or there can be instances where people watch a similar dream. But, based on your background, emotions, and experiences with the world, the meaning of each dream varies. In short, one can say that the underlying meaning of the dream is unique to the individual. Typically, an interpreter of the dream will try to make queries regarding your background to evaluate what the dreams mean to you.

How to Get Started in Dream Interpretation

For making a meaningful analysis, you should try to recollect every minute detail of your dream. Each symbol visualized by you in the dream reflects your inner-most thoughts, emotions, or it can be tidbits from your memory brought forward from your subconscious mind. From colors to the symbols, background, places, objects, animals, etc.; all are to be summoned up to make a meaningful explanation of your dreams. Sometimes it might be speaking about what your mind longs for, or what it is scared of, with or without your conscious mind being aware of it. These hidden emotions can be pulled into light if you can try to picturize these dreams and try to interpret its significance.

People can resort to the online dream dictionary or seek the professional help in bringing in sense to these dreams.

Some of the meanings attached to the dreams are mentioned below:

The Meaning of Animals in Dreams

Alligator – Dreaming of alligator connotes a warning to the individual to remain cautious of his actions, especially new ventures.
Bees – The buzzing bees denote increase productivity that can earn you more financial gains. It also connotes contentment from life.
Crab – The tenacious tentacles of the crab is a warning to be careful in your relationship with your partner. The likelihood for unnecessary arguments is more when you dream a crab.
Horse – Horse signifies success and contentment in professional and personal life.
Rabbit – Rabbit signifies that your partner will remain faithful with you.
Sardines – Dreaming of sardines denote bad times that lie ahead of you.
Tiger – Tiger is the sign of power – physically, sexually and mentally.
Whale – Whale is the sign of good times in the future.

The Meaning of General Aspects in Dreams

Accident – Dreaming of accidents is a word of caution about unforeseen transitions that can be detrimental, which can be witnessed in the near future.
Birds – Birds are a sign of freedom to soaring heights.
Car – Like the way car is a sign of prestige, dreaming of the same denotes personal power.
Dark – If you dream of a dark place, it denotes the hardships that lie ahead of you.
Gift – Many of us may dream of gifts. It says for itself the awards and good luck that is waiting for you.
Jesus Christ – Dreaming of Christ offers you a ray of hope in the existing dull life.
Plane – If you dream of an aircraft flying, it talks about the probability to move to new places. But, a crashing plane will have a different story to tell you. It might speak of the disaster and bad luck luring in the corner.
Rose – Rose is always regarded as a sign of beauty with the nature’s goodness filled in it. It is a symbol of optimism.
Sunrise – The way a new dawn begins, sunrise marks a new chapter in your life. It also reminds you to make the preparations for a change.

There was a time when the dreams were regarded as the communication with supernatural elements. But, today it is no longer a mystery with the psychologists being able to unravel the mysteries surrounding our dreams. Understanding the dreams and its relation in our life is a powerful tool in the hands of the psychologists to bring in the necessary assistance to the needy. They will be in a better position to analyze and offer solution to the problems that lie hidden deep in the subconscious mind.


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    • Kate4 says:

      There are several sources by which you can receive dream interpretation whether from an experienced interpreter or done by yourself. All you need to begin is 1) your dream and 2) the significant elements of it. There may be certain points you remember more vividly than others which could signify their importance. Whichever type of message it is whether from beyond or your subconscious, dream interpretation can give you insight where your eyes were previously shut.

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