Love Spell to Heal a Broken Relationship

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There is nothing worse then breaking up, especially when there is no real reason to end a relationship.  However, there are times where couples simply cannot find common ground and eventually break up.  By casting love spells to heal a broken relationship, the couple should feel relieved of multiple negative emotions which led to the break up.  Once these negative feelings have been released, the couple will be able to clear the air and start again.

The point behind this spell is to sweeten somebody’s relationship to you.  It is an old Slavic spell that uses liquid honey to make somebody think of you fondly. It is the perfect spell to use on a lover that is thinking of you with great resentment. It is best to do this spell while the moon is growing from New to Full.  That is because you want love to grow full between the two of you.

Ingredients needed for the Spell to Fix a Broken Relationship

  • A piece of paper
  • Pink ribbon
  • Red pen
  • Small jar
  • Liquid honey

How to Cast the Spell to Heal a Broken Relationship

Write your names on a piece of paper and fold them so they are facing each other.

Tie with a pink ribbon.

Place in a small jar and fill with honey.

Hide the jar in a dark place.  Do not let anybody see it.

The minute anyone sees the jar the spell will be broken.

Once your wish has been fulfilled, return it to nature.

How this Spell can Work for You

Many times we wish we could start a relationship over again.  If we had just paid more attention to our partner or loved them a little bit more, we believe in our hearts that the relationship could have resulted completely differently.  With love spells to fix a broken relationship, you can get the second happy chance to open the couples’ hearts and begin a new.  There are a lot of negative feelings that surround broken relationships.  This type of love spell helps to eliminate those negative feelings so that you can start on the same fair playing field without any field advantages.

The effects of this spell vary.  You will need to learn how to build up magical energy so the spell can work accurately and effectively.  If the spell is done properly both will feel a sigh of relief where the negative emotions will subside.  This sigh will give each party the chance to remember each other and how they felt before all of the negative feelings started to corrupt their relationship.  At this time, either party will be able to win back their lost love and heal their broken relationship.  The couple will be able to renew their commitment to each other and start over again.

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93 thoughts on “Love Spell to Heal a Broken Relationship

  1. Crow says:

    This one can bring unbelievably good results. I tried out a number of love spell types. First I tried the Wiccan love spell and followed up with an attraction spell. The rituals in both cases may be weird but have traces of modern approaches. I am amazed by the available spells and opportunities on your website. Other types I will try next include Voodoo and Santeria, I want to learn the rules of each spell I intend to cast. I am really glad I found your site.

  2. Mark says:

    I’ve casted a different spell on my ex. It did work. However, we had another kind of argument which made him go away from me. The said spell was just done few weeks ago. Can I go ahead and cast this spell within this month as well?

  3. Tif says:

    Are you also interested in a love spell to fix a broken relationship? I’ve done a lot of research on spells with the last couple of weeks and I came to the conclusion that this is the spell I want to use. I am already preparing everything. The emotion of love is perhaps the only emotion that separates human beings from the other living beings on this Earth. A healthy relationship can either make our life happy or take away all our happiness. However, what I have learned is that these spells to fix a relationship should certainly be derived from white magic sources, like this one here, or similar ones that can be found in Wicca, Santeria, or Obeah. You should always remember that no evil can ever breed something good. Good luck to all of you. I will let you know how it goes

  4. Pink Dolphin says:

    I have not casted this spell just yet. Would adding more ingredients to the jar enhance this spell? Such as his hair, maybe a small rose quartz? I also have paper he has touched… would this be suggested to use?

  5. Mark says:

    This is a very effective spell 🙂 I casted it and in just 1 week I have seen some improvement in my relationship with my ex. He did verbally told me that he was thinking of getting back in relationship with me. The only sad part is that he only shows his love for me whenever he’s drunk or possibly at times that he doesn’t have a full control of his own will. Is there any way that I can break his own will? Or should I wait a little longer?

    • Wishbonix says:

      Give him some more time, Mark. Within one week the energies have not fully manifested yet. Things should further improve and in the end your relationship should be fixed. In my opinion it’s to early to cast a spell that will break his will or force him to love you. At any rate, should that time come, we also have a spell to force someone to love you on our website.

      • Mark says:

        While waiting for the spell to fully manifest, a major problem occurred which made my ex hate me and doesn’t want to see me again. Do you think it would be best to recast the spell now?

      • Wiley says:

        In that case why not cast a Forgiveness Spell first and then cast the spell to heal a broken relationship next? That’s how I would do it.

    • Wishbonix says:

      The spell may be weaker because the energies that the red ink contains are missing. You can either do it again or put the jar in front of a red candle, meditate your wishes, and let the candle burn out completely, to compensate for the missing energies that are highly beneficial to heal a broken relationship.

      • Mark says:

        I was able to get all the needed ingredients and i was able to follow the instructiona correctly. However, 2 days after i casted this spell, i accidentally made a mistake which cause him to be mad at me.. Should i cast this spell again or just simply wait?

  6. Ria says:

    Did all of you cast this spell during the new moon to full moon phase? Can I do it any night? Please advise from those who have successfully cast this spell. Any more pointers that make this spell effective when you cast it?

  7. Michelle says:

    Can I cast this spell and a return of your ex at the same time? Currently he’s fighting with me over nonsense. I don’t know if both is an over kill?

  8. Sandy says:

    I tried this as soon as my boyfriend broke up with me due to pressure from his parents. I still have the honey jar well hidden. But things didn’t work out well. It kept getting worse and came to the point where he doesn’t even look at me when he sees me and completely avoids me.

    • Wishbonix says:

      Keep the jar hidden, and continue to think positive. Things should get better again soon. There must be a spiritual reason for this to go this way, but it’s important to keep a positive outlook and allow the magic to go through its motion. The spell will heal the relationship, not destroy it. Always keep that in mind!

  9. Rooh says:

    I can’t believe how this worked I’m amazed just one week and she was again with me while I lost all my hope but my faith was strong on this spell. Thanks a world for bringing joy in our life again

    • Ria says:

      How did you do it? I have been waiting for more than two weeks now and still nothing. Do I need to cast it again? Please help me.

      • Rooh says:

        I did exactly the same thing that is written and while I was doing it I kept my faith very strong, like 100% sure she will be back and we will be together, and it happened. Beside this I tried the forgiveness spell which is pink and blue candles with lily of the valley oil… keep your faith, do it again, write the names in two languages as I did maybe that is more effective.

  10. vijay says:

    Me and my bae love each other a lot, we want to live our life with each other. But her parents they want to separate us, they threaten her, so she has been afraid of these threats from her family. I want her to show some guts and come with me, I will make it to another country if she is willing to come with me, and I’m wiling to do anything to be with her. This is my situation, can you please help me?

    • Xenai says:

      I’ve been trying everything just to save my relationship to my partner. But still he keeps pushing me away. But now i end up to the point that i need to do this… I have faith in this… I hope it will work for us.

    • Linda says:

      Rinky, plastic is usually referred to as a “Plastic Container” jar on the other hand is known as GLASS. Don’t overthink the spell.

  11. Princessss says:

    Since I did this, I found out my bf was cheating and the girl came forward, and he is just being an asshole. I guess it doesn’t work on relationships that are closer to ending?

  12. sofi says:

    I don’t feel that my spell is working he hasn’t come around and its been 1 month what should I do????? can I recast the jar and honey spell? with his picture and in 2 languages would this make a difference??? someone help

  13. Sofi says:

    sorry sometimes I feel the same way but because he’s cheating that doesn’t mean he does not love you. Men can be stupid at times and have to proof themselves by lying and cheating, which means they are insecure, but not of you of themselves so if you still want him just keep trying and this time do it when all your feelings are with you. That moment when you cry and you really want him back that’s the time to cast the spell. If you don’t want him then don’t do it. Good luck

  14. Shannon says:

    How long does this normally take to work? I wasnt able to completely cover the jar with honey. I also don’t have experience with Magick and I have a hard time ‘making energy’. I made a terrible mistake by neglecting my love and letting my depression take over my life, he won’t give me a chance to prove myself.

    • Noni says:

      Omg same thing happend to me.. I was neglecting him, took his love for granted and was acting very bad towards him due to a major change in my life (work wise) which led me to depression and insecurity. I have changed completely now, I’m not anymore that horrible person, but the wounds I caused him are too deep. He had expressed his fear that I will turn crazy again if he starts being the same person he was with me, so he keeps me in a distance.. I need a chance to prove him that I’m not that person anymore, that he can trust me and that I won’t take his love for granted again. That people can change if they really want to. I used to be a witch when I was younger, and I must say the resaults were always what I expected. I have the knowledge to make my own love spell (the spells you make yourself are always stronger since they et your own energy 100%) but I’m here to get some ideas because Its been quite some time since the last time I tried to do so.

    • Wiley says:

      Sure, as long as they are love related herbs and have properties that are in compliance with your goals you could basically add them all.

  15. Sofi says:

    Hi Wishbonix I think the spells are awesome, however I still haven’t seen results is there anything else I could do? can I recast the spell with the jar and honey?? I have things that he touched and his picture as well can I re-do the spell but this time with all this items, Please please answer me its really important for me! thank you

    • Wiley says:

      How long has it been? If it has not been 3-4 months you should definitely wait it out. Keep in mind spells in general may take up to 3-12 months to fully work. The more you worry, the more signals you may send to the universe that you don’t fully want it to work. I wouldn’t recast if I were you.

  16. wendywoo42 says:

    Tried this spell last night and when I got up this morning my hubby’s clock was lying on the kitchen floor… it hangs above a door in the hallway. Is there something wrong?

  17. Peerav says:

    Hi I personally wanted to thank u 😍. Actually after this things are healing and imroving step by step .

  18. Marilyn says:

    I will hide it, but what if my mom is taking me to get the products at the store and she knows about it will it work? As long as she doesn’t find it, right?

  19. Mesh says:

    Hello Wishbonix, First of all thank you for your website. Glad I found this site. I just confirm again, only my name I write on the paper not my partner name at all? Thank you so much for your time. God bless you always

  20. Eva says:

    Hi Wishbonix, I am so happy to have found your site. As a first timer, I am very nervous. How are you suppose to know it is working? Do I reach out to him first or wait for him?

  21. keya says:

    hi wishbonix,
    i have done this spell before 15-20 days, how long will it take to show results? he is ignoring me like i’m nothing in his life, which other spell can I do with this to fast up the result…. please guide

  22. Kazy says:

    With this spell, it says to put the jar in a dark place. Does that mean in the house or can I bury it outside of the house?

  23. latha says:

    Hi Wishbonix, I think there is a curse in our family, my husband ran away and married another lady 25 years ago, since then i am living alone. Now i am trying to find a life partner to have a life long happy relationship, as i am not that beautiful. Is there anything you can sugesst me to do?

  24. Aria Zozo says:


    I was wondering, when you say that we have to hide the jar in a dark place and it can never be exposed, what if the relationship is fixed? Should i still keep on hiding it? How long should I hide it for?

    If it was exposed, must I recast the spell again?

  25. Jme says:

    Will adding a photo help? I seen in the comments that if you add a personal item of theirs it will help (hair or something). Also how full does this jar need to be with honey? I assume the paper with the names needs to be covered. Also can I use any type of red writing device? (Crayon color pencil regular marker?)

  26. Gianna says:

    Hi Wishbonix, I did this spell yesterday and I added heat (fire) to it. Will that affect the spell in a bad way? Did I mess up? Also can I do the spell again if I messed it up?

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