Spell to End an Argument

Last Updated on May 10, 2020 by Wishbonix

This spell to end an argument is based on sympathetic magic. This means that what you do to their picture influences how they feel about you.

It gives you the power to seek a favorable outcome of a dispute and can be used to end any argument, whether it is an argument between friends, partners, in business or neighbors.

The spell removes any negative feelings, negative energies as well as negative influences that caused the argument and attracts positive energies and emotions so that you can end the argument permanently.

Items You need for the Spell to End an Argument

  • A picture of the person you are feuding with
  • Tape
  • A red marker

How to Cast the Spell to Stop the Argument

Draw a heart on the picture of the person you are feuding with. Then cut a piece of tape and place it over his or her mouth.


You may curse me with your words

By my kiss means more

Open your mind and shut your mouth

Angry words no more!

Place this image where you can see it every day. As you walk by it blow it a kiss.

Once the energies of this ritual are released into the universe the magic will start to work.

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