Moon Water Blessing

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The Benefits of Blessed Moon Water

There are many benefits of Blessed Moon Water. It can be used in blessings, cleansing rituals, ceremonies, spells, and for blessing and purifying your objects. It provides strength, power in magic, confidence and has strong healing qualities. When Luna blesses the water she balances it and charges it with the powers of the full moon.

Many Wiccan traditions believe that by drinking Moon Water that you will stay healthy and that a balanced body isn’t prone to diseases. Keep in mind that when you want to consume the Moon Water you should substitute the rainwater with bottled spring water.

The Blessing has to be performed on the night of the full moon

What you will need for the Moon Water

  • Spring or rainwater
  • Silver bowl

How to Make Moon Water

Start the ritual by filling the bowl with water. You can either leave it outdoors during the rain, if you prefer using rainwater, or fill it with spring or well water. Once the bowl is filled with water go outside and set it under the moonlight. Make sure that you place it somewhere where it cannot get disturbed during the night.

Use your index finger of your power hand and stir the water three times while chanting:

Sun of the night,
Mirror of the soul,
Bless the water
Within this bowl.

Keep the bowl with the water outside throughout the night. When you wake up in the morning, bring the bowl inside it strain it through a water filter or coffee filter. You can now fill it in a bottle and use when needed.

Wiccan Children’s Moon Blessing

Many pagan and Wiccan parents search for nightly rituals with their children. One way to give your child a good night’s blessing is by blessing them with moon water.

What you will need:

How to Perform the Pagan Children’s Blessing:

At bedtime, when tucking your child into bed, gently dip your index and middle finger into the Moon Water and then touch your child’s forehead at the point of the Third Eye.

Say or chant the following:

May you see life
And a world of love.
The moon has blessed you
From above.

1 thoughts on “Moon Water Blessing

  1. Jay Shaw says:

    So last night (january 21 2019) my partner and I set out a jar of water as the moon waxed to full at 10:26PM.

    We are in northern Canada and it was -17 Celsius and the water should have frozen solid in 35 minutes. When I retreived it 12 hours later there was a large void in the center and one small airbubble dancing around within that void.

    Does that mean that something has gone wrong, or is it a good sign?

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