White Magic Spell to Undo a Relationship

Spell to Undo a Relationship

Most magic you’ll see practiced falls under the realm of white magic. This includes magic that focuses on the moon, on the time of year and on nature. White magic practitioners are keen to practice spells of love, healing and self-improvement. White magic spells are designed to hurt no one in the process of doing the spell and are intended to enrich the lives of those who cast the spells.

Some white magic spells are related to love and can include undoing a relationship or establishing a relationship. One spell intended to undo a relationship is the following spell:

This white magic spell is done under a waning moon.

What you will need for the Spell to Undo a Relationship

  • You need to have a red candle
  • Break-up oil (or basil oil)
  • a small cauldron or container that can contain a fire
  • a photograph of the individual you are wanting to break free of, and
  • the herbs known as dragon’s blood resin or powder, basil and peppermint.

How to Cast the Spell

You anoint the candle with Breakup oil if you have it, or alternatively with the basil oil. Light the candle to set the photograph on fire and drop it into the cauldron. Add the herbs to the flaming photograph.

Say the following incantation aloud:

My heart once united with yours;

in my mind I was so blind.

Body is grounded, spirit soars;

I release us now from this bind.

This spell should work right away and you can clean up and throw away the ashes and extra herbs.

One can argue that this spell will hurt the one who is being unbound to you but it is technically not a harmful spell because it can simply cause the old lover to fall out of love with you. Neither you nor the lover is hurt in the process.

This spell can also be modified to break up a couple. In that case you will need an additional black candle and you will have to use both of their pictures.

2 thoughts on “White Magic Spell to Undo a Relationship

  1. Aston Allen says:

    My wife cast a black spell on me, everything I tried doesn’t work, everywhere I go and they do for me doesn’t work, it’s only taclet me in the dark, it’s been going on for 2 years now, I can’t get over it, please I need your help now. Something moving inside of me everyday.

    • Gaia_Star23 says:

      Crave your target’s name on a black candle, put 3 X’s on it, and “curse back to sender”. Stick the candle in a bowl, pour water in it, and light candle. Say aloud your intentions to the flame… let the burn till it distinguishes the flame into water, after that bury the bowl with candle remains by a dead tree or lonely place.

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