Jealousy Spell

Creating jealousy is black magic. Still others say that there can be no sexual attraction in a relationship if there is not some small element of jealousy there.

This is a special spell that involves the use of lipstick. Choose the lushest, reddest sexiest lipstick you will find to help give the spirits the message that you want things riled up.

A picture is pasted to a mirror with its back to you so that the person suspects that something “is going on behind his back.”

For the Jealousy Spell You will need

  • Red lipstick
  • A pocket mirror
  • A Picture of him or her
  • Tape

How to Cast the Jealousy Spell

Tape the picture of the one to be made jealous to the back of the mirror.  Apply the lipstick as thickly as you can.  Look at yourself and start kissing the mirror.

While you are doing this believe that you are kissing someone else besides your lover.

Psychically transmit the message that you might be with someone else.

The subject of the spell will begin to think that there is something going on behind his back and contact you to make sure that you are still his.


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