Make Someone Dream of You

This is a quick dream spell using pink and white birthday candles. You burn the candles down while thinking positive thoughts and sending good energy towards the dreamer.

This kind of magic is known as sympathetic magic. It is best to do this spell while the person in question is having a nap or late at night when you are quite certain the person is asleep.

This ritual is used to make someone dream of you and attracted to you, especially if you think erotic thoughts. To make them feel better towards you if you are having a fight then send them healing thoughts.  Poppy seeds are used, as they are a symbol of dreaming.

Ingredients for the Spell to Make Someone Dream of You

  • A pink birthday candle
  • A white birthday candle
  • Poppy seeds
  • Rose oil
  • Gardenia oil
  • Lighter

How to Cast the Spell to Make Someone Dream of You

Anoint both candles wish rose and gardenia oil and place them so they are touching each other on a small plate. Burn the bottoms of the candles slightly to make them stand straight. Anoint both with the oil and sprinkle them with poppy seeds.  Pour a circle of poppy seeds around the two candles.

Light the two candles with the lighter (not a sulphur match as that can cause bad dreams.) While the two candles are burning think very fond thoughts about your lover.

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