Voodoo Control Spell

This Black Magic Control Spell works by bending another person’s will to your own. You may believe that it is particularly well-suited for use in a free spell to control a person or a situation.  Perhaps this is true, but this doesn’t make it right.  This control spell can enable you to control people or situations, but it does so by using the aid of dangerous and powerful forces, and such magic can often result in harm to you or those you love.  Furthermore, the effects of using black magic in any spell can far exceed anything that you expected, and for this reason such control spells are very dangerous.  Even if you use black magic with good intentions, you may still cause unintended harm.

So be very careful when using this spell and make sure you follow up with a spiritual cleansing right after the control spell has been completed.

What You will need for the Black Magic Control Spell

  • Picture of the person you want to control
  • Item that the person has touched or a lock of their hair
  • Twine
  • Piece of Paper and Pen
  • 3 green candles
  • 3 pins
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Milk
  • Rain Water
  • Whiskey
  • Yams
  • Mangos

How to Cast the Voodoo Control Spell

This Control Spell must be cast on a Tuesday.

You will need a picture of the person and/or items that are strongly connected to the person to identify it correctly.

Take the piece of of paper and write your victim’s name on it. Fold up the picture 3 or 7 times and put it on the paper. Add the personal item or lock of hair. Fold up the paper and create a package, secure it with twine. This package will represent your victim and is essential for the spell to work. Make sure you focus and meditate on your wishes while creating it.

For this Voodoo control spell you will ask for help from the Voodoo Loa Simbi.

His favorite color is green and he likes milk, rain water, quartz crystal, whisky, yams and mangos. Create and altar for Simbi and decorate it with said items.

Place the candles close to each other and place the the package that represents the victim very close by. The candles represent your victim you wish to control and so does the package. They are essential for the ritual.

Light one of the green candles and ask Simbi for assistance.

Meditate and visualize the control you desire, the will you want to bend and how your victim or situation will do as you say. Hold the pin in your right hand and focus intensely on your wish then stick it in the green candle.

While the first candle is still burning light up another green candle and repeat the same meditation and visualization. You will have to do this for each of the 3 candles until all green candles are light and have pin.

Let all of the candles burn out completely. Once the flames are extinguished take the remaining wax, yams, mangos, milk, whiskey, and most importantly the package that represents your victim and trow it in a river, lake or the ocean. Simbi is the Loa of the Water and Marshland and this is were your offering will be made.

Thank him properly for his help.

Return to your home and eat.


3 thoughts on “Voodoo Control Spell

  1. Aman says:

    Hi, I want to use this spell, but I don’t have anything touched by her hand or her hair. I just have her picture and her memories in my mind. How long does it take for this spell to work? Thanks!

  2. Aman says:

    Is there any specific time on Tuesday to cast the spell? Can I cast it in the morning and throw the things in the evening? Do I need to gather all the items like the yam, whisky, mangoes, quartz crystal, milk, rain water. Or are 2 or 3 items enough?

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