Abundance Spell

This abundance spell is a very old spell that honors the Goddess of the Moon (usually Diana or Artemis.)  These were hunter Goddesses that knew how to strategize, gather and make use of every opportunity in life.

The goblet in this spell is womb-like and seen to be the source of all that is.  It also symbolizes the Holy Grail or all that you desire in life.  The silver coin symbolizes the power of the moon to exert a subtle influence over others.

For the Abundance Spell you will need:

  • A favorite goblet or wine glass
  • A silver coin
  • Spring or mineral water

How to Cast the Abundance Spell

This ritual should be done on the night of a Full Moon. Fill your goblet half full with spring or mineral water. Position the goblet so that the light of the full moon shines onto the silver coin.

While doing this say the following:

Goddess Moon Hear My Request

Do for me your financial Best

Fill this cup with plenty and love

As below, so above

Bury the coin near the front door of your house and use the water to feed a favorite plant.

7 thoughts on “Abundance Spell

  1. Abby says:

    Money can be frustrating as it can seem like you either have just enough or not enough.  With money spells to help you in the desperate times, you don’t have to worry anymore about whether you will have electricity next month. What I need right now is abundance. Hopefully it works as good as other spells I’ve tried. Crossing my fingers.

  2. Anna says:

    I’d say either right outside the front of your building, buried underneath your window, or in a plant inside your apartment. Whatever feels right to you.

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