Spell to Draw Love to You

This is completely decadent magical bath and is designed to draw love to you. First of all you should know that there are commercial chocolate bubble bath preparations out there on the market, but they can be somewhat hard to find in some areas.

Instead mix yourself up a little glass of chocolate milk.

The milk is good for your skin and the chocolate raises your serotonin levels – the pleasure chemicals in your brain. It also makes the water a very nice pink.

Ingredients for the Spell to Draw Love to You

  • Chocolate milk
  • Nine whole cherries (the darker in color the better)

How to Cast the Spell to Draw Love to You

This spell is best done nine days before the Full Moon or right on the night of the Full Moon.

Add at least two-thirds of a cup of chocolate milk into a tub filled with water.

Pop nine whole cherries into the bath with you. Sit in the tub and eat each cherry, while imagining what a good time you are going to have with the love you draw to you.

The little bobbing cherries are like all your “little ducks” lined up in a row when it comes to your romantic intentions.

Rinse off good after this. You’ll need it.


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