Making Santeria Love Spells Work

Santeria Love Spells

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Santeria love spells originated in the Yoruba region of Africa and were brought by slaves to Cuba. There, their native ideas and traditions of African shamanism were eventually blended with ideas of Christianity to occult their real practices. Cuba is the home of Santeria, and from there, it has spread out mainly to the United States and Latin America.

I’ve already written an extensive introduction to Santeria here. In this article, I want to focus on Santeria love spells only.

If you’re interested in casting a Santeria love spell, you will find valuable information in this article and learn how you can use Santeria for your benefit. Like any spell, these love spells work by focusing the energy of your desire and turning it out into the world. In doing this, you can change the energy around you, while also improving the way you are seen in the world. You will be able to attract the love you want in your life or make the love you already have work all the better. No matter what you might want from your love life, you can begin to see results with Santeria love spells.

Using the Orisha for your Love Spells

The basis behind Santeria is that each person has a destiny that is given to them by God. We need the help of the Orisha to achieve that destiny. One of the ways you can establish devotion to the Orisha is through offerings, also called Ebos.

Santeria love spells are based on the knowledge of the spirits, also called Orisha. The Orisha are parts of a single god called Olorun, and all Orisha interact with the world through him. Followers of Santeria believe that specific spirits will grant them a better life and therefore undergo regular rituals that allow them a closer connection and better help from the Orisha. It is essential to mention that the Orisha rule over every force of nature as well as every aspect of human life.

For love spells, you will need to invoke Oshun, the Orisha of love, maternity, and marriage. This Orisha represents the spirit of harmony that manifests as love. Oshun is considered the “unseen mother present at every gathering,” and is believed to be omnipresent and omnipotent. She represents the force of harmony, which manifests as beauty, love, and ecstasy.

How Santeria Love Spells Work

They are especially popular because they have the power to remove any and all negative energies and forces from you, your loved one, and your relationship. Once a spell is cast, it creates greater spiritual energy to secure your love life, can bring back a loved one, heal a broken marriage, and even ensure eternal love. Santeria love spells can destroy any infidelity in your relationship and have the power to make your partner more physically attracted to you.


These spells even have the power to open up avenues that were earlier inaccessible to you. In the case of attracting a new partner, it will create a line of communication between you and your desired partner where flirting will come to you naturally. Once a Santerian spell is cast, it works on different levels to be most effective. So, don’t be surprised if you end up in a long lasting relationship sooner than you expected. Therefore, don’t take these rituals lightly and think twice before you go ahead with casting a spell. There is no turning back once a spell is cast, so make sure you really want a positive change in your relationship before you go ahead. Magic can be used for your benefit. Just make sure you use it in the right way to spread love, peace, and harmony.

Types of Santeria Love Spells

Santeria love spells do not cause any harm or pain to the subject. However, these love spells do make this person realize the love and future that could be found with the seeker. Spells penetrate one’s energy but do not leave any sort of adverse side effects. Just as in any other type of magical tradition, there are many different types of love spells. Such love spells include the following: how to get rid of negative feelings in a relationship, getting a relationship back together, returning a lost lover, making your partner more attracted to you physically and emotionally, securing love, fidelity spells and making someone fall in love with you.

Most Santeria priests and priestesses customize their magic love spells. They understand that not all human energies are the same, and that love is rejected and blocked for many different reasons. This is why one love spell cannot possibly work for all people seeking their help. Therefore, theses master spellcasters absorb the energy of the seeker and the circumstances around the situation to be able to tailor the spells exactly to the seeker’s needs.


Santeria True Love Spell

When you want to cast this Santeria Love Spell it is highly beneficial to understand what Santeria is. Santeria arose in Africa among the Yoruba tribe. Since then, the closely guarded secrets of this Santeria love spell have been passed down only by word of mouth through its priests and priestesses. It is an earth-based religion, and as such, it harnesses the power of deities to bring about desired worldly results.

You can use the earth-based powers of this ancient religion to call your true love into your life, enhance your love life, and lead you to the romantic future that you envision. This Santeria True Love Spell will help you to attract the love that you desire. You need not fear that the results of this spell will be artificial or merely temporary. The love that you find as a result of this True love spell will be both genuine and long-lasting.

What you will need for the Santeria True Love Spell

  • Pink candle and a candleholder
  • Handful of Dill
  • 7-Star Anise
  • Lavender Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • 2 cups Goat Milk
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Wash Cloth
  • Fresh Towel

Casting the Santeria Love Spell

You’ll begin the ritual by lighting the pink candle. Focus your energy and thoughts on the love you wish to attract into your life.

While still focusing on your wish, draw a bath.

Once it is drawn, take the pink candle into your right hand, standing in front of the bathtub and say the following words:

Elegba, Elegba, utmo lou bomko sat, besta la meto, ke lo bu

Sprinkle the Dill and Star Anise into the water and follow up with the lavender oil, then the extra virgin olive oil.

Put the candle back into the candle holder.

Enter the bathtub and completely submerge yourself in the water.

Wash your face, chest, and arms with the washcloth.

Take the pink candle and hold it with both hands.

Say the following words:

Yamata yameo samsuri belato, Elegba mustami ke lo bu

Now focus on your wish and address the Orisha Elegba and tell him all your desires, tell him how much you long for true love and finding your twin flame soul mate. You can be very specific about it as Elegba is now listening to you.

Once you have expressed all your wishes, put the candle aside.

Take the sea salt and scrub your arms and chest with it. You can also wash your face. Rinse it off with the goat milk.

Submerge yourself in the water again and “think” the following words 3 times while you are completely submerged in the water:

Elegba besta ke lo bu

You have now completed the love spell.

Stay in the water for a moment and reflect on your wishes, your goals, and make sure to thank Elegba.

Dry yourself thoroughly with the towel.

Blow off the candle and thank Elegba.

Spell to Make your Partner Loyal to You

One of the most famous loyalty spells in the whole world is the Chuparosa spell.

This is a Santeria Voodoo Spell. It captures the jealous, possessive nature of the Hummingbird (Chuparosa) who mates with one bird for life. La Chuparosa means the Rose-Sucker in Spanish.

In Mayan Mexican folk magic, the Hummingbird is also the symbol of — and again, actually the ancient deity of — love, sex, and marriage.

For the Loyalty Spell you will need:

  • A red candle or commercially bought Chuparosa candle
  • A piece of paper

How to Cast the Spell to Make your Partner Loyal to You

Write both your names down on a piece of paper and put it beneath the candle..

Light the candle and say:

Divine Hummingbird,

who enriches and glorifies

everything with your Holy Power,

I ask that you enrich my life and love

with your Divine Intercession

so that my lover

will want only me

in the same way that you extract honey from flowers,

extract all misfortune and bad luck

from my life;

I pray you will not forget me,

so that my lover and i may share a relationship

that is honest and true

Let the candle burn to the bottom.

Santeria Seduction Spell

This Santeria Seduction Spell appeals to the Santerian Goddess Oshun for assistance. You ask for her help when it comes to being seductive and attractive to the one you desire.

This Goddess must be fed regularly with alcohol and sweet confections. Her colors are yellow and pink, so if you want to strengthen the power of this spell, wear those colors for several days after you do it.

The sugar and honey in this spell make sure that it stays sweet and the element of coconut prevents it from spinning out of control from seduction into an obsession.

For the Santeria Seduction Spell You will need:

  • A coconut
  • Five different types of hard liquor
  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • White sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Pink and yellow ribbons
  • Pink candle

How to Cast the Santeria Seduction Spell

This spell must be done on a Friday night.

Smash the coconut in half. Pour out the coconut water of one half of the coconut and add five different types of hard liquor, honey, molasses, white sugar, and brown sugar. Add the remaining coconut water and then place the two halves of the coconut back together. Tie the coconut with pink and yellow ribbons and put it in front of a pink candle. Leave the coconut in front of the burning candle for five days. Ask the Goddess Oshun to allow you to seduce the one you love.

Thank the Goddess Oshun and discard the coconut in the river.

Things to keep in Mind

Whether you want to bring more love into your life or you simply want to create a better relationship, Santeria can help. What you need to do is, to begin with, is some sort of idea as to what you want your spell to accomplish. This might be a clear idea of the person you want to bring into your life, or it might be that you simply want pure love to enter your life and do what the universe thinks is best. No matter what your intentions and your ideas, you can simply let the universe give you precisely what you want and need. You might also use these spells to remove someone who is getting in the way of your love life. These are not harmful spells, they are more protective spells that are helping you to pave the way for a positive and healthy relationship for yourself.

Know What You Want

You can’t get what you want from a Santeria love spell if you don’t know what you want. When you send off nebulous wishes into the world, you will end up with nebulous results. To draw in the person or the feelings you want, you need to be clear in your Santeria love spell intention. You might want to write down a list of the things you want from the spell and then leave it alone for a few days. Come back to the list after a few days and then see what still seems to be appealing to you. You want to ask for the things you really want, not just for the things you think you want and not for things you already have. If you ask for too much from the universe, that can backfire also. Be honest about what kind of love you need – you might not need to have another lover. You may just need to work things out in your current relationship.

How Do Santeria Love Spells Work

When you want to fall in love, you might do certain things to make this happen. First of all, you might start dressing up, putting on makeup, shaving, etc. You make yourself more attractive to the person you want to attract. In doing so, you will begin to gain attention from others around you, letting them know that you want to be noticed. While this seems like it’s the furthest thing from magic possible, it isn’t. In fact, making one’s self more attractive is quite similar to the way Santeria love spells work.

Draw Attention to Your Desires

With Santeria love spells, you will use specific tools in order to get what you want. For some, using wishing powders and similar substances can work. Others will need to make offers to the deities and ask them for assistance with your love life. The key is to think about what you want and then make sure you are using Santeria to attract those desires. Think about things your lover might like, and put these on your altar. This way, you can have something to look at every day, reminding you of your spell and the energy you have created in that Santeria love spell.

Let Others Come to You

Once the Santeria love spell is done, it’s time to let it work its magic. When you continuously try to decide whether the spell has worked, you are going to deplete the energy the spell has. You want, instead, to make sure that you are allowing the universe and the deities to work as they will. They are the ones you have released the energy to, so it’s out of your hands. All you need to do at this point is to have faith in the spell you have cast. Once you let go of the spell, it will be free to work on its own time schedule. Don’t doubt the spell and don’t tell anyone what you’ve done, just release the energy.

With Santeria love spells, you can create a desirable outcome for your love life. All you need to do is to know what you want, use the tools that you can, and believe in the power of the universe and the ebos. With these steps, you will not only see a Santeria love spell work, but you will be able to enjoy more happiness than you thought you could before you tried the spell.

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